Unfathomable Patriarch
101 Volume 1 Epilogue.
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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101 Volume 1 Epilogue.

@@Somewhere in the void of space, you could hear clicking and clacking sounds of fingers hitting a mechanical keyboard. You could see a man with a bad posture sitting at a desk with multiple widescreen monitors on it. The screen was reflecting on his glasses as he was doing something. Suddenly the thin man heard a beep on one of the monitors, he turned his head to it yawning as if he was quite tired from the work he was doing.

"Hmm... subject number 80082 deceased... couldn't gather origin energy? Strange..."

He clicked the prompt and looked at the information that was displayed.

"Sector 42069... he fits the criteria... over thirty... he went with that option, interesting...signal was lost here...oh well..."

He grabbed something that looked like a soft drink from the side and started rapidly clicking on his keyboard.

"I'll just let the bot find a suiting replacement... maybe someone like this..."

The man started filling out some kind of form, clicking checkmarks while leaving others blank he then clicked okay on the prompt as he let the program work on its own. He soon forgot about the whole thing as he went back to his work, it was quite boring but he would be punished if he slacked off.

Somewhere in a different place, a somewhat obese gentleman was peeing into a bottle while sitting in a dimly lit room. He was looking at a computer screen, grinning while enjoying some naked lady pictures. After one glance you could tell what kind of person this was, the room looked like a trash heap, the man living there not really looking any better than that.

He got interrupted by a prompt on his screen, a strange e-mail appearing in his mailbox.

'Congratulations on getting chosen as an alpha tester for our new Xianxia themed game, become the main character, build up your strength and conquer everyone under the heavens!

"The fuck is this..."

He shouted out while burping, soon his chubby fingers started moving fast on his keyboard.



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