Unfathomable Patriarch
244 Chapter 244
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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244 Chapter 244

"Have you heard?"

"About the banquet?"

"Yes, the ship the Patriarch left on arrived the other day, he apparently killed one of the sect leaders that we were subservient to…"

"Do you think we will be going to war?"

Two sect members were talking to each other. Rumors had reached everywhere now, the death of Zhan Jie was no small matter. It could be the prelude to another extinction event like a war.

"What are you two mumbling about!"

Another female member from the sect walked out to interrupt the conversation.

"Stop talking about nonsense while the Matriarch is…"

The woman didn't get to finish her sentence as the whole area around them rumbled. The people here were tasked with watching over security around the Patriarch's mansion. In it, the Matriarch was apparently giving birth to her next child. The whole process had already lasted through a few days.

Suddenly the clouds parted, the ground rumbled and the beasts around the whole sect started howling loudly.

Everyone in the sect could feel that something strange was happening. They all looked to where the clouds were opening. A bright ray of light descended onto the residence of their Patriarch.

Zhang Dong's home was right up in the sky overlooking the whole sect. Due to this everyone in the whole sect and even the city could see this strange phenomenon. It was as if God himself was descending down and illuminating the path.

"What is happening? Are we being attacked?"

Someone asked while looking around. The ground was shaking, the tremors were concentrated on where the large castle in the sky was.

Suddenly a large golden beam of light shot out from this flying building. It bathed the surrounding area in its light causing the rumbling to cease. Soon a large rainbow appeared illuminating the floating castle and pointing right at the Patriarch's villa.

"This isn't an attack… that's…"

"By the immortals, That's the elusive phantasm rainbow…"

Right after the sect member could finish the rainbow started shifting in scope. It became larger and larger, finally turning into a huge rainbow dragon that gave out a ferocious roar. The image of the beast soon faded and the clouds closed themselves up as if nothing had transpired. The people that witnessed this strange occurrence had their mouths agape.

"Was that the Empyrean Rainbow Dragon?"

Everyone shook violently while looking up into the sky.

"This is truly a good sign, a dragon has been born, it must be the Patriarch's child!"

The people started rejoicing in the streets. A strange phenomenon like this meant a couple of things. First that the child that was born this day was blessed by the heavens. It also signified that the youth would be quite the character and should be primed to become a powerful master. That is if he managed to reach his true potential.

While the regular cultivators were cheering in the streets Zhang Dong was still sitting down in the middle of the array formation. All of the other aids that he had trained for this occasion were passed out. This was fine as everything was now over and the child was born.

His current appearance wasn't that great. He looked as if he had lost some weight during this process. His long hair was disheveled along with his robe that was drenched in sweat.

Even though he was tired he used the rest of his strength to stand up. He moved forward towards the bed that his wife gave birth in. He moved his hair to the side and straightened himself out.

He could see a tiny person rolled up in a towel being held by his wife. She looked even more tired than he was but she was still conscious. She was looking at the tiny person that just escaped her belly.

"Congratulations Patriarch, it's a healthy boy."

One of the nurses told him as he moved closer. He could hear his son crying his little eyes out. He was given a smack to the bottom by the nurse as he took his first breath.

Zhang Dong moved closer and looked at his newborn child. He did a quick examination to check if the boy was healthy, to his surprise he was more than that.

'Heavenly Body constitution?'

He could see his son's statics and they were quite pristine. His potential was a whooping A++, the highest that he had ever seen in this world. He also possessed a special constitution, from what he knew such a boon would hasten his progress.

He would be primed for the heavenly Dao, which was something he himself was good at. He did practice the Heavenly Lightning arts, this meant that his child took after him more than his mother. This was the reverse of what happened with his daughter that was more inclined towards her mother's Dao.

"He has your eyes."

Zhang Liena called out weakly while looking at Zhang Dong. He had momentarily stopped moving but after hearing his wife he moved closer and grasped her hand.

"You think so?"

He looked at the little munchkin that came out of his lovely wife. His skin color was a bit more inclined to her's. He did have his eyes though and also the white hair color that Zhang Dong was known for. This might have been the effect of having that rare constitution though.

"Do you want to hold him?"

Liena asked in a tired tone, even though she was a nascent soul practitioner she was quite tired. This birth was a lot harder than the previous one and it was probably due to his son's special trait. Nothing good came easy in this world.

Zhang Dong gently grasped the wrapped up baby that was still crying and was sure to hold his head up. This wasn't the first time he was holding a newborn so he wouldn't be making the same mistakes again.

He looked at his son and the little one looked back. The moment the two eyes met the child quieted down. The little baby looked very interested in the man in front of it. Soon the child started closing his eyes, probably tired after bawling for so long.

The Father just smiled at the tired little potato. He then waved his hand around and his gentle aura spread throughout the room. The bed that Feng Liena was resting in was lifted up from the ground. Zhang Dong took off to another room to get some privacy, some of the maids following after him as they needed to tend to the new baby.

After some alone time with his new family member, the child was left with his mother to rest. Zhang Dong on the other hand headed out of the room. He needed to tend to his other child, Little Xiu was still waiting outside with her grandfather and the others.

He made sure that his wife and child were tended to and then he left. When he opened the door outside he was greeted by his close friends and family. Zhang Jin, Xue, Jie, and Liu were there as well as Huo Qiang and even Zhang Zhi had come to pay his respects.

He could tell that the latter had recently broken through but it didn't seem that he had yet reinforced his cultivation. This was an unwise move but the man wanted to show his respect to his Patriarch.

"We have heard the good news, congratulations Dong'er."

Zhang Jin was the first one to speak up. Zhang Dong nodded and could see his grandfather's two main wives next to him. For this occasion, they weren't even fighting, which was truly something uncommon.


He plucked Zhang Xiu from the ground and placed her in his arms. His daughter giggled as he gave her cheek a big smooch. After some head patting, he turned to face the others.

"Congratulations Master."

He nodded a couple of times as people started to congratulate him on the success.

"How is the child?"

"He is fine, he is sleeping with his mother, both of them went through a lot… don't think it would be wise to try this a third time…"

Zhang Dong laughed weakly to himself. After this birth, he came to the conclusion that it would be dangerous to have a third child. From what he knew it was already a miracle that Zhang Liena was able to bear two kids.

Nascent Soul masters were built differently than lower-ranked cultivators. They were walking spiritual energy generators, akin to nuclear reactors. Their bodies had to be in tune with the world around them.

A pregnancy brought chaos to their bodies, the spiritual energy was thrown into disarray. This caused danger to the unborn children, even during the months of pregnancy Zhang Liena needed to stop cultivating. She focused all of her attention on the child inside her belly, keeping it healthy while trying to keep the energies in her body in check.

It would be possible for both of them to perish if she suffered some kind of injury or shock. This is also why Zhang Dong had told her that he didn't want any more children. The pregnancies seemed to be getting worse and the next time he might not be able to do anything about it.

"He also has quite the special constitution… I noticed some kind of omen outside…"

He was focusing on keeping the array formation working so he couldn't see the rainbow dragon too well. The people outside were quick to inform him of the joyous sign.

"Empyrean Rainbow Dragon?"

Zhang Dong nodded as he also knew what that meant. He also knew that a favorable sign like that could also spell disaster.

It showed that his son was special and if nurtured well would be one of the strongest cultivators in the world. This was a good thing for the sect, who wouldn't want to have someone like that on their side?

The problem wasn't his sect but the others. If they got wind of something like that they could react poorly. Something like assassination attempts might happen. Some of them might try nipping the bud before it can bloom.

"We will have to increase the security around here…"

"Don't worry Master, I will protect him with my life!"

"Me too!"

Both Zhang Xue and Liu moved forward, their eyes were sparkling as they already fell in love with his daughter. He always could use good seniors to help his children out in the future and these two were very reliable and trustworthy.

"Well that's reassuring, I bet little Jun will love his senior sister and brother when he grows up a bit."

Zhang Dong patted Liu's shoulder and then Xue's while walking around with his daughter in one arm. This was a joyous occasion and he was quite tired. There wasn't much time to rest though, he still had some problems to contend with.

He had promised Fang Meili and her grandfather that he would help them. He knew that the location of the Divine Fist Sect's main city was further away. Fang Heng would take longer to arrive there than he did while flying the Argonaut. That time should be very soon though, he needed to check if he activated the beacon.

It would be great if he could get some sleep before that and also if he could eat. He was popping spirit replenishing pills for the past few days while controlling the healing array.

"Jun? Have you decided on the name already?"

He got brought back to reality by Zhang Jin's question.

"Yes, Liena decided beforehand."

He smiled while walking, he wasn't good with the names of this world so he left it to his wife. He also didn't want his child to end up with a name like he did.

For the time being, he headed out to get some rest, after eating some and showing the baby to his daughter he would need to check up on the Divine Fist Sect situation.


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