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7 VII. A Proper Mission

I got out of the shop, then my phone rang a notification. The message was from the adventurer's Guild. "Notice to All Adventurers: Kill Quest Request" It said on the heading. My curiosity poked my brain. It took a few minutes until I bullied myself into reading the entire message. I opened it and it states

'This is a kill quest for any adventurer, a prophecy foretold of a siblings of vampire trapped within the cave buried long ago… We need this threat to be killed before it can do any damage to us all. Many dare to partake but none came back.' I looked at it as if it was my destiny looking me in the eye.

I was about to hit the message until I scrolled down. The message continued with a prophecy… as if you weren't sold enough for this.

'Immortal siblings imprisoned here, one to destroy and one to protect. The short one will be the former as the tall one is the latter' Okay, now that is obviously trolling.

My hesitation seeped in. I closed the message and saw another notification for me. 'My Cat wandered off to the cave. Need Help'. I opened that message and saw that everything I need is in the title. Without hesitation, I accepted the offer for the job.

Immediately after seeing the request I walked to the bus stop because the cave is located at the northern edge of the city. I fell in line to one of the bus. The bus stop was crowded, I think this might be due to the fact that some younger adventurers would like to receive the glory of a lifetime. It was not important but then I focused on the person in front of me, it was the lady with the bow earlier. Crap. if she finds out I'm here she might shout at me.

I kept my head down. Trying my best to avoid her gaze, she was carrying a few bags while I was just as myself. The line started to move and we followed the commotion, she however forgot her bags. I called her out.

"Hey Miss, your bag" I offered her bag.

"Oh thanks-" She replied as she looked at me. Her face blushed. "Your stalking me aren't you?!"

"What no… I'm here to for a quest."

"You're here for that quest thing" She said with a superior tone. Which I don't know what she means.

"I'm here for a different quest."


"If you won't believe me that's fine..."

"Just don't sit next to me"


We went inside the bus, it was almost full. She's already seated, I don't want to sit next to her. What should I do? I looked around the bus for an empty vacant chair. I was getting desperate, I headed to the exit to catch another bus. But the conductor stopped me.

"Woah, the bus' about to leave… sit back down" The conductor said as he shoved me back to the chair.


The lady saw me and we saw eye to eye. The conductor saw it.

"Well your outing was spoiled by a little LQ? Well I hope you get to fix this while on the way" He winked.

The lady pouted her mouth. It was quite cute. I don't want to be rude so I asked for her name.

"Hey… you know my name… I don't know yours" I ask as cold as I can.

"You really want to ask a girl's name with that cold attitude?"

"Fine… Tsundere"

"What!?" Her pitch went up.

"Are you gonna call me an idiot, Tsun?"

"Fine… my name is Syun Seneru"

"Cool, nice to meet you"

After knowing her name we didn't talk to each other. It was nearly two hours of travel, and I have been sleeping on the bus. My body is tired but I guess it's because I haven't used it so extensively in the past months. I was about to doze off into a dream until the conductor woke me up.

"Bus already stopped kid." He said to me.

Syun was no longer there. I got out and have arrived at the place and it was already dark. I saw a welcome sign of the town's name 'Puerto Dito'. According to my quick web search, this small town is home to the best dried fish delicacies and impressive marine resources. This is one of the most developed towns in the entire land besides the main city.

I walked down and checked my GPS for my client's location, good thing their house is near the bus stop. I got into a cab and told the driver of the address, it was only ten minutes until I reached the tiny dorm my client owned. I walked up the reception, there was a middle-aged woman on the table. She looked beautiful, her wrinkles are on a minimum, the only ones visible are due to happiness.

"Good evening, welcome to Lucy's Dorm… Would you like to occupy a room?" She said in a sweet serenading tone.

"Uh… no, I'm here for a job." Her eyes lit up with hope, the common thing I am seeing nowadays. And I won't complain it is actually good to bring hope into other people.

"Thank goodness you're here… let me get my husband." She walked out to through the door behind the booth. She called out a name but her voice is muffled, she comes back in with a man who I can only assume is the husband. "Here's the adventurer we hired…"

The husband puts his hand for a shake, I shook and we exchanged names. They led me into their dining room, through the door. The entire first floor was their house while the next three above is the dormitory. They pulled up a chair and I sat down, the woman became teary eyed.

"Can you guys tell anything I can find useful in completing this task?" I asked them.

"Well it's our cat, mitten… he went away yesterday, normally he would be back before noon, but it's been two days now and he hasn't gone home. People say that they last saw him near the cave… that's where we had to ask for help" The woman told me.

"Why can't any police help you with finding the cat? It's just in the cave right?"

"Yes but the cave has been acting strange lately. There were weird sounds and other smells coming out of the cave, people think that it's because of the resurfaced prophecy."

The troll request the guild sent everyone. I nobody would ever believe that, but they seemed to be scared. I want to find the cat now but it's late. I'm not scared of the dark, I'm just tired and all.
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"Well don't worry I'll find your cat… first thing tomorrow." I told them.

Our conversation ended and they were grateful to give me a place to settle in. I had to pick up some toothbrush by the store. I cleaned myself and turn in for the night.