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5 V. My Combat System Sucks

The woman became pompous all of a sudden. I walked out to chase her just to give my apology, but she was no longer there. I checked my phone to see the mission I took from her. It displayed 'Chupacabra on our building...'

Basically it's about a chupacabra that invaded an apartment building, nobody knows where it came from but when it was spotted everyone moved out, and the building is not the chupacabra's territory. I took a cab to reach the apartment, on the way there I begin to chat the landlady, the one who requested the job.

'Hello ma'am. This is the adventurer… I'm on my way' I started.

'The one who'll kill the chupacabra...' I added.

'Oh thank goodness, I'll see you out the building.' She replied.

-Chupacabra invaded building-

I arrived at the building. It was your standard apartment building, although this looked worn out. There were bamboo spikes around the ground, just to keep the chupacabra inside. It also smelled like a blood bank.

The landlady was near the gate, I was about five meters away from her but I could see her shaking. When she saw me she rushed, I could see her eyes water up.

"Thank you for coming here early" She was about to choke. "The chupacabra came out of nowhere and started terrorizing my building… all my tenants and workers have either moved out or resigned."

I could feel her anxiety, she must be worried about the safety of the tenants.
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"Don't worry ma'am I'll make sure that this problem gets taken care of," I assured her just to calm her down.

"Good because once you have the head of that creature I'll show those no-good sabotagers what I'm capable of..." She began to be angry.

"Well this is about your tenants and their home, as well as the guys who work for you?"

"No, this is about keeping the business safe" She told me.

Wait what? she's not concerned about the people?

"I'll go in now… if you don't mind."

I entered the building, and I still can't believe that the woman is concerned about the money. I walked up the stairs because the elevator was broken. This place smells like blood, well chupacabras do suck blood. Okay now I am feeling cold.

There were rustling on the walls, the back of my hair stood. Okay this is strange… very strange.

I reached the second floor. I saw a what looks like a shadow enter a unit. Without hesitation I followed it and went inside a unit, I closed the door. I walked around the unit and heard noises near the kitchen area. The kitchen looked ransacked, my eyes squint, I'm feeling a little adrenaline rush. My phone vibrated wildy, I don't want to check it but the vibration was too much, I had no choice so I picked it up.

It displayed a 'Please Prepare for Battle' message that occupied the middle of the screen, below is a box with the words 'Scan'. Is this serious? What the heck is scan even mean?

I pressed the scan and it switched on my camera. There was a message on the top saying 'please scan the enemy'. Does it want me to take a picture of the thing that would possibly kill me? My brain was opting me to put it down and check if it is life threatening or not, but my body just moved on its own as I moved towards the kitchen.

As I got closer I saw what the shadowy was, it was the Chupacabra, and they do look like a devilish dog-rat hybrid. It was eating on the cookie jar. I moved towards it but i stepped on a plate, it made a sound and the chupacabra saw me. It stopped what it was doing and we had a little staredown.

The chupacabra lunged itself towards me, it pulled out its claws and all the sharp teeth. I dodged it. As it crashed to the kitchen cabinets I rolled off safely. I looked behind to see if it is still on the cabinet, it wasn't there. I heard it's gnarl, they sounded like a handful of hyenas laughing. There was a small moment of tension, I looked around and I could see it, or glimpse of it's tail. It moved faster than I could see.

I grabbed my swatter and turned it on. The creature saw it as it throws itself again, I tried to stab it but he knocked the swatter out of my hand. It wants to bite me. I am holding it by the neck trying to stop it from biting me, it struggled to break free, I struggled to subdue it. It fights with all the strength it can muster, clawing, biting, and flailing it's tail at me. I looked outside the window, near the highway, I don't know what to do, but as it keeps on being a rabid animal I had no choice left.

My brain wanted to give me a bad-ass hero moment, it tried to tell me; Gathering all the force I can exert, I tossed him outside the apartment. My throw was impressive for me, I shattered the window and tossed the creature in the open traffic. As the chupacabra flew out into the open street it's tail grabbed my leg and dragged me along. It grappled me, as we fell down two storeys. What slowed my impact was the number of comforters being sun dried, which made a multi-level safety net. I hit the ground softly as I fell down on a mattress and a few pillows left to be thrown out. It was soft enough that I didn't suffer from any injuries, which also means the chupacabra is unharmed. Luckily we landed in an alley near the highway. I didn't waste any time, I hurled the chupacabra on the highway. It landed on the middle of the road. Looked at me with rage, but before it can take any step a truck running on full speed crushed it to death. I stood up and caught my breath.

Then my brain stopped giving me said moment as I was spaced out trying to figure-out what to do with the chupacabra, which is still struggling on my hands. I could do what my brain suggested, throw it out with the possibility of getting thrown out myself. It was gaining strength, I had no choice left.

I held the chupacabra tightly and with all the force I can muster, threw the creature out the window, the wrong window. The chupacabra flew down and straight to the bamboo spikes. My throw was intense and its impact was more intense that from the second floor you could hear the splatter and cracking of bones.

What's worse however wasn't the impact. It was something that the fight triggered in me. I got to experience my kill again, three times to be exact… I mean did I just throw a chupacabra so hard that it replayed three times? Or was I imagining it?

My brain just went completely blank, it even turned into autopilot. I went down to where the landlady, she saw the impaled chupacabra. And she also saw me with wide emotionless eyes.

"Hey ma'am… It's been taken care of" The lady looked down and took her phone. I received a notification receiving a payment.

Everything that's happened was weird. I need to go check on the guild, just to get an explanation.