Unfathomable Patriarch
49 Chapter 49
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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49 Chapter 49

The battle was over, some people had died some were injured and some were even missing. Cultivators were running back and forth all over the place as the City became busy again. Everyone that was hiding came out, people were looking for their loved ones some leaving the city in the search as there were a lot of people that didn't make it before the city was sealed off. People were rejoicing, people were crying a plethora of emotions was seen as the city got revitalized.

A lot of focus was placed on the cultivator in white that called himself Zhang Dong. Some older clan members could vaguely recall someone by that name that used to live here, but that was a long time ago. But even though they didn't know the man, they knew that he was probably going to be a big player in their clan. He had more or less singlehandedly saved the clan from extinction or a life of slavery. They had sparkles in their eyes as they looked at him flying through the air, their elder Jin next to him. The man in question was trying hard not to scratch the back of his neck as he felt the thankful gazes of the masses.

*Guess I'll be staying here for a while? Or should I leave? I can probably leave whenever I want... but if I leave will another clan attack them again when they find out?*

He felt tired after the battle had ended, the city was bigger than Moonlight city. He could see many eastern styled buildings spreading in all directions, they were all in various shapes and sizes. There were also many bodies of water spread around the city, those were probably the springs that the town was known for. The city was more or less circular in shape, massive walls surrounded it from all sides. There were gates placed on all four sides of the city, the east, west, north, and south gate. The city started out flat, but the further you went in the elevation of the buildings increased. Right in the middle of the city, you could see a massive structure, it was at an elevated point and was surrounded by another large wall. There were three towers build into the wall, placed on what looked to be boulders or small mountain peaks and you could see some structures on those peaks.

Inside after you passed the gate you could see more eastern styled buildings placed around the wall in the inner part. Right in the middle, there was a giant spring, it looked more like a lake at this point. In this spring there was another hill and on that hill, there was a castle-like structure. There were bridges going to this structure from the three mountain peaks, plus stairs leading up from the main gate this looked to be the main area of the Zhang Clan. There were various basins with water build into the castle structure and water was running down from them into the lake below. Forming many waterfalls in the process, the soft sounds of water and fish could be heard all around.

The whole City was quite large, it was many times larger than what Matt was us too. He and Zhang Jin landed in the main Clan abode in the middle of the city. If there was one thing that this world had to offer, it's the wonderous sights. The view from here was breathtaking as he could see the whole city. This place seemed rather peaceful and quiet, koi fish were swimming around adding to the tranquility.

"Ah, this is probably the first time you are here. Only the core members are allowed to enter the inner sanctum, also you were just a young lad back there. Though you seem to have retained your youthful looks."
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Matt had no idea what his pseudonym Zhang Dong was in this clan, he knew that his father was supposed to be some kind of elder while his mom died while giving birth and that he left over 10 years ago.

"Also a shame about what happened to your father, that monster came out of nowhere. It was truly heroic what Peng did, he saved a lot of lives that day. But let's not bring up old wounds, I'm glad that you are back Dong'er"

Zhang Jin patted Zhang Dong on the shoulder while the man in question's face twitched at the mention of Dong'er. The man realizing what a silly naming choice this was and now he was stuck with it for his life.

*Can you change your name in this world? If I join a more powerful clan only my last name will change...*

The name of the leading clan popped into his head as he was thinking about changing his name. It was the Long clan, he would be getting an even sillier name if someone got him to join that one. He coughed into his hand and turned to Zhang Jin a neutral expression on his face as usual.

"Ah sorry, I seem to have forgotten many things about the clan, but that beast that murdered my father is now dead, it won't be bothering anyone else."

Zhang Jin perked up at that, his son had been avenged by his grandson. He had carried the shame of not being able to protect his own child, then losing his grandson as he vanished from the clan never to be seen again. But now he was back and he was on the level of the old Patriarch, plus he was still very young he probably didn't yet reach his peak!

"You just made this old man's day, it's truly a blessing Dong'er. I would really like to introduce you to the rest of the elders and family members, but first... we have to talk about other things."

The man moved to the side of Matt and looked out into the city, people were running around, injured were getting brought in and resources were getting gathered. The old man played around with his long beard, he looked like he was thinking about something while looking into the distance.

"Zhang Dong, become this Clan's new Patriarch!"

Matt's face twitched as he stepped back, the man had just arrived today and now he was told to run the place.

"Wait, what? You want me to be the Patriarch?"

"Yes, I'm sure you have heard about what had transpired. Most of our senior members have died, even quite a bit of the core and inner members of the junior generation are gone now. Your appearance gives hope to our Clan!"

"Wait, I have no idea how to lead... how can I be the Patriarch of this clan, I don't even remember how things work here...Why don't you be the Patriarch instead?"

The old man chuckled while patting his grandson's shoulder.

"Oh, you don't need to worry. You don't really need to do much as the Patriarch, the juniors will handle most of the things. The other clans just need to see that the Zhang Clan has a powerful leader again, you can just cultivate in freedom and let the others do the bothersome things. I'm not as strong as you, people wouldn't accept that. Also having a young leader that has a bright future ahead of him will invigorate the clan members!"

The man started laughing kind of not taking a no for an answer from his 'grandson'. The gears started turning in his head as he thought about some things they should take care of.

"You just relax and leave everything to your old gramps here, you just cultivate and get stronger. I'll assign you a junior member to lead you around the premises they'll explain everything in more detail."

While Matt was thinking on a way to decline the offer the old man was in his own world, not really listening to what this grandson of his had to say. He soon stormed off somewhere while Zhang Dong had a perplexed look on his face, things were happening too fast.

*What is that old geezer doing, doesn't he just want to dump the responsibility of the clan on me instead?*

He gave out a big sigh and crossed his arms over one another as he looked out at the city. The scenery was beautiful, this place sure looked like one that you would retire in. The spiritual energy also felt a lot denser around this spot he was in, probably something to do with those springs around. After a moment he heard some footsteps and a person that looked to be in his early 20's appeared before him. He was wearing a scholar robe and was wearing a strange hat. The robe was quite long and didn't look like it was meant for fighting, the boots the man as wearing were bent upwards, reminding Matt of jester shoes.

"Senior Uncle Dong! , Elder Jin... uh, Grand Elder Jin told me to guide you to your quarters!"

The man said before tripping on his long robe as he was frantically running at Matt, looking quite tense. He slid forward on the slippery marble ground towards him, his face down and the hat falling off as he came to a stop.

"Uh... you okay there buddy?"

He didn't know if he should laugh at the man tripping over his own robe, but the scene of the blunder made him feel a bit less tense for some reason. He seemed to forget about the bloody battle that he just had. Matt helped the younger man up to his feet, which the man was surprised by, thanking his Senior uncle by kowtowing several times and apologizing. This made the man laugh due to the comedic way the other was acting.

"Pff... okay, okay. Guide me to my quarters"

The two soon left, the Patriarch to be was now getting lead around the main Clan building and taking in the exotic sights. While this was happening the other clans were getting the news of the Zhang Clan surviving the onslaught of the other powers with the help of one specific cultivator. The whole area was in a buzz as everyone wanted more info about the new player that was strong enough to defeat so many core formation experts. The two teens were rescued as well as they met up with their Clan members and were told the good news, their eyes sparkling in anticipation and reverence as they heard about the big battle that took place in front of their city.


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