Unfathomable Patriarch
46 Chapter 46
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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46 Chapter 46

The cultivators from the Zhang Clan trembled with wide-open eyes as all of their arrows and cannon attacks got deflected and blocked by the invading forces. Zhang Jin was holding on to a big saber and all the remaining Zhang clan members were heavily armed. The time had come to defend their city, the normal people were hiding in their homes shaking and crying, they didn't know if they would survive this either.

But suddenly they looked on as one of the powerful enemy cultivators exploded in mid-air, he fell to the ground like a sack of rocks then stopped moving. Then they could hear loud booming sounds in the distance as many lightning javelins descended from the sky, trashing everything in their paths but not really killing anything just destroying the weapons instead.

The people looked at the cultivator that was descending in awe and got excited after hearing his name, he was a member of their clan. People turned to each other trying to recall someone by that name, but they couldn't recall anyone. Though Zhang Jin opened up his eyes and looked at the man, his face looked very similar to someone he remembered.

"It can't be, the boy still lives... He still lives!"

The man took out his own flying sword and jumped on it, he told the other two elders that were close to him to continue attacking the invading clan members while he would assist the cultivator that just arrived. The two tried to stop him but before they could say anything their grand elder flew of charging into the mids of the battle with his big saber in hand.

Zhang Dong was looking at the other five remaining cultivators, Tsai Fang joined the rest of them and now they were all looking at him. He kept his face in a neutral state managing to show no emotion, but if you looked closely you could see one of his fingers twitching and sweat forming on his forehead. The cultivators were trying to measure the situation, they could feel that this cultivator was at least on par with the Tsai clan patriarch maybe a bit stronger. They all came here with the mindset that the city would be easy pickings and none of them was actually willing to risk their life if it came down to it. They outnumbered him five to one, so they should be able to beat him but he was able to incapacitate one of them with one aimed blow so they didn't want to risk it.


Tsai Fang was about to say something but before he could do that he could feel someone charging at them from behind. It was, of course, Zhang Jin charging with his saber in tow. He smashed into the weakest elder of the group that was from the Wu clan, forcing him back.

"Don't worry Dong'er! I'll handle him, long live the Zhang Clan!"
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Matt twitched as he looked at the bearded elder hacking away at one of the enemy cultivators. Messing up his plan of having a diplomatic solution to this fight.

*What did he call me, Donger? What the hell is even that you old bastard!*

Any motion of having the men give up on attacking the city was thrown out the window with Zhang Jin's sudden attack. The three Tsai Clan members and the Wong clan patriarch turned their faces to Zhang Dong and got into their battling positions. Everything became chaotic as the now many core formation cultivators were flying around and throwing some flashy techniques at each other.

The people on the ground didn't just wait though, they continued with the siege of the city even though their heavy weapons were now destroyed. The Zhang clan people started firing their canons again while tossing people down from the walls and trying to defend the gates.

A big battle was about to take place, the moment the invading forces managed to scale the city walls fighting would commence inside. People were getting injured left and right, without the support of their core formation elders the attackers were suffering loses and many cultivators started looking like pincushions. For the time being the Zhang Clan was managing to hold them off, the deciding factor would probably be the battle that was taking place above their heads as the cultivators flew around on their swords.

Zhang Dong just dodged a fireball while his lightning dragon was getting roasted by two other Tsai clan members, they certainly were looking like fire benders or something. The fourth enemy he was fighting was quite annoying as well as he had a big bow and was firing off some strange green energy arrows at him. He couldn't really do much besides dodging left and right, his clothes slowly getting ripped. His aerial combat expertise was close to nil, but the other people couldn't hit him either as he was faster than them, his flying sword was of a higher quality which let him zoom around the battlefield quickly. The old guy that interfered with his diplomatic talks was nowhere to be seen as he dodged around like a slippery eel.

"Stop running you, coward!"

"How about no?"

The quartet was getting mad as this guy was just too squiggly and they couldn't get off a good hit on him. They tried firing some larger skills but that took too long to charge up so the white cultivator could just evade it. Plus this lightning dragon was quite annoying as well, the enemy could summon it again and when they managed to whittle it down it exploded with a resounding boom filling the area with chaotic lightning energy.

"He can't run forever, there are four of us sooner or later he will run out of spiritual energy!"

Matt knew that they were right, he couldn't just keep evading and blocking their attacks forever. He did have a big tank of spiritual energy but he was one against four. He did try attacking a couple of them here and there with his ranged attacks but when he aimed for one, two others would try to slash, pierce and pummel him from behind. He had to think about something fast, he needed to take out one of them first. He couldn't run forever, so he finally decided on a tactic and went for it.

His first target would be the annoying archer from the group, so he used his lightning dragon to attack one of the red-robed cultivators and while the other ones tried to go for a backstab he encased them in his forcefield skill. While they were distracted he charged at the archer who was firing of green energy arrows at him, he did his best Jedi impression of batting the energy bolts away with his light sword. He managed to close the distance, the man defended himself with the bow as he thought that Matt would surely swing that light sword down at him.

Instead, the Wong Patriarch got surprised as the man abandoned his weapon and directly attacked him instead. An afterimage was left behind on the flying sword that was discarded, the enemy cultivator then found himself in a chokehold as the two started falling down to the ground. Matt started squeezing with all his might and he could hear the man's bones shattering in the process. The addition of the lightning Qi, made the man light up like a Christmas tree. This was a very unorthodox way of fighting, the Wong Clan member was not expecting something like this but soon he found himself losing consciousness. The man was tossed aside like a ragdoll, Zhang Dong was able to guide his sword back to his feet once more.

The other three attackers that remained managed to resolve Matt's skills and were now looking at the white cultivator that was back to hovering on his sword. He had choked the poor guy out, shattering his bones in the process. He didn't know if he had actually killed him, he couldn't really check, but to a cultivator of this level, a broken neck wasn't quite fatal.

The three cultivators looked on in shock as they saw one of their allies get taken out by the Zhang Clan member, it didn't look good for them as they barely had an upper hand at four vs one, but now they were down to just three.

"Tsai Clan members to me!"

The people were all from the same clan, so as their leader shouted out they heard his call. They hovered close to each other and started doing some strange hand motions like they knew what their leader had in mind. Zhang Dong was panting a bit as using his skills in rapid succession as starting to drain his reserves as well, so he wasn't really able to react to what those people were doing.

Soon molten rock and fire started forming around the cultivators encasing them in it. It started with just a big molten rock core but soon expanded. The think started taking a humanoid appearance, big blazing legs and huge arms sprouted from the middle part that the enemy cultivators were in and soon they formed an appearance of a giant made from volcanic rock and fire. It didn't have a head but a volcano instead, molten rock and smoke coming out from it. Its arms were huge and rocky as well as its legs, there were cracks in its shell, fire, and lava spilling from them, it was about fifteen meters tall.

The giant cocked its arm back and threw a punch at Zhang Dong that tried to evade it, but the attack sent molten rock and wind pressure towards him along with a big amount of spiritual energy forcing him off his flying sword. He was flung to the ground making a loud booming sound as he hit the hard ground and created a small crater in the process. Matt could feel his bones quivering from the impact, this was the strongest hit that he had taken since getting to this world.

People noticed the giant that was crushing down from the sky, the huge thing landed a bit away from the city walls. The giant monster gave out a loud roaring sound and then charged in the direction that Zhang Dong got sent flying towards. The man in question gripped his head that had blood coming out of it, it was the biggest headache that he ever experienced. People gasped as they saw the friendly cultivator down on the ground, he didn't look too good and the fire monster was running towards him. But then they saw blinding white light from the spot Zhang Dong crashed in, the light started expanding upwards and to the sides. The enemy cultivators didn't know what he was doing but they wouldn't let him finish so they made the fire golem throw another punch, its giant hand producing sonic booms and tossing dirt and debris everywhere.


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