Unfathomable Patriarch
207 Chapter 207
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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207 Chapter 207

Outside the main United Element sect's newly built palace was a giant courtyard. There was one main path lined out with cherry blossoms. To the sides were chairs in the usual gold and red coloring.

Some people might think that all this extravagant gold coloring scheme was extremely costly but they would be wrong. Gold wasn't really a metal that cultivators appreciated that much. You even stopped really trading in golden coins after reaching the foundation establishment level and then switched over to spirit stones.

This wide path would be the one that Feng Liena would walk through. Zhang Dong was supposed to receive her by the entrance of the castle. After which the two would walk in and be wed by a marriage officiant, there were no religious priests here so this would be done by Zhang Jin. In most cases this would be done by an elder that was of a high ranking, such an honor would fall on Huo Qiang but he refused and Zhang Jin was chosen instead.

After this was done everyone would be led into the banquet hall for a party. This part was less extravagant than the weddings from back on earth. There wouldn't be any dancing and the couple of the hour were going to just greet the people and accept some gifts. This would probably be quite boring and take a while as there were quite a lot of people coming to this event.

At the moment Zhang Dong was looking at the inside of the castle structure. He was standing at the large gate-like doors through which he would be guiding Feng Liena inside. On the inside was a large hall that was decorated in red and gold yet again. He could even see the podium on which they were supposed to repeat their vows.

'Uh… this is really happening…'

If his body was normal he would probably be drenched in sweat. The little hat with the green jade beads was wiggling around each time he made a step. If he concentrated a bit he could move without it wobbling around but he was a bit too nervous to focus now.

"Sect Leader, the guests are arriving as we speak, you should get ready."

Zhang Ya's voice sounded from the side which made Zhang Dong's flinch a bit. Even she could tell that her Patriarch was a bit out of it, which made her hold her hand to her mouth and chuckle. She was glad that she saw some humanity under that emotionless face from time to time. Due to Zhang Dong keeping up his facade most people considered him to be the perfect stone-faced no nonsense cultivator. In reality, he still wasn't quite sure if what he was doing was something that a leader would do.

'Ah yes, when the door opens I'll just step out and greet the bride just as we rehearsed…'

He nodded towards Zhang Ya that moved away to accept some of the guests. He could hear people talking and chairs moving which indicated that the crowds were getting seated. There weren't quite enough chairs to fit all of the people so the junior members were expected to stand. They would also remain outside the wedding hall and mingle with each other as only the more prominent figures were allowed to witness the whole marriage and then the banquet.

Matt moved his hands up, the robe he was wearing was quite long. His sleeves were super baggy and when he moved his hands around they would just swish and shake. He wondered how people could actually consider fighting in robes like these as he faced some cultivators that wore similar ones to battle.

Suddenly the doors started opening this made his heart jump. He quickly straightened himself out, he couldn't let this annoying flowy bead-hat jiggle. It would be considered bad luck and also a hit to his face if he didn't move as a proper kingly figure. Though he could probably force the beads to stop from moving with his spiritual force. This would be noticed by the other cultivators which would be quite shameful.

He gave out one last sigh before stepping forward. His posture impeccable and even when he stepped forward his ceremonial hat didn't move at all. He was greeted by bright lights and the shining sun that momentarily stunned his vision.

After his eyes adjusted he was stupefied even more. On the other side of the long pathway that was lined up by cherry blossoms stood his bride. She was wearing a red dress with golden patterns that looked like phoenixes.

Parts of the wedding dress were very form-fitting as he could see her thin waistline and pronounced chest. On the other hand, her sleeves were uncharacteristically long. They would reach all the way to the ground if she stretched out her arms to the side.

The lower long skirt was also quite a thing to look at. Besides all the intricate pattern designs it was being held up by small green birds. The birds were probably some tamed beasts and they were holding up the long skirt from the back as it stretched for at least five meters.

He couldn't see Liena's face yet as it was under a veil, but he could kind of see her eyes under that semi-transparent cloth. She took a step forward and her high heels clicked on the smooth polished marble floor. All of the guests stood up as the bride approached, some were crying some were smiling while some remained untouched by the occasion.

Zhang Dong gulped a bit that made his hat almost move. He was astonished after seeing Feng Liena's curvaceous figure. He wasn't sure if she was just blessed or if it was due to the body refining technique that she was using. He straightened out while people were focused on the bride, finally, she began to move.

Some kind of eastern tune started playing, there were a couple of people playing on the zithers while the bride moved forward. To his surprise, one of them was Zhang Xue that was also wearing a slightly less extravagant red and golden robe.

The closer his wife got the more nervous he became but she continued. Her strides were short but resolute, he wasn't sure if she liked him that much but she didn't seem as on the fence as he was. This was a reassuring thought which made Matt a bit less nervous.

The cherry blossoms danced around behind her as she continued with her slow walk. Behind her, you could see some of her family members. They were all dressed up and most of their faces were unknown to him.

The only two people that he recognized was her younger sister and the baked potato granny that was bawling her eyes out. She was loudly sobbing while voicing out her appreciation that her little granddaughter was getting married.

He also was a bit scared that that little sister of hers would try to pull something during this wedding. There were works of fiction where someone interrupted the wedding while the pair was taking their vows. What if she tried to grab him from the altar while he and Liena are repeating their vows?

He shifted his gaze back to the bride and tried to calm himself down again. The strange image of Feng Nuana knocking on some glass while shouting his name came to his mind and made him chuckle. This silly image was enough to cheer him up as the bride had arrived. The music stopped with the bride and everyone waited for Zhang Dong to follow up.

He had to strain himself immensely to keep his head steady. He reached out towards his wife and presented his palm towards her. The woman responded with grace and grasped it with hers. His hand was a lot larger than hers and he could feel the warmth coming from it after they held hands.

He turned to the door that they were supposed to walk through. Side to side they continued with the people just looking on. He was on the right while she was on the left akin to a traditional earthly wedding. They stepped through the entrance to the wedding hall and soon the people behind them followed suit.

While walking forward Zhang Dong continued to focus on not making his hat jiggle. The sensation of holding a woman's delicate hand was quite distracting though. The two remained silent to each other, Matt was feeling shy and didn't really know what to say while Feng Liena remained courteous as it was rude to speak out before the husband did.

When they finally arrived at the altar, Zhang Jin was there in a black robe with more gold in it. He was also wearing a really tall hat with a Taoistic symbol on it. Everyone from the senior generation was here as well as some junior members that were close relatives. The others had to wait outside and had their own outside banquet to mingle in.

"Zhang Dong and Feng Liena. Today you enter as individuals, but you will leave here as husband and wife, blending your lives, expanding your family ties, and embarking upon the grandest adventure of unity."

"All those present have come to witness and celebrate your love and commitment this day."

The people cheered a bit from the back, quite a bit of the ladies were already tearing up as Zhang Jin continued to speak.

"Today, as you join yourselves in marriage, there is a vast and unknown future stretching out before you."

"Through your commitment to each other, may you grow and nurture a love that makes both of you better people, a love that will last throughout generations to come."

"Now, repeat after me!"

Zhang Jin looked to Zhang Dong with a smile on his face, he could feel how nervous he was even though his facial expression wasn't changing.

"Zhang Dong, are you willing to marry Feng Liena as your wife, in sacred marriage together for life?"

"Whether she has sickness or health, poverty or wealth, beauty or is plain, in good times and in bad, are you willing to love her, to comfort her, to respect her, and protect her?"

"And willing to be forever loyal to her?"

The bride was still covering her face by the veil but she could see her eyes through it. After a slight pause, he mustered the courage to reply.

"I am!"

Zhang Jin smiled a bit and then continued, making Feng Liena repeat the exact same vows that Zhang Dong just said. It didn't take long before she also replied with a resounding…

"I am willing!"

Zhang Jin nodded again and looked to the side. Zhang Liu approached with the golden wedding rings placed upon a red pillow. He looked quite proud that he could do this for his master on this occasion.

"Zhang Dong, take this ring and place it on Feng Liena's finger. Repeat after me…"

"Feng Liena, I give you this ring as a symbol of the promise I made to you today."

Zhang Dong repeated the short sentence and placed the ring that he had made on Liena's finger on her left hand as it was the closest hand to the heart.

As before Feng Liena repeated after Zhang Jin and slid the wedding ring on Zhang Dong's finger.

"May the blessings of life, the joy of love, the peace of truth, and the wisdom and strength of Spirit, be your constant companion, now and always, as husband and wife."

"You may seal this union with a kiss."

Zhang Dong moved his hands towards that veil and moved it out of the way. He finally witnessed his wife in all of her glory. She was just stunning, her large blue eyes were focused on him but they soon closed, her pink lips puckering up. He gulped momentarily before leaning down. He placed one of his hands against her neck and cheek, finally, he leaned in, their lips meeting in a kiss.

A lot of people started cheering, hands going into the air while some flower petals started to fly around the room. The wedding was finally complete and now the banquet remained.


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