Unfathomable Patriarch
147 Chapter 147
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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147 Chapter 147

People poured in like water and quickly filled up the seats. This world didn't have much entertainment with the lack of the internet or TV. So things like fighting tournaments were all the rage. It was very popular among men that were attracted to the contest between two warriors. It was less popular with the women, but they did enjoy seeing the good looking young men participating.

The contestants were led to a side hall while the people in charge were preparing the drawing. The numbers would be announced out loud and a person would write the names of the fighters on a large board. The fighters in question wouldn't be there for the process as they were ordered to wait. If their turn came they would be guided to another room to wait for their turn. This was a long process so most of the people weren't really paying attention.

At the time of the drawing, Zhang Jin was sitting in the VIP booth that he and some of the other elders occupied. He could see Huo Qiang along with his most trusted retainer and bodyguard Huo Qiao, his beard looking pristine as always. The two were sitting together while looking at the stage wondering when Qiang's son's number would be pulled.

On the other side was the Feng Clan elders, Feng Liena and Feng Maling were there together paying attention to the number 43 that belonged to their family members. There were some less important elder members from all the three clans sitting in the back and chatting as well.

"That little rascal has taken a liking to the Zhang boy, even though we told her to not follow the old teachings anymore..."

The old lady shook her head a couple of times before looking to the young Matriarch. The tanned lady was wearing a jade green robe that went well with the green motive of her clan and this city. This was a more modest robe than what she normally wore, and there was a reason for that.

After the explanation Zhang Dong gave her, she started pondering her life choices. One of them was wearing revealing clothes that showed off her peaks, that the old scriptures showed as being the proper attire for their clan members. She didn't abandon the old teachings altogether, picking and choosing as the man said that there were some truths in there. She just needed to find the real ones herself.

The tanned appearance of the Feng clan had nothing to do with makeup or tanning though, it was a side effect of their body refining technique. This was also why Feng Liena's complexion was a lot lighter than the skin tone of the other Feng clan ladies. Her technique was of a higher quality and she didn't suffer such a big side-effect as the others. The same could be said for her younger sister who was using the improved version as well.

"Don't see anything wrong with that... that Zhang Junior seems to be quite the virtuous fellow..."

Feng Liena proclaimed while fanning herself a bit with one of her fans that she received from Zhang Dong as a present.

"Oh? Did you look into him already... or is it because he is the Disciple of that man."

Feng Maling sniggered while looking at her Matriarch whose face twitched.

"If your little sister gets closer to his disciple you'll probably see him a lot more as a result, which wouldn't be bad... But wouldn't it be better to just send that marriage request?"

The old lady probed as she already had attempted to send one of those requests but was stopped by the Matriarch each time. If they followed the old teachings the Matriarch would aggressively go after her 'love target'.

"I... "

Feng Liena moved her face down and blushed slightly. After deliberating about the old texts and that they weren't all that cracked up to be, she just felt slightly silly about the things that she did back in the secret ground. She also felt like the man in question should do some pushing of his own accord, but besides a couple of techniques and items that Zhang Dong had gifted her, she didn't see him all that much.

She was well aware of the way cultivators lived. They spent most of their days cultivating and trying to get stronger either to better themselves or help out their family. She was also scared of getting rejected by the man she was interested in. Thus she was left with waiting it out, but this approach was proving its ineffectiveness.

"Well how about after the festival finishes we head to Spirit Spring City together young lady Feng?"

Zhang Jin butted into the conversation that the two women were having. He was quite proficient in things like this and also felt that it was high time for his grandson to have some kids himself.

"I'm sure the Patriarch will gladly accommodate the whole Feng Clan and the Matriarch, just leave everything to this old man!"

He smiled at the two women, Feng Maling raised her brow a bit but then nodded as this wasn't such a bad idea.

"So it's decided then, we will stop at the Zhang Clan for a week after the tournament is over."

The two elders were agreeing with each other, the young Matriarch in question just sat there quietly while deliberating some more.

"W-well... I don't see a problem with that..."

She covered her face with her fan and smiled slightly, thinking that checking out the Zhang Clan's city wasn't such a bad idea. Though while she was smiling to herself thinking about the robes that she should wear while meeting with the Zhang Patriarch, someone from the side butted in.

"Oh? What are you talking about? Are you heading over to Senior Brother after this? That's a great idea, I'll be able to have a glorious battle with him!"

Huo Qiang slipped into the conversation, which made his retainer grimace from the side while turning his head away in shame. Maling and Liena just glared at him, Zhang Jin just nodded while chuckling.

"Hah, sure thing lord Qiang, just don't destroy our little clan during that 'glorious battle' "

He laughed out loud while moving his attention back to the tournament. The contestant numbers were still being drawn, the process was going slowly. The names of most of the members from his clan weren't yet drawn. He didn't know why but he was getting a bad feeling, like something could go wrong at a moment's notice.

'Must be my imagination... this is a sanctioned and well-protected place... the boy shouldn't have any problems of coming up on top in this tournament. Just hope he doesn't give away too much on the way there though. Xue will be wearing a veil so it should be fine.'

The old man leaned back, hoping that his bad premonition was just him being overprotective in his older years. While the triforce alliance members were talking and bickering with each other, someone was looking at them. Right opposite them was another closed-off booth for very important members, it was a lot more exquisite than theirs though. This was the room that Yang Kai was occupying, there was a special tinted glass blocking anyone from viewing inside of it.

'There you are...'

The man thought to himself, he was alone in this luxury room just sipping on some spirit wine while enjoying the view. His eyes were in the direction of the two Feng clan members that were talking with each other about something.

'Should I just go there... no, it's too soon. I'll let my disciple play with some of those brats first...or should we make it more interesting...'

The man leaned back in his high-quality chair his gaze plastered to someone in that other VIP booth. His face showing a grin as he thought about something interesting.

'Hm, who would she be inclined to help the most...'

The man had a list of participants of the Dao Festival tournament with him. He glanced at the ones coming from a certain wing clan, his eyes stopped at one name in particular.

"Feng Nuana... this one is from her family... perfect..."

He quickly called a Dark Palm sect retainer and sent him out with a plan. He just leaned back and relaxed waiting for the show to start, the tournament would probably not be done correctly due to his interference but he didn't care. Who could go against this young master?

'Elder Ming won't mind, this place belongs to the Dark Palm sect. I can do whatever I want, he just cares about the things in the auction house.'

The papers were getting pulled and the names on the large blackboard were getting filled out. Suddenly a person run-up to one of the members that were scribbling the names on the board. The worker looked at the messenger and quickly nodded. He looked up at the names that were already there as if looking for someone. After a moment he found the name he was looking for, it was already there but there was no one written in yet as an opponent. This was quickly changed as he wrote one peculiar name into that bracket.

In the main resting area where all the participants were standing about nothing, in particular, was happening. Most of the people were keeping to themselves while sitting in a lotus position. Everyone was circulating their Qi through their body to relax and put themselves in the best possible condition. Even Zhang Tai was left alone by the gang of tanned girls as he convinced them that he might suffer in the coming bouts if he doesn't get some space and time to relax.

After some time passed, the first two contestants were pulled to the sides, they moved to the two waiting rooms. They were ordered to wait there and go out after the door opened up.

Zhang Liu and the rest finally heard people cheering from afar, the first bout was on its way. It took about ten minutes for it to end, one of the contestants was carried off on a stretcher to anther room while a cultivator that they weren't familiar with sat back in the waiting room. He looked a bit beaten up but still had a smile on his face, he managed to win it n front of so many people and was proud.

'I wonder when my turn will be...'

Liu wondered if he should take a peek at the fights before his name got called. They were ordered to wait here, but they still were a couple of large windows that allowed them to see and hear what was happening. Not like they were trapped in here and if they were someone that won a match they could just go out before the next round altogether.

Luckily he was one of the people that got called out sooner than later. He quickly moved to the inner waiting room and soon heard his name getting called out. After walking through the large doors he heard a massive amount of cheers and could see a large number of people just shouting.

"Coming from the East gate we have Zhang Liu from the Zhang clan! Give him a round of applause for our young warrior!"

Liu blinked as the voice sounded quite familiar, this was true as the announcer was the exact same man that was doing the commenting during his bout against Huo Kong. His opponent was already out and standing, luckily it wasn't someone from his clan or from the two other allied clans. His opponent looked to be a youth with short brown hair, just a regular looking young cultivator.

Zhang Liu could tell that his opponent wasn't up to par and it didn't take him long to deliver a strong blow to his opponent's abdomen. The adversary quickly passed out while spitting out his lunch, the audience gasped as it was a one-hit KO.

'Did I go too hard?'

He shrugged while leaving, the people cheered while the announcer praised his strength.

'I can leave now till the next round starts, no use waiting here..and Nuana is still in the waiting room...'

Zhang Liu used this chance to slip away while Feng Nuana was stuck in the waiting room. He joined some other people that won their fights. The people gave him odd looks as they were shocked due to the man's one-hit win. Time passed and more and more bouts happened, Liu saw people ripping up some small papers constantly. Those were the betting slips that didn't pan out for the gamblers, the ground was littered with them and it was only going to get worse.

'Should I got bet on myself...'

While thinking to himself he heard a familiar name getting called out.

"Fellow Daoists, from the East gate we have the lovely Feng Nuana!"

He craned his neck back to the stage, the shorty was going to fight with someone. Her opponent wasn't out yet, and people were drooling at the stacked girl that walked out onto the stage.

'She shouldn't have problems with the regular juniors from any clan... don't think that anyone besides Tai or that red-head can beat her.'

He waited for the announcer to give the name of the opponent while looking at the stage. Liu's arms were crossed over one another as he waited.

"From the west gate... the glorious, the gallant, the magnanimous and the brilliant young master Deng Cai. He has graced us with his presence and is a warrior from the inner Dark Palm Sect, please give him a round of applause! "

Zhang Liu's raised a brow slightly as that introduction was slightly overdone. He didn't know who this opponent was, but apparently the announcer had a favorable opinion of him.


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