Unfathomable Patriarch
56 Chapter 56
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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56 Chapter 56

Time moved on, his daily routine consisted of cultivating in the night, getting three hours of sleep as he didn't need more, going to the city to sightsee and eat delicious meals. Then go back to the Zhang Clan stronghold while trying to evade the two teenagers that pestered him about accepting them as his disciples. He started noticing a strange occurrence though, whenever he went out to town.

The man was just enjoying the sights while trying to tour the ten million large city, but whenever he did that trouble was always around the corner. Not for him though, but for other random people. Just like on the first-day things seemed to go astray as he kept running into people that got mugged, assaulted or were brawling.

On one occasion two fathers were duking it out, punching each other left and right while their kids watched. Apparently one of the father's sons had asked for the other dad's daughter's hand in marriage. But that one strongly disagreed so they got into a fight, one claiming that his daughter was too good for the likes of them, while the other got offended. He found himself pacifying the situation and forcing the family to talk it out like civilized people while he watched.

In the end, he ended up handing over one Qi enrichment pill to the people as a gift. They were in one of the rings he got earlier so he didn't care much about it, but the people sure did. The people even wanted him to be part of the family after they got all buddy-buddy with each other. But he was afraid that they would try to milk him dry if he ever accepted to do that.

At one point he wondered if he should change his robe to a black color and put a bat symbol on his chest. The amounts of robbers he beat up and sexual harassers was quite high, he didn't know if it was just how things were around here or if someone had put some kind of curse on him. Well, it would be a lie if he said that he didn't enjoy beating up the baddies the man having a bit of a hero complex, but when you did it all the time, every day, it started to weight on him. When he got that Patriarch position he would be sure to form some kind of police force. He couldn't be busting up criminal rings while being the king of the city himself.

Though, he was doing the exact thing at the moment. It was less than a week till the Patriarch ceremony, so the clan members were busy with that. He was eating a shish kebab while walking, he wasn't sure where he was but by the banners outside the buildings, it was probably a similar place to the pleasure district in Moonlight city. While he was walking past one of the alleys he heard some muffled screams, his senses were quite up there so he stopped. Two people were in front of that alleyway, probably some goons to scare off others as they were giving him the stink eye.

He just went over there nonchalantly and took a peek behind them while the two were shouting things like 'Do you want to die' and 'F**k off bastard'. Sure enough, there was a woman getting held down by some goons. He gave out sigh and then looked at the two shouting men in front. He did something he saw in cartoons or movies, he grabbed the two by the heads, bumping their heads together and then tossing the two to the side. The people inside pulled out their weapons, one of them swinging his scimitar right at him but he just caught it between his index and middle finger. After disabling that attacker with a little jolt of electricity via the metallic weapon he moved forward. The other two were soon down on the ground with some missing teeth and broken noses.

This wasn't the end though, the woman in question started begging him to help rescue her sister that was abducted by the baddies in question. Guess he stepped in on a human trafficking situation, he just shrugged and told the girl to lead the way. He was a bit surprised by the fact that there were things like this taking place in this city. He thought the Zhang Clan wouldn't allow such things to happen, but later it was revealed that yes they were a lot better than the other clans. But still, some people could still be bought out they just kept things more secrete. So there weren't things like what the young bratty masters did back in Moonlight city.
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This made Zhang Dong mad, he didn't want to have people forced into a life of prostitution. While some Zhang clan official turned a blind eye while getting paid some spirit stones. He wanted to go back to the clan abode to get some people to check this stuff out, but the girl was just yanking on his robe and crying. So, after giving out another sigh he told the woman to show him the way, what happened next was people flying out of windows like in an old western saloon scuffle. He was just too strong for them, without needing to use any of his Qi cultivation he just walked in the building, weapons shattering and denting the moment they touched his reinforced body.

In the end, he brought the big crime boss to one of the Zhang Clan's establishments, they were scattered around the city and told one of the people there to go get Zhang Kuo. He was still covering his face, plus he wasn't that known so the clan member inside didn't really want to listen. That was until he released some of his cultivation on him. After Kuo got here, he told him about the whole thing and wanted the man to get apprehended. Zhang Kuo didn't argue, he just looked at the beat-up man and some girls that were standing behind him, the girls were the ones that he saved from the baddies.

The man was quite good at organizing things, so he had the man brought in while having the women questioned about their situation. The Patriarch to be wanted him to get them back to their families or if they didn't have any to organize a place they could work at instead. He thought this was a bit too excessive for the Zhang Clan to get involved this much, but it was a noble endeavor and his boss gave the order so he couldn't really refuse.

After acting as a vigilante, he returned home to find Liu and Xue sitting by the entrance to his room. They were kowtowing there for close to two weeks, not moving an inch even when their mother came over to pick them up. He was slowly feeling bad for them, did those two even pee?

*God damn you brats, I have no idea how to teach you anything...*

He hid inside his room and bit his lower lip.

*Will those two just sit there till they are skeletons? Their mother was giving me strange looks lately...*

When he looked at the Disciple tab, there was not much he could do. He couldn't even remove the disciple candidates in the system or accept them, he figured he needed to tell them that he accepted it. He had that senior aura, but most it did was just make people agree with him more.

[ Impartation of Knowledge (Upgradable) : 30000 - Teaching was never this easy, all your disciples will absorb your teachings like sponges with just a touch of your finger. Skills and techniques thought this way will transfer a faint amount of the mentor's knowledge into the student.]

[ Imposing Will: 35000 - This skill makes your disciples listen to you more, increasing their blind devotion towards you. ]

[ Mentor's Eyes: 20000 - Having trouble with picking up the flaws of your students? With this skill, you'll be able to see any shortcomings that your pupil is experiencing. ]

*I guess if I want some devoted minions that 'Imposing Will' would be good. But don't really want some crazy zealots. The other two will help me teach them faster while picking up on the flaws in their cultivation...Should I try it...*

He gathered a bit more points during these weeks, getting some clan resources and making weapons without having to spend points of them. But the earnings were so-so. He had enough to get those to skills, also he had a hunch that he might be needing those skills in the future to make the Zhang Clan stronger.

After buying them he looked at his mirror, checking if he wasn't looking funny.He then opened the door and said in a stern sounding voice.

"Liu... Xue..., stop sitting around there and get in here."

The two youths moved their heads up after they heard the words, they looked slightly emaciated but were in high spirits after they heard their uncle's voice. They closed the door behind them and looked at Zhang Dong that had his hands behind his back while standing up straight.

"So, do you two want to become my disciples?"

The two looked at him nodded and replied excitedly in unison.

"Yes, Uncle!"

"My cultivation techniques are very volatile. If you fail in your cultivation, it will mean certain death."

He said with a frown on his face as the lightning Qi that he used was quite chaotic and hard to use. If the cultivator made a mistake the backlash could kill them. This was probably why the rank of his cultivation was up there. While asking he moved his hand out, electricity crackling through his fingers as he demonstrated.

The two kids gulped while looking at that lightning Qi, they were quite gifted so they knew that what the man in front of them was doing, wasn't that easy. But they made their decision long ago, they would risk it.

"Also, you must give up on your revenge, extinguish your rage. Pursuing power for revenge leads to many demons in your Dao Heart, this will delay your progress significantly and at worst, will cost you, your life!"

He wasn't lying as this was the truth in this world, the knowledge that he was implanted with told him that. Inner demons were created from negative emotions and unless you were planning on cultivation some demonic technique you were better of without them.

"If you agree then you may call me master."

He said while opening up his hands, the bottom side of his palms pointing at each individual in front as if he was beckoning them forward.

The two thought about for a second before, kowtowing one last time. Then replied, determination in their voice.

"Yes, Master!"

[ Accepted Zhang Liu as your disciple! ]

[ Accepted Zhang Xue as your disciple! ]

[ Gained 10000 Spirit points for accepting your first disciple, congratulations! ]

He perked up at the prompts, he thought that he might be able to earn points by training disciples as otherwise, he would be spending resources and not getting much in return while others got stronger. Guess he could become the greatest disciple trainer in the world!

*I can even feed them pills to get stronger and choose their move set...*

Matt wasn't a person of this world, so he didn't really get the whole Master - Disciple dynamic that well. He wasn't against teaching kids some things here and there but wasn't really thinking about the cult-like behavior disciples mostly had towards their masters. The more he would teach them, the more devoted they would get. This could be a double-edged sword, but the kids didn't look like the type to get into trouble, he sure hoped that his trouble attracting aura wouldn't rub off on them.


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