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6 VI. The Proper Tutorial

The fight wasn't that traumatic, only disappointing. I have to find answers, I need to find the answers. And so my quest is to find out what exactly does an adventurer do and how they can survive. It took me awhile to find where the guild house is, I mean I just stumbled on it accidentally so there's that part. But after a few walks I finally put my feet on the door, walked in and saw the insides to its full glory.

It looked like a normal gastropub, with the tables, hint of alcohol, and burning steaks. The only thing that sets it apart is the bar area, of course there's the drinks and all but besides it is the booths of registration and other things. I walked up to a booth, I saw the woman who registered me. She was smiling at me.

"Hello, how can I help you today" the guild lady asked me so kindly.

"Is it too late for me to get the orientation?"

She looked at me with stiffness in her eyes. "Yes."


"But I'll show you the basics… Please hand me your phone."

I gave it to her with no questions asked, she put my phone on that scanner thing. She looked at the monitor and was shocked.

"Your level, it's exceptionally high… You're the one who got accidentally registered right?" She asked.

"Yup… anyways, what do you mean by my level is high?"

"Well you have been an adventurer for almost a month, am I correct?"


"Did you spent time grinding on some dungeons or quest? And were you able to use your unlocked skills?"

"Unlocked skills what do you mean by that?"

"That is the skills you can you use in combat… as for you. You have anime-powers… which is very unique for any adventurer"

"Anime powers?"

"These are only accessible to former NEET and weabs. You get this by absorbing the skills of every NEET and weab, unleashing it to the world, although you guys are a very rare case."

"The skills you unlock are; Dual wielding, Hit-hard replay, and subspeed"

"What are those?" I was curious.

"Dual wielding is obvious, you can dual wield easier, and I know what you're thinking. Although it may seem easy many adventurers spend about years to perfect it but you can do it without any problem. Rogue types can dual wield but only knives and select short swords… If you have the time you can check it out on the weapons shop"

Does she mean that I could be bad-assingly dual wield?

"What about the hi-"

"Hit-hard Replay, is when you hit something so hard you can see and feel it replay three times… We have no idea how to explain the phenomenon"

That's what happened when I threw the chupacabra out that building.

"Lastly the subspeed, it will give you the ability to understand any foreign language..." She smiled.

"The ability to understand?" I was confused.

"Look at those two elves by the table, I want you to focus on them… and eavesdrop" She pointed at the couple.

I looked at them and listened at the same time. They were talking about how they love to travel in this city, and something about being a vlogging-adventurer.

"They were talking about stuff that people who love to travel usually do… why did you want me to eavesdrop again?"

"For the past hour they've been talking in elven language."

I was shocked, to me they sounded normal. Although yeah, I could hear the accent but still.

"Some theory states that you could with your ability to read the 'subtitles' which in my opinion is sorta ridiculous..."

I looked back at the couple and honed in on them. I could actually see it, the subtitles. I was locked up in my room watching anime that this became somewhat of a second nature.

"Well, those were the skills that were unlocked, who knows what powers you could unleash given the time you unlock them..." She handed me my phone.

"Well I almost forgot the most important one, when you're in combat you need to scan your opponent so when you beat them you could gain level… but in order to do that without pulling your phone you'll need a scanner." She wrote something on a piece of paper. "You can buy a HUD gear on this address… It'll help you with you combat"

I left guild and went straight to the address the guild lady shared with me, I was moving around but never quite pin down where the place is. Moments passed and I was lost. I had no other choice but to ask a stranger. Lady walked past me, I tapped her on the shoulder. She was wearing what seems to be a leather armour of some sort, her brown skin compliments her eyes.

"Excuse me… Is it okay if I ask where this could be?" I was nervous. I was about to show her the address but she asked me a question.

"Are you an adventurer?"

"I am, how did you know?"

"Your name and level pop-ups on my HUD"

"Your HUD?" Is she referring to the HUD gear?

"My Head Up Display."

I knew it. But she's not wearing any shades, glasses, or anything.

"I have my adventure-lens on my eye" She put her face closer to me, I could see a contact lens on one of her eyes.

"Woah, those are cool."

"These are a must have for every adventure. You can find it at the-" she saw the address. "You can actually find it there, come with me" She grabbed my hand as we walked to the shop.

The shop was just across from where I was standing, it was the same look as the Adventurer's Guild, but this has a big sign that says 'Armour and All'. I think this is one of those fancy store for adventurer. We walked in and on the left saw a wide array of swords, bows, spears, shields, whips, and other fancy weapons. On the right however are few guns, and a cabinet full of generic armour. I was amazed to see this store. It's like a one stop shop for all adventurers.

"Hey oldman, are you in?" The woman shouted.

"I'm here" A tall muscular man walked in, he had a big sideburn and his hair is starting to be bald. The was wearing one of those black smith aprons. He puts them aside as switched to a more pleasing apron. "How can I help you?" He looked at me and the woman.

"I found this new adventurer. Would you help him out?"

The shopkeeper nodded.

"Anyways, I'll be on my way now. Please help him out" She walked out of the store.

Me and the shopkeeper saw eye to eye. He approached me and looked at my clothes.

"What'd the last thing you fought?" His voice was rough yet calming at the same time, and he gives off this 'I'm your adventuring father feels'

"A chupacabra" I told him. He looked surprised but not shocked.

"No wonder you have a high level. Chupacabra's ain't that easy to kill, how'd you do it?"

"I threw it into the out the window, got impaled by bamboo spike by accident"


"Do you have those Adventure-lens"

"Of course.. Take a look at these" He showed me the catalogue.

I went closer to it, and my eyes widen… these prices are killing me. Sure I have money from the previous job, but I don't want to blow my entire savings from this… One contact lens cost about 50,000 credits. I changed the filter to show me the cheapest. After a few minutes I got what I really wanted, cheap yet amazing HUD gear. It looked like one of those transparent safety goggles, sure they're not cool but they will serve their purpose.

"Hey old man do you have an upgrade for my armor"
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"Hold on a second." He looked at me, and he paused for a moment. I don't know what he was doing but he asked me a series of questions, some were relevant, some were basically small talks. He took a minute until he showed me his picks for me.

I was everything I wanted in terms of performance and price, he even included a small knife for me. I wore it and my ensemble was complete. I felt like a proper adventurer now. With all my business here finished I thought it was proper to leave.

"Well thank you so much for helping me oldman, I hope to see you again" I bid farewell as he smiled.