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1 I. This Was My Normal Life

The dungeon was quieter than normal. Usually creatures of the dark roam there, but not today. It was silent, the only thing that could give horror is the smell. Moss and mold filled the air. The walls were shining with slime. There were sounds of soft groan and droplets of water falling from the stalagmites.

As you go deeper in the dungeon, a soft moan could be heard. A woman is on her knees, covered in blood, but not hers. Before her was a tomb, she tries to stand but her body is sore. She crawled her way near it. Her breathing was at a slow pace. She could pass out any moment.

"Great! I thought we won't see each other once were in… but here we are" I said in a loud sarcastic tone. Ignoring the current state she's in.

The woman looked at me. Her eyes of struggle was long gone, replaced only by fire red anger.

"What the hell are you doing here!" she shouted. Her voice reverberated within the stone walls.

"I told you before, I am here to find a damned cat!" My reply matches her intensity.

"You followed me here, making sure I'm weak so you could have your way with me!"

"I did not! And I don't want anything to do with you!"


She pointed her finger at me just to intensify or something. I honestly don't know where she stored that energy. I mean she could have used that before she was crawling on the ground.

※ ※ ※

This, is Cirillia. Everything here is It's a tropical country, so no winter for us. Our jobs aren't limited; we have fishermen, farmers, white-collar workers, blue-collar workers, and adventurers. As for the technology we have 12G connection everywhere and fiber connection is the slowest wifi connection. Not only that but our phones also is exactly our entire life, school data for students, work and personal information is stored there, financial statements, social media, and even your video and editing as well. And yes our phones can play on par with any modern console which is amazing.

Every morning the sun shines so bright early in the morning. The people wakes early to greet the new day with confidence, farmers tend their livestock, merchant prepares their stores. In the city proper you could see all walks of life gather. Humans, elves, dwarves, and even wizards move to do their routine.

On the outskirts of the city, the wildlife is a beautiful chaos. Nocturnal animals go back to their sheds, as the creatures of the day move about. The usual animals graze the fields, griffins roars as it hovers around to find food for their young, direwolves howls to insert their dominance. Bigger and louder creatures of the day tend to conserve energy as they nap in their caves.

I mean that is what I've read from the books when I was in school. So I guess they're true. I should be enjoying everything like any normal person would do. But I'm not. I am currently asleep, my face deep in my keyboard having a nice dream. I was about to get comfy, but the clock struck at 7:00 a.m. sharp, my alarm went off. It was like a shock to my ears that I opened my eyes wide, saliva at the edge of my mouth. I opened my drawer and turned off my phone's alarm, I rubbed my eyes for a moment before taking an eyedrop and applying it. I did a quick stretch and stood up from my chair.

I walked around for a little bit around my room. It's not that big, but it's big enough to have its separate bathroom. Everything is clean, relatively speaking. I walked blindly to my bathroom to take a quick leak, traversing through all the junk and soiled clothes with relative ease. After I was done I washed my face and went back to my PC, it was on sleep so I opened it, I smiled when I saw what I was installing was finished. It's time for me to waste another day playing a game.

Most people actual knows this game, but there are some who don't play it because it's just like being an adventurer without the actual job. Which is basically true, but hey if you're jobless and still waiting for an opportunity you will find this entertaining. I played the game almost immediately, passing about two levels out I was feeling really lucky, until someone knocked on my door.
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I opened and it was the mother of my childhood best friend. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not an orphan who was raised by them, I actually have a complete happy family. Well my parents are on a different country, I stayed here to study… But that was two years ago. I wanted to be an adventurer like my peers, but the education system that supports adventurers makes them graduate early.

Unlike my other grade school friends who choose different life choice like STEM, ABM, TVL, and other strands. Adventurers finish their academic requirements at the age of 18, meaning you can jump ahead to slaying monsters and saving town. But my mother thought eighteen was too young for an adventure, so she made me rest up, get bulkier.

So now I'm just here playing video games, I don't have a job at the moment but I have a steady stream of allowance from my parents. They were the one who gave me this apartment to live on. The rent is not that bad but it's big for just one guy, that's the reason why I called my best friend and asked her if they're willing to move to a bigger space for a fraction of a cost on their old place. Basically saying 'I need a roommate, would you guys want to?'. And for the past three years I've been living with them, and my mother actually supports this idea because she can ask either my best friend or her mom to check if I need something. I also do some chores from time to time, just so we're clear that I'm not entirely useless.

"Good morning Kouna, do you have anything to do today?" She asked me.

The game was the first thing that came into my mind but I looked at her without any hesitation. "At the moment none, do you need any help with something?" I asked her.

"Is it okay if you can help my daughter in picking some groceries on the market today? I'll pay you 100 credits when you get back here."

Hearing the money was already an instant yes for me. I know that my parent's allowance isn't small but I've already convinced myself that monetary opportunity, no matter how absurd, is an opportunity I should take. "Absolutely. One question though"


"Does she know about this?"

"Oh she doesn't… in fact I just thought of asking you just this morning."

"Well thanks, I'll just surprise her"

She thanked me and went to the dining room to get breakfast. I closed my door and looked at my PC, I saved my game and took a quick shower to warm all my muscles up. As I finished I looked in the mirror, brushed my teeth and applied a grey colored hair wax. My hair is the same color as my eyes which is brown, I don't hate my hair color I just bought the colored wax by accident, I'm actually still waiting for it to be completely empty to buy another normal one. I finished up by dressing on my usual get-up, casual wear with a red hoodie.

I proceed to went into the dinning room, saw both the ladies and greeted them a good morning. I smiled at my best friend, she was surprised to see me awake earlier in the morning and dressed properly at that.

"Wanna go to the market?" I asked her in a cool and suave manner.

She smiled, picked up her toast and simply replied "Sure".