Unfathomable Patriarch
238 Chapter 238
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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238 Chapter 238

Fang Meili and her two servants were now flying through the air. They had apparently overreacted a moment ago and this man didn't seem as stuck up as some other nascent soul masters.

This wasn't the big surprising part though. They all were from the Divine Fist Sect and all of them practiced some form of divine arts. These arts harnessed holy energies from the world to power their techniques.

The golden shield that Zhang Dong surrounded them with was of very pure holy energy. The group of girls was at quite low level compared to this senior member. But even they could feel how pure and how powerful this energy was.

All of them knew that if you wished to have such a pure aura around yourself you had to be a good person. Fang Meili had witnessed the divine aura of her grandfather and some other elders before. This one was far more pure and gentle than that, it showed her that this man was probably someone trustworthy. Someone that was evil or malicious could not produce something like this.

If someone killed a lot of people their killing aura would seep out one way or the other. A life of slaughter would also impede a person's progress in the divine arts. You had to keep your soul clear of unnecessary negative emotions if you wanted to progress in them.

This was also why this purity of holy energies was mind-boggling. Normally even the grand elders from her sect would have at least one or two negative thoughts. These would delude their divine aura and lessen its power. Zhang Dong on the other hand didn't seem to have such an impurity in his aura. Either he was a saint or there was some other secret to why he was so pure.

Fang Meili was far too stressed the first time she met this man. Her grandfather also instantly blocked out other people from infecting her with their spiritual energy. She didn't have the time to process the information.

Now, she was slightly more reassured in going with this uncle of hers. She did even recall one of her grandmother's having some kind of love affair hundred of years ago. Maybe this man was related to that love affair.

"Get ready, we will be living immediately towards our sect grounds and we won't be waiting for the other sects to escort us back!"

The girl was brought back to reality by her new uncle's deep voice. The other sect members that consisted of old men and women nodded with agreement. One of them that had really dark skin then spoke up.

"I agree, the Patriarch from the Limitless Sword Society didn't look pleased, they might try to force our hand."

The girl frowned when she recalled the man in question. Zhan Jie was the leader of that sect, they were also part of the group that was chasing after her in the labyrinth. One of their members even landed a strike on her leg that caused an injury. She swore that in the future she would have her revenge, she just needed to get stronger.

In a matter of moments, they all left the city. They were flying through the air and in a flash arrived in front of a strange-looking flying object. The golden-haired girl and her servants went wide-eyed at the sheer size of this thing.

It was a lot larger than the ship that they came in and looked to be made from metal. Some strange buzzing sounds were coming out of it and even the girls could see a large number of cannons poking out from everywhere.

The barrier that the ship had opened up a small circular hole through that all of them flew through. Zhang Dong's barrier kept things like G-force outside so anyone inside wouldn't feel sick.

All of them finally landed on the deck and were greeted by the ship's captain. The man gave some kind of strange salute. He was also wearing unusual clothes and a strange looking hat. The young lady and her maids kept looking around, everything looked new and mysterious to them.


Zhang Dong called out while the man that was the captain nodded.

"Yes sir! We have remained on high alert, some of the sects tried testing our defenses but as instructed we retaliated accordingly!"

"Good, anything else?"

The girls just remained staring there, no one moved from their spots while the man in charge was speaking.

"The Limitless Sword Society ships have surrounded us from all sides and have been watching our movements since two days ago. The Demon Subduing sect and the Dragon Gate Sect have remained neutral and they have even begun pulling their ships away after your arrival."

The Dragon Gate Sect and the Demon Subduing Sect didn't seem like they were willing to tussle with Zhang Dong's faction after his power move during the banquet. There were too many unanswered questions for those two to interfere.

"Dragon Gate… even though they were the ones inviting us here, we didn't get much time to talk…"

Zhang Dong said while tapping his finger against his thigh.

"Don't worry Patriarch, me and the elders have managed to talk business while you were busy. We will bring the paperwork to you later as the Dragon Gate sect is willing to do business with us!"

One of the old men jumped in while clasping his hands together. The girl just listened while trying to figure this United Element Sect out.

From her point of view, their leader was really strong but his people didn't look that imposing. They were just a bunch of old men and women in the core formation stage. It didn't look like they would be making the jump towards the nascent soul stage either.

The flying ship on the other hand looked like a technological marvel. She could feel that it was a heavenly treasure but how strong it really was compared to the other flying vessels was still to be seen.

"Hm, we should talk about this inside…"

Zhang Dong said while looking to Fang Meili. The girl lowered her head slightly while still being a bit scared.

"Take these three to the guest cabin, treat them well, and don't let anything happen to them. The rest of you return to your stations, we will be returning home at full speed..."

The man said before turning around. His long white hair slightly bounced around as he made his getaway.

Fang Meili and her servants were guided through the metal monstrosity. On their way to their cabin, they could see United Element Sect members rushing around. They were wearing strange militaristic type uniforms and seemed somewhat organized. She didn't recognize anything that they were carrying but she somehow knew that it was related to weapons.

One of the crew members let them inside a certain cabin. It was quite large and looked like a hotel suite. Inside the spiritual energy was high and they could even see food placed on one of the tables. There were several beds in this room along with windows through which they could see the scenery outside. Only after the person that took them here left did the girls speak out.

"Young lady, we need to be careful, that senior looks benevolent but it might be a trick!"

One of the maids said while the other nodded with approval.

Fang Meili moved toward one of the tables. There was a juicy looking apple just there, she took it into her hand and then took a large bite out of the fruit.

"You two are worrying too much, not like we can do anything about it. I've promised grandfather that I would follow … my Uncle to his sect…"

She paused before referring to Zhang Dong as an uncle. Everything was still surreal and she was still digesting this whole situation.

"Not like we could do anything about it… you've seen it... "

Fang Meili dropped down onto the largest bed and looked up at the ceiling. Her maids moved closer but knew what their young missy meant. Not like they could run away, even if they got outside this ship there was no place for them to go.

The other sects had already figured out that their Divine Fist Sect was weakened. If it wasn't for Zhang Dong, Fang Meili would already be dead.

"I owe that man… uncle Dong my life… I will wait and see… he said that I shouldn't worry and that I will meet my grandfather again…someone with such a pure divine aura shouldn't be a bad person..."

The two maids also nodded at that point. That senior did have an unusual divine source to himself. It was above anything that these three women had ever seen, far above any elder from their own sect that they knew.

Before the three could get comfortable a red light started flashing in their room and they could feel that the ship started to move.

"Code red, Code red… Everyone is to proceed to the battle stations.'

The announcement was loud and the whole flying ship started shaking violently. The girls looked at each other in surprise. They didn't have time to even fully sit down and now there was some kind of problem.

All of them moved towards one of the windows that let them see the outside. They could see three large more traditional looking ships flying their way.

"Is that the Limitless Sword Society emblem?"

"Those bastards want to attack us!"

The two maids cried out in fright. They were very much scared of that bloodthirsty sect. From what they knew it was one of the more ruthless ones. The people from that faction were known for their love for battle. They always liked to make their swords do the talking instead of bargaining or going for a compromise. They along with the Yggdrasil Sect were their biggest enemies.

"Calm down you two, look at that…"

Fang Meili pointed towards the three ships coming their way. They weren't getting closer instead it looked like they were slowly getting left behind. This ship that they were flying in was slowly picking up the pace and leaving those smaller ones behind.

"How fast are we going?"

"Was it always that easy to run away?"

From what the girls knew flying ships of that size weren't the fastest. Even as a heaven graded item the sheer size made the whole vessel slower.

But there they were, leaving the other flying ships in the dust. The trio continued to look outside the window and they could see more ships appearing. They continued their chase but it didn't look like they would be catching up anytime soon. It really looked like their group would be making a clean getaway. That was before they felt a rumble and then saw the protective barrier flickering.

The girl's cabin was in the back of the ship so they couldn't see what was happening in the front. They could see the shield flickering multiple times which probably meant that they were getting attacked by something. The ships that were left in the dust also started catching up.

The alarm kept ringing and it looked like the members from the United Element Sect would be getting involved in the fight.

Fang Meili couldn't just sit around in this room without any information. She decided to peek outside and luckily the door to her cabin remained open. There were also no guards around to push her back in.

"Young lady you mustn't! We were told to stay here, it might be dangerous outside!"

The maids ran after their young miss that decided to go outside. She remembered from where they arrived and it didn't take her long to reach the area outside. The ship crew was far too busy with their own assignments so there was no one to stop this trio from snooping around.

The moment she was outside she could see it. There were multiple burning flying ships around them along with cultivators on swords. There was a full-blown aerial battle taking place and explosions were happening everywhere.

"Face me, Zhang Dong!"

A booming voice was heard by her and brought her attention to the sky.

"You are even dumber than I had anticipated!"

She saw the man that brought her here. He was floating directly above the flying ship with a sword in hand. His opponent was the sect leader from the Limitless Sword Society. With him there were two more nascent soul elders, it looked like her savior was outnumbered.


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