Unfathomable Patriarch
47 Chapter 47
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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47 Chapter 47

Another blast occurred as something collided with the giant's rocky fist. The force from the collision made everyone tremble in the vicinity, making them stop with the fighting as they looked in shock at the lava giant. They could see its extended rocky fist, stretched out as it was trying to throw a right hook. The cultivators then saw a slightly smaller fist pushing against the boulder one. It was a fist made from lightning energy and it belonged to the cultivator in white. He had transformed into a white lightning giant, he was slightly shorter than the rocky giant but he was still huge.

Zhang Dong was inside of his Avatar transformation technique, panting and wheezing. He had to increase the size of the skill to something that would drain his reserves quite fast. The blood that ran down his forehead evaporated inside the skill as his body turned to lightning. He grasped the lava giant's extended fists as the cultivators inside were probably shocked. He pulled the monster closer and clogged it with his left sending it tumbling backward while lava and fire sprayed everywhere.

What followed was a good old fashioned brawl. The fire monster didn't lose its balance but moved in to hit the lightning giant back as well. It managed to connect to the torso which sent Zhang Dong backward as he almost flew back onto his big butt. He managed to balance himself with his feet then went back to punching and kicking his enemy.

You might think that two giants at about fifteen meters of height would be slow and lumbering. But these two were producing sonic booms each time they made a punch, you could guess how much power there was behind a fist that size if you added speed too it. The two were about equally matched, though the white giant was a bit more nimble while the lava rock one was more sturdy.

The other cultivators that were near the battle zone backed away and the fighting stopped for now. The two sides started watching the frantic battle each side cheering their respective seniors to win it. Both sides kind of knew that this duel would be the deciding factor of the coming battle, it could go either way as the two looked evenly matched for now.

Zhang Dong was keeping up but he felt like vomiting blood right now, time was passing and he wasn't really making much progress versus this rocky monstrosity. The more time he spent in this form the worse it would get, he had a limited timer and he didn't know if the enemy could hang on longer. It was still three against one though, so he would probably be the one running low on spiritual energy so he needed to end the fight fast.

Both of the giants collided once more, their hands grasping into each other. Zhang Dong in avatar form pushed his fingers into the rocky golem's and started squeezing. You could hear lightning crackling and rocks sizzling with lava as the two were now pitting their pure strength against each other. The lava monster started pushing Matt back, it had more mass behind that rocky body. The white giant started getting pushed down, going down to its knees while the other monster clenched its fingers down and pushed slowly trying to rip them apart with all its might.

The cultivators inside were sweating profusely while remaining in their positions, they never thought it would be possible for someone in core formation at the middle stage to fight against their formation like that. But it looked like he was running out of steam so they pushed their cultivations to the brink trying to crush the white giant's hands. But suddenly they felt a mighty force pushing against then, the lightning construct gritted its teeth and gave out a strange shout that sounded like loud thunder. It slightly increased its size as it pushed back against the combined might of the three cultivators that tried to resist but soon they got pushed back, their giant's hands were crushed to dust, fire, and lava dripping out.

Zhang Dong pushed his cultivation to the limit, forcing his avatar transformation to the limit as he pulverized the lava giant's rocky digits. He didn't let up as he delivered a swift kick to where a person would have his crown jewels, cracking the spot in the process. The enemy colossus was on the defense as it tried to protect its large body, but the lightning giant managed to plunge its fist through the defense into the exact spot that the enemy cultivators were sitting in.

The lava construct started crumbling, the last hit connected injuring the cultivators inside. The three of them flew out while vomiting copious amounts of blood. They looked terrible as they all hit the ground, tumbling for a good amount before coming to a stop.

Zhang Dong canceled the technique quickly, his vision was going blurry as he felt weak. He had used up most of his spiritual energy to defeat the other giant, this had left him weak and tired. The battle wasn't over quite yet as the Tsai Patriarch was still standing, while the other two members were out cold and deprived of most of their spiritual Qi.

"You damn Zhang Clan whelp! Do you think you can defeat me? You will die, everyone from this clan has to die!"
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While the cultivator was shouting some cliche bad guy lines at him, he was slowly gathering his strength. This would probably be the last one, after this, he could rest.

"How about you go choke on a d*ck, you discount Fire Lord!"

His body hurt everywhere, he might have been taking the form of lightning but every hit that he took while fighting those three bastards left a mark behind. He was quite pissed off at the moment, maybe it was the rage that he felt or something else but the tension that he felt before he started battling was gone, replaced with something else. Tsai Fang pulled out a sword and charged after processing what the younger cultivator shouted at him. His attack was met with a crackling lightning sword, that when it collided with the enemy weapon. Sparks were thrown up into the air, the sizzling of heated metal could be heard.

The two fighters swung their weapons against each other, both managing to slice flesh as the wounds on the two increased. They were quite drained from the previous exchange of techniques so this was more a battle of skill and perseverance. The Tsai Clan patriarch won out in experience but Zhang Dong had a stronger body and cultivation technique that even though it was in the middle stage, still outperformed Tsai Fang's late stage cultivation that was of a lower grading. You could say that he made up his lack of fighting experience with higher stats.

The two pushed against each other weapons but there was one problem. Zhang Dong's lightning sword wasn't really a graded weapon, it was a skill that he constantly had to pump his Qi into. So after a moment, the Tsai Fang's sword started wining out as it pushed into the thundering plasma. Both fighters were tired as they pushed each other weapons against each other in a battle of strength. But just at the moment where the discount fire lord was about to push through Zhang Dong's sword, he felt a discharge of lightning Qi run through his body as the lightning sword technique detonated momentarily stunning him for a fraction of a second.

This was enough for Zhang Dong to deliver a lightning punch to the man's jaw, teeth with blood flew in the air as the cultivator in red retreated in surprise. Or at least he tried but instead, he felt pain in his gut as a kick landed there right after, propelling him backward into some boulders that he smashed in the process. The momentum was on his side now so Matt threw himself on his enemy, punches and kicks rained down on Tsai Fang that was quickly turned into a punching bag.

He tried retaliating, his face all bloodied the scar on his cheek even bigger than before. He realized that he made a mistake, the cultivator in front of him wasn't letting up and the attack formation that he and the other cultivators used had drained him of most of his Qi as well. He needed to run, he tried throwing a magical treasure that would help him achieve just that. Yet the cultivator in white was using some strange martial arts as he wrapped his legs around his neck and while they were going down to the ground he started yanking on one of his arms. Tsai Fang could hear a snapping sound as his arm broke due to the submission hold Zhang Dong implemented, he screamed out in pain but then got clobbered in the mouth once more almost passing out due to that.

Matt looked down on the man he was holding down with one hand, he was on top of him, his last hit had incapacitated his opponent as he wasn't moving. He had won the fight, his enemy was bruised and battered. He could probably end it right here right now, one good punch in the right spot would put this man out of his misery. He was angry, he wanted to resolve this situation peacefully with the least bloodshed as possible but instead, he was forced by the circumstances to fight for his life. He raised his fist upwards, lightning energy coursing through it. The man below tried to say something but just gurgled due to his missing teeth and blood inside his mouth. He looked pitiful, but there was still defiance in his eyes as he looked at the fist.

Zhang Dong clenched his fist, aiming it at the head. But he hesitated, he looked at the miserable old man in front of him. He didn't know who he was, he got pulled into this whole fiasco by circumstance. But as Matt was wavering with his decision Tsai Fang took his chance. He was an experienced fighter and he had crawled his way up by killing his enemies without mercy. He didn't have any second guesses as he grasped his sword from the side with his uninjured hand and plunged it directly at Zhang Dong's face. This turn of events surprised the cultivator in white, he didn't know if it was just his body's reaction to the attack or due to the skills he got implanted into his mind.

He dodged to the left, a big gash appearing on his cheek while his fist descended downward. A loud boom could be heard and a lot of dust got kicked up into the air. What greeted Zhang Dong after he punched down was a body with a missing head and a massive hole in the ground behind it. He had reacted to the threat of dying by punching downward and killing the Tsai Clan patriarch in the process. He just looked with a blank expression on his face at the dead body his hands trembling while blood dripped down from them.

[ Tsai Fang Slain ( Core Formation Late Stage ) Earned 185000 Spirit Points. ]


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