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2 II. This Is How It Messed Up

We were walking down with my childhood best friend at the market. We already bought a few things and talked a little, the usual topics, until it reached my employment status.

"I am telling you, being a shut-in NEET isn't a good thing to be" She at me while lecturing me about my life choices. "I mean, what is your source of income other than the allowance? You don't go out and you don't seem to be doing something with your free time"

"Well I have a lot of things that I've done in my spare time, and I have all my expenses well budgeted. I am fully financially independent" I replied with full confidence but in all honesty I am not financially independent, I need to find a job fast.

"What about your social life? Man is not an island you know that?"

"I got you as a friend and I think you're enough" Another lie. I need friends, most of my old friends are too busy with their jobs. I'm so lonely. "Why are we even talking about my life? I just came with you so I could stretch some muscles."

"I know that but we haven't talked in a long while. I'm just concerned and all"
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"And I thank you for that but I am fine" No I am not and I need help. I don't want to be an shut-in. I want to be a functioning member of society.

"So can you tell me where are we going to get the rest of those things your mother asked us to pick?"

"Well it should be on a brown building with wooden door, it looks identical to the Adventurers Guild office. Just look for the name below the store window"

"Brown building wooden door. Name on window got it"

She was about to open her mouth. Afraid of being the topic of how bad I manage my life I walked ahead of her. Not knowing that a big crowd passed between us and I was being a complete arrogant friend, I missed to look back at her. I stepped into a building but I swear she was screaming something but the market was far too noisy for me to hear. Needless to say, I walked in there like I know I am in the right building.

The room was quite rowdy and everyone is wearing some sorts of armor of sleek clothes and the smell of ale and metal hits the room. I think I am in the wrong building.

I took me a minute to realize, yes I am in the wrong building, I quickly tried to turn around but someone grabbed me by the neck as he exclaimed "There you are! I thought we were supposed to meet at the park" His grasp is so tight that I couldn't face the man.

"Give me your phone" He continued and I obliged, he took it and dragged me at the end of the room.

There were three booths, and three ladies on each booth. I couldn't see more due to this guy's death hold making me unable to see crap.

"Hello there, how can I help you today?" the cute lady busty from the booth smiled as if I was not being held at the neck against my will.

"My friend here would like to be registered in the Adventurers Guild. And if it's not too much can you add him on our party?" He told the cute attendant while raising me up and giving her my phone.

"Sure thing" The lady took the phone and connected it on her computer, she types something. She placed my phone on what looks like a wireless charging pad. "What about the fee?"

"I'll just pay for him… where do I scan again?" He was widely optimistic about this.

The lady pointed at a QR code with a text 'Payment Scan Here'. The man scanned the code, and his phone displayed that the payment was complete. The guild girl smiled.

Within a few minutes she gave back my phone. "Swerte, Kounna. Congratulations for being registered as an adventurer, You are now a -"

"Excuse me, did you say Swerte, Kounna?!" The men who was grabbing me was shocked. "This isn't my friend." he said as he realized he dragged the wrong guy.

"Well he is registered now so my jurisdiction towards him is over." the attendant told us.

The man who's grabbing me still can't believe the events that happened. I checked out my phone and I saw my stats, the lady isn't lying I am an adventurer now and I have a low stat, which sucks. I tried to fiddle with it some more and I found an option labeled 'Your Party' I tapped it and saw the stats of the party I was accidentally invited in. They are bounds higher in skill level compared to my stats.

"You can't just register without verifying the status or identity of the person on your database" the man continued to argue while holding me tighter.

"Well to be completely honest with you the Guild has no means of verifying the identity of a person that is not affiliated with the guild. Besides registering only requires the applicant's phone and personal appearance" the lady continued as she pulls out a policy sheet from her table.

Great, these guys are going to argue about the policy of this guild while I am being slowly choked by some stranger. I need to get out of this situation quickly.

I looked back at my phone and I saw a 'Leave Party' option. Now that's my ticket out of here. "Hey guys you know what there's a leave Party option on my phone here so I'll just tap that and I'll be on my way now" I explained to them as I unclasped the man's grip.

I slowly backed off with a relief that I no longer have to deal with them. As I exit the Guild's building I was shocked to see my best friend right outside the door with an angry face and loads of equipment at her feet.

"I told you. It's identical to the Adventurers Guild, but there's a name down the window!" She was frustrated.

"Well I noticed that I am no longer on the right building but someone gave me a hard time so it took me a while to get out of there. But hey I am no longer a NEET though."

"What do you mean?"

"I am now a registered Adventurer." I announced to her proudly while showing her my phone.

Just as she was about to see what my job is, the man that dragged me burst out of the building and grabbed me by the collar. I whimpered, his eyes were void of emotion but his aura was burning. I cracked a half smile.

"You owe me a registration money!" He shouted.

"How… how much do I owe you?" I replied shaking in fear.

"10,000 credits!"

"Wait… isn't that too steep for a registration?"

Apparently my question was enough to make him fall out of his anger.

"Well they said that it covers insurance and other stuff… Just pay me." He let go of me but his eyes were still angry

"You know what I'll just withdraw from the nearest ATM."

We went into the nearest ATM machine which was coincidentally was just next to the guild building. I am pretty sure with my current financial saving I can pay this guy no fuss, no muss. I withdraw the money and gave it to him, he was happy that left immediately. Feeling relieved I checked my balance.

My eyes widen at seeing my balance; 100 credits.

Before everything could be registered on my brain, which is to say I am broke. My phone rang with a notification. My best friend looked over to check.

"You have one job notification. It says something about sewage cleaning"

"What?" I looked at it and another ring, lawn clearing. Another notification, parcel delivery. And a lot more notification came in that is mostly for errand boys and not adventurers. I begin to feel sour inside "These aren't jobs for adventurers. Are they kidding me with these requests?!" frustrated I walked back in with anger in my eyes.

"Hello there" The clerk smiled at me.

"Let me stop you right there. I want to know how the hell did I got onto these types of job?"

"Well all the jobs here are catered to your skill type. And since you are a newly registered adventurer we give you low level jobs… as a means to warm you up if ever you're skill level would go up" she smiled just to tick me off more but she's too cute to be angry at.

"Is that the case for all adventurers?" my best friend asked.

"Yes" The guild girl replied. "I could give you an orientation or I could show you the basic tips and tricks to get started-" She continued. But my brain drowned out her voice.

I could feel the embarrassment surging through my skin. I squint at the clerk and grabbed my best friend. I excused myself out while dragging her along with me.

"That was embarrassing"

"At least you have a job now" my best friend replied.

"But all of them are crap"

"Well just test your luck. Do the random scroll… see what life gives you"

She was right I have to be an adventurer so I must know how to deal with the problem at hand without giving up. "Alright then I'll do it." I put my finger on my phone, closed my eyes and scrolled up and down. Then it hits me as I stopped scrolling.

"Well… life gave me lemons"

"What is it?" she was curious.

"Lemon harvesting" I grin with success.

"That doesn't seem to be for adventu-" she stuttered as I showed her my phone.

I accepted the job notice and message whoever posted it. It wasn't a very adventurous job, but I gotta admit lemon harvesting is basically plucking lemons and putting on basket. How hard would this job be?