Unfathomable Patriarch
71 Chapter 71
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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71 Chapter 71

"It's you!"

Fei exclaimed in a surprised voice.

"It's me, long time no see?"

Matt replied in a somewhat more relaxed tone.

"We should probably stop meeting like this..."

He scratched his cheek a bit while looking at the smaller female in front of him, he could see the woman's facial expressions cycle through a couple of times. She didn't know how to react in this situation as she did not expect to see this man again. Matt wasn't quite sure what he should say either, his experience with women had gone up lately but not by much. He decided to speak up first, trying to use a neutral tone.

"Well, why don't we leave first, we can talk on the way..."

He pointed to the exit and beckoned the voluptuous female over, he could bring one person onto his flying sword without having any drawbacks.

"Senior Dong... or is it Yinglo?"

Matt turned his head to the side trying not to laugh as his great naming sense came into the limelight.

"Dong is fine you can drop the honorifics..., the other one is just a pseudonym, it wouldn't look too good if the Zhang Clan Patriarch was bumbling about the place. We have enough trouble as it is with that dark palm sect business..."

Matt started talking, kind of blurring the dark palm sect thing out in the open but not like it was that much of a secret. This made the woman perk up as she started asking questions.

"Dark palm sect? Trouble?"

Fei asked a bit curious about the clan situation, from her point of view the clan was on the rise with the new strong Patriarch at its help.

"Ah yes...about that..."

He scratched the back of his neck while pulling up his sword. Pointing to the large thing as he invited the female cultivator onto it. He took the rear position, he was a head taller than the woman so he could see quite well.

"You don't need to be afraid, you won't fall down."

He brought his aura around the female's frame, he kind of naturally moved his hands behind his back as he stood on the sword. Lan Fei intuitively backed up into the man, grasping the hem of his robe even though the flying technique didn't allow any gravity or wind pressure to affect her. His new mind technique really kept his pervy tendencies at bay, as he didn't stare all that much but he still got quite excited due to the woman's close proximity. So he resumed where the two left off so that he could focus on something else.
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"Yes, I'm sure you know of that expedition the Dark Palm sect ordered some time ago."

Lan Fei replied with a yes, due to the flying technique the two could hold a conversation even though they were flying above the speed of sound. The woman looked down at the passing by landscape a bit jealous of the core formation experts that could do this so easily.

"Well, those guys came right back and ordered the clans to do it again, ours included... I also have to participate"

Matt said while his voice became quieter in the end.

"Is that so Brother Dong..."

Lan Fei contemplated while Matt sweatdropped at the fact that the female was calling him brother now, guess he told her to drop the honorifics but he didn't realize that it would just switch senior to brother in her mind. This time Fei started talking speaking out in a shyer sounding voice.

"I have to apologize for the way I behaved back in Moonlight city..."

It was kind of a strange situation, the woman slept with him but then run away, the whole lead up to the act was mind-boggling.

"Ah, it's fine... it was a strange night, guess I lost myself to your charms, ha ha..."

The two started awkwardly laughing, the woman might have been a lot more experienced but people in this world conducted themselves differently. Relationships like on earth didn't really happen as people were more materialistic, families traded each other's children just to have better relations.

"Well, I guess this will be a good learning experience for both of us."

The two started chatting during the flight, the woman blushed after thinking things through at the way she acted just going for broke at seducing the man the moment she got the chance. Matt did the same, thinking back to the way he acted like a teenager and allowed himself to get seduced even though he should have been the more mature one. It took him a mind skill to be able to relax and not be stressed out around women, this was kind of cheating but it let him see things more clearly.

"Brother Dong, you have to understand, times are tough ..."

After a while, Lan Fei started unloading onto Matt telling about her troubled times and her thought process. He just started nodding and replying with 'Is that so?', 'Aha' and 'Your right' kind of getting lost while the lady chattered on. He also checked out the girl's stats while he was at it.

[ Name: Lan Fei

Age: 24

Cultivation: Qi Condensation 12th level

Potential: B-

Trust: 40%

Alignment: Chaotic Good ]

*40% I'm not sure if that's high or not...guess she trusts me more than the average person?*

While he was thinking the trust level shifted to 41% on the fly, guess the more they spend time together the more it increases. Her potential was quite high as well, probably if she had some sort of good cultivation technique she could be in foundation establishment at this point. Or, it was due to her traveling too much and not focusing on cultivating.

He could see her cultivation techniques, they revolved around the wind element but she didn't have many fighting techniques to speak of. He could actually get into more detail with his upgraded analyzing skill, he had dropped in more points just for this.

[ Name: Lan Fei

Potential: B-

Elemental Affinities: Wind B+, Fire C, Earth E,

Weapon Affinities: Whip A-, Sword C-, Spear D+, daggers D- ]

He raised a brow at the weapon affinity, the one with the A- made him imagine Fei in a black latex suit, whipping people around while laughing.

*Oh, boy... I think I made a 'perfect common grade' whip while doing tests...*

The woman continued talking while Zhang Dong thought about some things he could give here before he left.

"And that's when I smacked him in the face and run away from home. Do you believe the audacity of my dad, trying to wed me to that ugly toad of a man, well he had the money... but that face... nothing like you Brother Dong."

She looked up smiling, as she went back to those alluring gestures the man just gave a forced smile, he didn't know one person would be able to talk non stop for this amount of time. From what he gathered, the female was very foolhardy, running away from home and forcefully starting her own caravan business. Her father wasn't all that rich so he couldn't really provide great security, it was a miracle that this woman didn't get sold off to some slave traders a long time ago. Guess her luck ran out recently, or perhaps it was his trouble attracting aura that caused all of this.

"W-well...uh... I think I better change we will be arriving in your town soon..."

He started shifting his appearance back to his pseudonym, his hair getting shorter and face getting more scars. The woman looked at the change in appearance, astonished by the whole process yet again.

"I know what you might be thinking... but yes the previous appearance is the way I really look, I'm just thirty years old..."

The woman just smiled while nodding, this answered one of her questions as she was afraid that this big bro might be a big gramps on the inside just changing his appearance to suit his needs.

The two arrived in the snow city, everyone at the merchant building was surprised to see the rough-looking cultivator back so soon and their young miss was with him. Just as Lan Fei stepped down from the flying sword you could hear something in the distance coming at her. Matt could see a round blur just on a collision course with his female companion. This was, of course, the big round daddy, eyes all red and snot coming out of his nose. He was quickly kicked in the face by his daughter and fell to the side right into a stand with some fish.

"Waaa... how can you do this to your father little Fei, I was so worried... Sob sob..."

Matt looked at the comedic routine as the dotting father tried hugging his child with fish all over him, the girl in question just kicking and punching him away with disgust on her face.

"Stop it dad, you're all stinky..."

The man ended up hugging one of his daughter's ankles while she tried pushing him back with her other leg. While the two were busy he started pulling out all the other girl, they soon appeared outside hugging each other as they realized that they were back in their town. More townspeople gathered, slowly rejoicing as they got reunited with their mothers and daughters.

Everyone cheered as they thanked the scared up cultivator that proclaimed that he slew the evil Ravager and all was well. It had been about three weeks since he left the Zhang Clan, it was time to return. He just needed to drop the dead body of the evil cultivator and pick up the spirit stones he was owed. His alter ego's name was slowly getting known around these areas as he had slain that cultist monster and now defeated a powerful demonic cultivator.

Before heading out though, he handed Fei a spiky whip weapon along with a tome he got cheap from the store telling her that she should probably practice with this as she had potential in it.

"You should probably get your cultivation up and grow stronger, these are troubling times."

The woman nodded looking at the whip, she had never trained with a weapon like this. She didn't know how the senior measured her potential for this, but he was a powerful cultivator she should probably give it a try. She also received a wind cultivation method for the foundation establishment level, he had gotten it from one of the rings the cultivators had. It didn't take many points to upgrade it to a suitable level that she could use it. He still felt kind of bad for the girl for getting in so many weird situations, he would feel more at ease knowing that she got stronger.

The woman looked at the gifts with astonishment, as she read through the manuscript she could tell that this was quite the refined technique.

"Br... Senior Yinglo, this is a bit much... I don't deserve this."

Her hands shook a bit as she tried giving the items back, as she fought against her materialistic nature, these were some costly things and to be honest she wanted to take them.

"Ah, no need, think of it as a present from a friend to another... hope you will do well in the future, no more getting captured."

The man laughed a bit as he hopped onto his sword ready to leave.

"W-wait, will we ever meet again?"

The woman asked while hugging the items she received to her body.

"Well, it wouldn't be safe around me but I guess you know where to find me..."

He flew away, he thought that this was probably not the best time for a relationship he had other things to focus on. He also didn't know if he could trust this woman, though she wasn't a bad person she just had a tendency for chatting and shiny things. He noticed her eyes glistering the moment he brought out the gifts, the way she was trying to resist the temptation was kind of cute though. Maybe if destiny allowed it they could meet in the future but first, he had to survive what the Dark Palm sect had in store for him.


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