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4 IV. My First Step To A Good Career

The commander bugs usually lead the swarm, but this time there were no leaders. Everyone was in the swarm. I could hear both bug zappers and farmers crying in panic, it was contagious that even I began to shake.

But this no time to shake. My courage gave me the adrenaline I needed. I pulled out my swatter, twisted it into a reverse grip. I quickly lunged to one of the commander bug slicing it… I looked at the bug, it was completely in half. It shouldn't work like that but it cut through. Without any second wasted, I twisted my body to kick another bug. I hacked and slay the swarm that was in front of me. My movements were so fast that even I couldn't believe it, but my colleague were in awe. They too had decided to join the fight, it was astonishing to see that I pushed them to fight back.

That was the expectation my brain has given me. The reality can often be so disappointing.

I did spin the swatter successfully, what failed however was my lunge. It did not give me enough thrust to move next to the swarm, it was a weak one. So weak to the point that I tripped and threw out my swatter. The realization only came so late as it flew away from the swarm and into the row of dormant chemicals the farm has abandoned.

The swatter sliced both insecticides and fertilizers open. It left a tear on the containers which made the fluids burst with great pressure. Everything showered through the air, mixing in the process. It took a few minutes until the scent changed, the dusty smell left by the swarm dissipated. What took over could only be described as rain hitting the dry road, as it hit the entire farm the swarm buzzed uncontrollably which caused them to die on the spot. There was only one thought that went through my head.

"That was anticlimactic"

Everyone cried with joy and celebrated as the bugs fell down. My face was planted on the ground. I picked myself up and tried to hide the embarrassment I caused myself.

"Who did that?" A loud booming voice echoed from the back. It was one of the supervisors, and he looked both amazed.

They quickly looked around to check if someone who would claim the victory. One of the farmers saw the broken canister and saw my swatter, she picked it up and read the name on the swatter.

"Does anybody know Kouna Swerte?" She announced. "It seems like it was him who killed them all"

Everyone looked at me, they were all in awe, except the supervisor. He was pissed

"What did you do?" The supervisor asked me.

"Nothing, I just thought of releasing the insecticides to kill them all… I know their against company regulations but-"

"You know they're against company regulation to use insecticides. The risk of it going to the trees would tarnish the value of ALL NATURAL!"

"I know exactly that. But I didn't have any options left." I tried to defend myself

"However, you failed to use your swatter for its intended purpose… you should've rallied your colleagues and fought them head-on"

Trust me sir that was my idea. But my body was just plain dumb.

"Sir, with the amount of bugs and the number of my colleagues, the bugs would've consumed the trees if not for what I did" Is what I said instead.

"But still, I have no choice but to-"

"Sir, look at the lemons, their bigger than before… and the buds, they've grown" One of the farmers gleefully interrupted.

Everyone looked at me. They begin to cheer and murmur about me discovering an insecticide that could also help hasten the growth of lemons. The conversation changed to how this can give us more profits, our supervisor changed his expression.

"Maybe we can have both GMOs and natural in this plantation."

"Well Kouna… I think I should pro-" The supervisor was optimistic.

I think he was about to give me a promotion but I immediately struck it down. "I would like to render in my resignation, sir."

Everyone was shocked, I mean I saved the trees but then I tell I quit. Everyone will be shocked.

"Why do you want to leave?" The supervisor and everyone was puzzled.

"I registered as an Adventurer. I have trained as an adventurer. I have dreamed of being one of the greatest adventurers… but all I have done for the past few months was slay bugs and get paid like a collared worker, I want to fulfill my destiny, I want to be acknowledged… That is my resolve. That is why I want to quit!" my speech was heard by everyone, a few were in awe, others in moved to tears. But I was not filled with confidence due to a higher calling. I was trembling by blasting out a lie.

I never wanted to be an adventurer. I just want to have a safe job, not this daily occupational hazard. I just want to quit and probably work in some bs-safe job.

However everyone was moved. Even the supervisor, in tears he granted my desire, he let go. And as an added bonus he even gave me my swatter as a parting gift. There was one more place I have to bid my farewell.

Arriving at jalbe was a bit scary, I am telling them that I have to quit to find another job. Unlike the lemon farm however, my resignation at Jalbee was quicker. I just requested to be resigned and they granted it effective immediately. No fuss, no muss. The manager even told me to pursue my dreams and be sure to take care. At one point she even gave me the Jalbee moto jacket as a parting gift.

※ ※ ※

With everything taken care of, I was back to the place where all this began, the market. Although I am not sure of what I should be doing here. Should I be on back on the guild to check some job listing… or that could be a waste of time. Either way, I need to find a job related to adventuring. My stomach growled, I forgot that I haven't eaten yet.

I looked for a place to dine, I found a small diner. A lot of people where there, adventurers, accountants, drivers, whatever job people had. Everyone was there just eating.

"Good Afternoon dear, table for one? You can go into one of the booths or just near the bar" The kind waitress told me.


This place is packed. Almost all of the booths and chairs were sitting on. I saw one available booth, I briskly walked into it, I was about to take a seat. Then out of nowhere a lady about my height, blonde hair, a quiver on her hips appeared. She looked at me, her eyes has a tint of green. I sat on the chair, because naturally I was here first, but we both sat facing each other.

I could feel her cold stare at me.

"I could leave if you want" I told her respectfully.

"We could share… if that's okay with you"

I looked around and saw that there were still no available chairs. The waitress approached us with menus

"Oh, so you have a date… feel free to pick, and I suggest the choco-strawberry lovey sundae" She winked.

We both explained that we're not dating but she just laughed it off.

I looked at the menu, some of the prices were expensive, I switched to see the budget meals. I was about to raise my hand, but I could feel a lot of eyes staring at me. They were murmuring about what happened on the plantation earlier.

"Oh… I know you!" She exclaimed

You do? I never even meet this woman in my life.

"You're the adventurer who slain the swarm made of commander bugs..." She continued.

"I… word do travel fast do they?"

"Well it's on the adventurer's portal… news about adventurers, job listing, rank-ups and even discounts for us." She explained. "Hey you're a level one… you must be very skilled to beat those guys… "

She continued blabbering about how she became an adventurer. Honestly my hunger made me deaf, I just really want to eat something.

"I could add you to my party if you'd like" She told me.

Party, like group of people fighting evil? I can- but my level. I need to grind first before I could join her.

"I don't think I can join- I mean my level is low, I think I'll grind just be sure I'm not an extra weight to you or your party when I joined"

"Interesting… well most of the people I've met immediately jump ahead. You're weird" She giggled.

"I just don-"

She looked at her phone and fiddled with it for a little while, then she handed it to me. "As a sign of goodwill, I'll share with you a few jobs I have accepted. Feel free to get one."

"I'd like that one" As I picked something out. I sent the mission details and was now the person in charge of completing it.

Her eyes widen. "How could you possibly pick that one out?"

"What do you mean?" I said as I looked at the phone.

"This job requires a party to fulfill..." She was worried.
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"So?" I said in a naive tone. But she misunderstood it.

"So? Just because you beat a bunch of bugs with your luck doesn't mean you could beat this one… they're known as very savage creatures."

I was going to defend myself but it'll just add fuel to the fire. With what she is right now, I might get myself killed. She walks out of the diner with the piercing stare. I think I have pissed her off. I stood up to follow her but the waitress called me out.

"This establishment is an eat first pay later, we don't feed adventurers free." the waitress said as she held me by the neck.

I felt the shame surge, I paid for both her food and mine. I walked out to try and follow her to apologize but she was long gone.