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8 VIII. Two Adventurers, One Cave

My alarm rang, I woke up and stood up. Normally I would wash my face and go back to my PC but not today. I washed my face and went early into the cave. It is like what the locals have been describing, and it is not good. I don't believe in ghost stories so it could just be some homeless staying there, or chupacabras, but I've dealt with those guys before.

As I got close to the cave, I saw someone familiar. I got a little closer to check and my guess was true, it's Syun. I walked up to her, but I thought that maybe she'll talk accuse me of stalking and will start to talk trash at me again. But my hair is in its natural color, she might not recognize me. I swallowed and signed as I approached her.

"Excuse me, are you by any chance going in the cave?" I asked her as polite as I can.

"Well yes I am. I'll be saving this entire city"

"I'm sorry what?" I was confused. Is she referring to the 'prophecy'? Because if so that's just stupid. "You mean the troll message?"

"That wasn't a troll message… wait I recognize you" Her voice raised. "You might have a different hair color but it's you… Kouna Swerte, the stalker. "

"Well, no! I'm not a stalker"

"Well then why are you here, if not for stalking me!"

"Okay first, no. second, I'm here on a different job… I thought when you were gone off the bus, you went to a different place. But nope, you're here."

"Well if you hate seeing me, then why don't you leave now." See begins to berate me

"No. I'm here to get their cat back"

"Well I'm here to save the world… You can step aside"

"This cave is big enough, I bet I wouldn't see you inside."

"Well if that's true then you better hope that I don't see you. Because if I do, I might knock you down"

"I'll be gone before you could find me."

We looked at each other with a withering stare. As we walk inside the cave our eyes never gazed away. I'm just hoping the cat's there.

Our eyes still looking angry at each other. It was dark, I had my phone as a light source and she had a torch for it. The path was long, dark, and smells of death. This doesn't feel like a cave, more like a dungeon. After a few minutes of walking the path suddenly showed two diverging paths. We looked at each other trying to find which way should we go.

"Which would you take?" I asked her out of respect.

"You pick first, so that I'll know which ones to avoid." She replied with her smug demeanor.

"How about you pick the left"


"Cause I'm always right." I raised an eyebrow as she became frustrated.

I walked to my path and she did to hers. This place isn't really a cave, it's more like a tunnel. All the walls were identical, everything feels so confusing. But the smell of death is closing in. I should be moving away from the smell of death, yet I'm so drawn into it.

I was about to turn around when I heard a meow. I called out for it, there was no response. I called it out, but this time by it's name. I walked toward the sound and I saw the cat, leashed on a dark corner. I bent over and it was a he, I was surprised.

"Hey mittens, let's get you out of here shall we." I petted him while taking the leash off.

As I took him out of the leash, there was a slimy smell. Then I heard a growl. I felt a swing behind my direction, I parried the swing with my swatter. It was a goblin grinding its teeth. I kicked the goblin and slashed it. Out of the shadows goblins started to emerge. I turned my swatter on. I hacked and slash on all the goblins.
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mittens, scared of what is happening ran away. A goblin caught the cat, I tried to give chase but a slime got a hold of my leg. I slash it, but no matter how many I cut up two more takes its place.

They begin to overwhelm me. The slimes are forcing their way into my mouth, I try my best to close it but they were stronger. I was going to suffocate, I can't die. Not here, not now. As they fully cover me my strength faded. But then I remembered my parents, my best friend and her mother, the guild lady, the weapons shop owner, the Jalbee staff, hell even Syun…

Wait, why am I remembering them? Is this one of my anime powers. Oh please not this one. This one's to cringey.

But no matter how cringey it was, my body felt a surge of electricity running. Like my blood is lightning itself. I could still close my fist, which I did. Then a crack of lightning shocked every slime. The slimes that were around me jumped in, my body reacted.

"Anime Energy Ball!" Energy ball emerged from my hand. Okay now this is an anime power.

The goblins that were holding the cat, mittens saw me. To them my eyes were glowing, they trembled with fear. Two of them charged at me, he jumped, I caught him mid-air and bashed him against the wall. The force was strong, killing him. His comrade charged, I smashed his skull with my foot. The one holding mittens lets go, the cat came to me and rubbed his checks. I carried the cat away, but before I could move a step reinforcements arrived.

They were surrounding my exit. All of them jumped in unison, their swords and spear held firmly. I instinctively charged an energy ball, it was a big one. I hugged the cat and aimed the energy ball on the ground. The impact killed the goblins and slime in sight. I stood up, checked the cat and gave a sigh of relief.

"Let's take you home mittens" I said to the cat. It purred in reply.

I took a step. Then the ground crumbled. It caved in, I fell down to the abyss screaming.