Unfathomable Patriarch
213 Chapter 213
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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213 Chapter 213

"Good day Patriarch."

"Glory to the United Element sect!!"

Zhang Dong was walking through one of the corridors in the main sect sanctuary building. He nodded at the people that greeted him and continued forward. The sect recruitment trials were taking place at this very moment and he wanted to check upon them.

Five years had passed since this sect had been created. Everything had been built to completion before they decided on opening their doors. It took a bit longer than expected but he was also busy with his own personal business.

He was a married man and didn't want to waste away only cultivating for the rest of his life. He made sure to have a good relationship with Feng Liena and the two were seen walking hand in hand quite often. The culmination of their relationship finally resulted in an offspring, the same one he was now carrying in his arms.

The one-year-old was looking around, her eyes sparkling and green like emeralds. Her hair was similarly pink like her mother���s but a lot lighter, this probably due to her father's hair being snow white. The Sect leader was known to bring his child out and the sect members never missed a beat to compliment him on his cute little daughter.

"Greetings Patriarch! I see little Xiu is looking as precious as ever!"

A couple of female cultivators were walking past and spotted their sect leader walking around. They instantly surrounded him, the small child being the talking point. With the years the people from the three clans managed to figure out Zhang Dong's true nature. Which was quite stoic and docile, he never got mad at anyone and didn't think much about face. He cared more about his family members than himself and would come to their defense more than towards his own.

He was also known as a doting father and as a good husband. Zhang Dong looked at the group of ladies and then to his cute daughter that was looking up to him with a smile. His face started twitching as he couldn't help but smile back, this didn��t go unnoticed by the people from the sect.

"Yes! Isn't she the cutest!"

He gave the little girl a couple of gentle head pats but didn't offer her up to the group of women. He remembered his daughter crying a bit when someone pinched one of her cheeks. The sect member in question then tried to appease this fault by slitting his belly with a sword. To not have a similar encounter he decided to just not let other people touch his child. This only made everyone think that he was being overprotective.

'She is getting sleepy, I should go back. Better not have her sleeping outdoors.'

He took off with his daughter in his arms, the little child's head started wobbling around but he stabilized it with his aura. They slowly flew through the air while taking in the sights. The 10 million large city that used to be Spirit Spring City was moved here along with all of its residents.

He always took in the wondrous sights of this world. The city was five times as big now and still growing, they were ever-expanding. The first sect trials were taking place and after they got more members they could finally start operating like a normal sect.

"Bwo bwaaa…"

The girl said while pointing at something in the distance. Zhang Dong just placed his hand on those pink locks and ruffled them up a bit. The girl protested and squirmed but nothing could save her from those head pats of fatherly love.

He descended towards his own residence that was floating right above the large castle structure. He didn't want to stand out at first but he managed to recreate the technology that would allow their structures to float. His advisors said that it would be best if he set up his own residence above everyone else, it would show that he is there protecting everyone from above.

He finally relented and had his sect build him a pure white castle that was fit for a shogun. They planted cherry blossoms all over the place as his wife was quite fond of them. She also favored the more Japanese looking kimonos than what you would see the other people wearing. This was probably due to the secret texts of her clan having those types of esthetics.

He did finally get to see her secret stash after they got married as everything from the Feng Clan was put up into their sects mega vault. It housed quite a bit of their treasures and spirit stones. If a sect member had enough merit points he could head over to the treasury department and get a pass for an item.

The text as he had thought was drawn mangas. He didn't recognize them or the art style. He came to the conclusion that they were drawn by someone that just as he came here from another world. The plotlines in those were your usual rom-com scenes with ecchi parts included. They were heavily focused on the tanned gyarus and ganguro girls for some reason. Each story had one as the main heroine and the male lead always went for them in the end.

He was sure that he wasn't the only person that came from earth here so this wasn't much of a shock anymore. The massage that the person he heard after he touched the cube was still fresh on his mind. He wasn't able to find any more of those places after going through the lands again. He didn't venture outside his sect yet as he was afraid to leave his wife that was in labor.

"Good morning~"

He heard a sweet womanly voice from afar and looked down. There she was, his beautiful wife. She looked a bit rounder than usual and there was a reason for it, there was another little person growing in her belly. He already knew that it would be a boy this time around, even Feng Liena could scan herself with her spiritual sense to tell the gender.

This was quite the joyous moment for the whole sect as they had a legitimate heir to it. Zhang Dong was considered to be the king, little Xiu was the princess and this boy would be the crown prince. The people were quite surprised by both the children as it was quite rare for nascent soul cultivators to ever have children. One reason was that most of them were far too old for such things and the other one that birth was a lot harder on the woman's and the baby's body.


The little girl called out and stretched her hands out towards her mom. Feng Liena just smiled and moved closer taking the child into her hands and giving her a big smooch on the cheek.

"Yes, it's your mommy."

Zhang Dong smiled slightly as he saw his wife rub her nose with his cute little daughter. He moved closer and placed his hand on her protruding belly. The time of the birth was close and it would probably put a strain on his wife.

"How are you feeling? Are you hungry? Are you sure you should be out here? You might catch a col..."

Before he could finish his sentence a finger was placed against his mouth. Feng Liena looked up to him with a smile on her face while chuckling.

"I'm fine, this child will be fine as well, I know my husband won't let anything bad happen to the both of us~"

Zhang Dong nodded while rubbing his neck. He was concerned about his family, finally he could relate to the adults who were responsible for their own children. Luckily with his healing abilities, he could help out during the childbirth, he had done it during the first one successfully and was planning on repeating this procedure.

"Now let us eat, the maids made dumplings and they roasted a spirit duck for my little glutton."

Feng Liena pinched the side of Zhang Dong's belly which made him flinch to the side. He wanted to return the favor but couldn't due to the baby in belly situation.

"Oh, you…"

The two-headed into the house and started chatting. He gave his sleeping potato of a daughter to one of the maids that helped her into her baby bed. He still needed to check up on the sect test so after giving his wifey a smooch he flew outside. His destination, the command center, or at least that's what he liked to call it.

Without the child in hand, he was a lot faster, no one even spotted him whizzing by in silence. He appeared unannounced and opened the door and gave the people inside quite the scare as always.

"D-Donger please stop doing that, you'll make your grandfather suffer from cultivation backlash."

"Hah, like you'll die from something like that, heard your wife count increased again, maybe giving you that cultivation technique was a bad idea…"

Zhang Dong narrowed his eyes, he was looking at his grandfather that should be over 200 years old. The problem was that he looked like a 25-year-old man. After the library building was set up for the disciples he had put every technique that he knew in there, this along with his disguising technique that was now even improved into heavenly grade.

His old casanova of a grandfather had come across it and used it to sire even more children. Now no one could even prove that it was him sleeping around, his old wives were at an uproar. He had also progressed into the great circle of core formation with the help of his grandson and would probably make it into the nascent soul level soon. Zhang Dong was afraid to prolong this man's life as another thousand years could bring a million kids out of wedlock.

'Maybe when he dies half of the world's population will be related to him?'

He shook his head and went back to business. He looked at one of the screens that was in his command center of his. He had gone with a very futuristic look for it that made it look like some kind of command ship from old sci-fi shows.

On the monitor, he could see some people sitting in front of pill furnaces. They were sweating while creating pills as part of the trial. He watched as one pill furnace exploded and the explosion had to be contained by one of the judges. The person that had failed could continue but some of his merit points would be deducted each time they failed.

On another screen, he could see the puppet corridor where a person was trying to squeeze through it. The many puppet soldiers were keeping the youth away from reaching the destination but somehow he made it till the end. His body looked all bruised and battered but he looked to be satisfied with himself.

'Hm, not bad, that's a good expression he has.'

On another, there was a large pit of lava. This trial was also designed by him, he got the idea from the platformer games that he used to play. Some of the platforms were moving around it and you had to time your jumps correctly so you could get to the end. You could also show overwhelming physical ability and make it through some other way. The lava on the ground looked more dangerous than it was and the contestants wouldn't die if they fell.

He continued walking through the room while looking at the various tests. There was even a scoreboard showing the current contestants and how well they were doing. He didn't recognize the names of the people there but he would have to give the top three medals for good placements.

"Oh and this one is?"

He asked while one of the people answered.

"This is the waiting room for the people that passed on the merit of having a high cultivation."

Apparently the people here had good results from the scanner he designed. It scanned for potential, age, their alignment, and calculated if they would be a good fit for his honorable sect. There weren't that many people there, only twenty but they could be trained up if they decided to invest.

'Wait… what is she doing here…'

He raised his brow as he recognized someone, it was a woman he would probably never forget for the rest of his life. Her curves could give his wife a run for her money. His face twitched for a second she had already made it inside the sect, would his wife get mad if she knew this?


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