Unfathomable Patriarch
117 Chapter 117
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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117 Chapter 117

Matt was holding onto one of the beaten-up Ninja wannabes, the person looked like a man in their forties with a busted lip and a swollen eye from the smack he received from this old man named Wei Hung. He slowly turned his head to where the voices were coming from, to his dismay the Fuzz had arrived in the worst possible moment. It was as if he was the bad guy in this situation, all you could see were many people on the ground some of them were even twitching.

He even had blood on his hands, which made him look even worse. The whole situation was noticed by a couple of policemen patrolling the city, they had heard a ruckus the moment Matt landed on the ground after he jumped off that building. These two people weren't any regular police officers though, they were wearing uniforms that Matt was quite familiar with as he was the one that made them.

'Damn, guess I'll have to go talk my way out at the police station. This might look bad, but I bet I can explain everything when we go back.'

He was still the key witness in the case, the new police force should be able to figure out that the people here were trying to murder him so that he couldn't testify. Though he wasn't sure they were so good at detective work just yet.

\"Ah, this can all be explained, I'll come peace...\"

He wanted to say that he would come peacefully but before he could do that the two 'officers' charged at him.

\"Quiet you scum, let go of that person this instant!\"

A woman's voice could be heard behind the mask she was wearing, it was quite the youthful sounding one as well. Her partner was running right behind her, giving her some backup.

'So, you're not even going to ask what was happening and are just going to beat the suspect up from the get-go?'

It didn't look like diplomacy was an answer in this situation. The glorious Zhang clan Patriarch had a decision to make, would he let these two juniors smack him around, then maybe drag him back to the police station. He might be thrown into jail if he didn't reveal his true self, but what would happen to these two. He was the freaking Zhang Clan Patriarch, the other clan members would probably never let this slide. Being disrespectful to the clan leader was akin to treason, they could be thrown out, be ostracised or worse.

'But what should I do... should I just run...'

While he was thinking about his next move a heel was flying towards his head, he almost forgot that the two were coming for him. He stepped to the side, it looked like a very relaxed and slow type of movement but in reality, it was very swift. The woman flew past him missing her target, caught off guard as she flew forward with her momentum.

\"Sister Ai, watch out, this elder isn't simple!\"

This was, of course, the duo that saved the young girls from the fat slaver. Zhang Teng swooped to the rescue, afraid that the elder would strike his clan sister while she was off balance. His hands coiled like two snakes, the strange attack making the youth's arms extend in length. But before they could reach the elderly man's face they bounced back, Teng's hands snapped backward as if getting deflected by something hard.

\"Hey, I'm innocent! These guys attacked me, aren't you supposed to hear me out before you start attacking?\"

He tried to reason with the two, but after knocking the snake youth back the sister that flew past him moved back into the fray. She pulled out a black tonfa, this was a standard weapon that came in various grades and sizes. Matt found himself dodging all of these attacks, the two youths were promising young talents but they were nowhere near his level of strength. The hardest thing for Matt was holding back, he didn't want to hurt any of these kids, he could probably snap them in half with a flick of his finger.

\"Stop resisting, you criminal scum!\"

The two weren't relenting though, he had to give it to those two, they were stupid but brave. Maybe if he played with them for a while they would tire out and then hear him out. He must have overdone it with the policeman guide that he made, guess it wasn't smart to put that clause about going harder after criminals that were resisting.

However, while he was thinking about his next move more people started showing up. He forgot that they all had communication treasures that would alert other coppers if some of their squadmates were in trouble and fighting. He was surrounded once more, this time around there were even more people as this alleyway was getting crowded.

'Are you serious?... For god's sale, I'm your damn Patriarch!'

He bit his lower lip, trying not to give these fools a good thrashing. But his passive attitude was probably making these idiots feel like they had a winning chance.

\"Altogether, he is clearly at a disadvantage he can't even attack!\"

He was right, due to only dodging their attacks and smacking them away gently here and there, the junior members thought that the old man was just having a hard time evading them and couldn't counterattack. He looked as many police uniform wearing cultivators charged at him from all sides, they were mostly using tonfa like weapons. A sigh escaped his mouth, the man finally having enough of this farce.

\"Don't get cocky now...\"

The people were doing a joint combination attack that would rain down justice on this murderous elder, they could almost see him wincing on the ground and begging them for mercy. However, they suddenly felt a strange sensation like something was telling them to quickly escape. It was too late though, the elder's facial expression suddenly changed and he moved his leg upwards slightly. He then stepped forward or at least that was what it looked like.

This unthreatening motion was accompanied by a spike in the elder's cultivation aura, the moment that foot touched the ground a sudden repelling force was produced. The magnificent combination attack that these cultivators trained for months was instantly broken, they were all sent flying backward as a shockwave destroyed any forward momentum that they had.

\"C-core formation?...\"

Everyone was down on their knees, the old grandpa that looked meek and weak just a second ago, now looked like a monster to these cultivators. They didn't think that this man would be this strong, they finally realized that he was just playing with them and he could have killed them at any moment. The group of people looked up, their legs shaking a bit as they stood up, not really sure what to do.

\"Have you calmed down now?... Can I finally explain mys....\"

While he was talking he suddenly felt something, he quickly jumped up into the air only to see the ground beneath him explode into dust. The cultivators that were standing in the alley were of course hit by the residual blast, which caused them to fly in various directions, the buildings were already shabby looking but now the walls were destroyed as well.

'No... is it that idiot now...'

Matt looked in the direction that the attack came from, his eyes squinting as he could see a man on a sword flying towards him. He knew this idiot samurai quite well, it was his number one fan Zhang Zhi charging at him with murder in his eyes.

\"You shall not hurt these people, you criminal scum!\"

'But you are the one that almost killed them with that attack...'

Matt noticed that this man didn't think about collateral damage at all. This explained why he was okay with slicing the Cheng Clan's ship in half. There were non-combatants on that ship, luckily none of them was killed but some of them were heavily injured. Luckily the cleanup crew had enough pills to heal the slaves on the ship, they brought them back to the cities afterward.

'What now...'

This was slowly getting out of hand, he didn't think his own people would start chasing him around town. For now he had to lead this idiot Zhang Zhi out of this city, so that he wouldn't destroy it in the process of capturing him. He turned around and started hopping from building to building, the other man chasing after him while the juniors below groaned out loud due to having been caught in the aftershock of Zhang Zhi's attack.

\"Stop you criminal! This Zhang Zhi will follow you to the end of this continent!\"

Matt was planning to leave the city, then show his trusted clan member who he really was and explain that he was doing a secret mission. But things weren't working out, this man started swinging his sword around producing those flying dragon attacks of his. Buildings started exploding and people screamed in the streets, this guy was clearly ignoring others around him and just caring about the mission that his Patriarch had given him.

'Damn, he is holding back a bit... but he might actually hurt someone like this...'

The rooftops were exploding and more policemen gathered as they followed their captain. The old man suddenly jumped really high and flew through the air, landing at an open plot of land with a lot of empty space around him. He then faced their captain, the policemen cheered their captain on as they saw the two ready to duke it out.

\"Get him Captain!\"

\"Show him what happens to people that go against the Zhang Clan!\"

\"He was clearly resisting, we must bring him in!\"

They shouted from the back while slowly encircling the spot that Matt landed, they were keeping their distance though as they knew that they couldn't get involved in a fight of core formation experts.

\"Surrender now!\"

Zhang Zhi held his sword out and pointed it at the old man, Wei Hung in response frowned while looking around. He had enough, he didn't care if his cover would be blown and he would look like some weirdo that dressed as an old man while being the clan leader. He couldn't let these idiots do their thing anymore.

\"You want me to surrender?... Me?\"

Zhang Zhi prepared to swing his sword once more, but he suddenly stopped, no he even took a step back. The elder person in front of him suddenly looked a lot scarier than before. He could feel the elder's power rising, it went way past the early level of core formation that he previously felt and shot up so high that he didn't even know how strong this man was.

\"You damn idiot, what do you think you are doing by destroying this city!?\"

The man started floating into the air, his eyes started glowing with a golden hue. Lightning bolts fired off his body and you could hear the sound of thunder as he rose upwards into the sky above.

\"H-how can this be?\"

These cultivators didn't really have much experience with nascent soul cultivators and Matt here was someone that was extremely close to the cultivation level of one. At this time they had mistaken the old man for an expert in that realm, he was even floating which was the staple of nascent soul cultivators.

Zhang Zhi started thinking, who could this man be. He had a similar air to him as his Patriarch, this cultivation method was a dead giveaway. But what was the relationship between this man and the glorious Patriarch he thought? In his infinite wisdom he figured it out, this was the only logical conclusion in his mind, there was only one person that this elder could be.

He quickly dropped down to his knees, his head hitting the pavement as he spoke out.

\"Junior apologizes sincerely, I didn't realize who this glorious elder was!\"

Matt reacted with a sharp gaze, did he finally see through him.

'Well guess the jig is up, hope I can come up with a good explanation.'

\"Well, glad that you understand.\"

Matt nodded while Zhang Zhi replied.

\"Yes, this junior didn't realize that this elder must be the illustrious master of our Patriarch!\"

\"Yes glad that you... wait, what?\"


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