Unfathomable Patriarch
40 Chapter 40
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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40 Chapter 40

The auction was over and Matt stood up from his seat, no one dared to enter his room fearing that a powerful cultivator could go ape shit if he got disturbed. They placed a nice lady at the entrance to the booth to serve him drinks or anything that he wanted, but Zhang Dong didn't really notice her as he was focusing on his calculations and looking how the auction went. He only stood up right at the end and spotted the woman there, giving her an awkward look.

"Oh right, where can I get my spirit stone, I want to cash out."

He asked while talking as if this was some kind of casino and he had won some cash. The woman nodded and guided him through the noisy auction house, people were everywhere still picking up their items and spirit stones that they earned so a lot of workers were rushing about not wanting to keep the cultivators waiting.
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Matt moved slowly through the crowd but as people spotted him they started whispering, he made a scene while coming to the city and even a bigger one when he crushed the young master's carriage in the racing accident. World of mouth traveled fast, information about a strong cultivator that was easy to anger spread through the city like wildfire. Though he was easy to anger he apparently was quite mild in dishing out punishment as he let the silkypants and his friends go, along with the Cheng clan that were a part of it. They didn't know if he feared the clan or if he just didn't bother with weaklings. This world was ruled by the size of your fist, so it wouldn't be odd if a strong cultivator walzed in here and crushed that clan that let their children be so overbearing one of these days.

Though there also was a reason that the Cheng Clan wasn't that afraid of getting retaliated against, they had their backing which came from other large organisations. So some people assumed that the strong cultivator didn't want to tussle with the real powers in the back that could come back to bite him in the butt later on, which was a smart idea.

ZD turned to the side as he noticed that people where talking and looking at him in a strange way. The moment he did that the cultivators whistled with hands behind their back and pretended that they were looking at something else. One person even evaded his gaze and started looking at the ceiling.

*Man, they sure are afraid of me. Do I look like some psycho or something?*

He still wasn't that long in this world but by what he experienced in the village back in the forest, he knew that people tended to be tense around people like him. At least they didn't attack him or bother him too much thanks to that, there were good and bad things about his new found fame.

He fallowed the servant lady into the back, the corridor started looking more and more high class the further he got. Guess he was really receiving the vip treatment, which made him chuckle on the inside a bit. Matt didn't think that he would be put in the shoes of an elite but here he was. The lady bowed and opened a certain room for him but before he entered he noticed some people standing in front of another room that wasn't that far away from his own. He could swear that he knew one of those guards, but he shrugged and entered back into the room that the girl guided him.

There was a dandy looking man in there, if he didn't know better he would have called him Alfred or something. The mustached man brought out a bag filled with spirit stones, they were small but he did earn quite a bit with his weapons so it was nice and chubby.

"1850 low grade spirit stones, all accounted for would you like to count them yourself fellow Daoist?"

Matt grasped the sack with the stones in and looked at it, he didn't feel like counting and he really didn't think that the people in here would dare to rip him off.

"No it's fine I trust your auction house, oh right I'll return this to you."

He placed the jade slip that he got with the going rates of items and placed it on the desk by what the man was standing at. The man took the slip away and pocketed it.

"Thank you sir, I hope you'll come and do business with us again, the red tiger auction house always welcomes new business partners ."

Matt decided not to ask about further business just yet, he also wanted to check Spirit Spring City's auction house and market, maybe he could get a better deal there. He thought that it was about time to leave so he bade the man farewell and started walking out. As he was outside he took a look at the guard once more and then it hit him, it was that guy that was bothering those caravan people. He squinted his eyes wondering what those people were up to, he then thought about that busty woman, she was in the auction house as well, they couldn't have...

Zhang Dong moved towards the Cheng clan member in question while the gentleman looking person behind him frowned, he didn't like the way this was looking. He whispered something to the lady that guided Matt here and she took off running somewhere while he himself remain to monitor the situation.

The Cheng Clan member noticed the cultivator walking towards him and he instantly knew who he was. They people that were here weren't around when he was making a scene in the city road so they didn't know he was here. They were busy with puling strings to set this up at the auction house and didn't bother to ask for current news. The large man was now standing right in front of him and looking down at him. The cultivator glanced down at him and then looked at the door for a couple of seconds, while he was looking at the door his facial expression started changing.

Matt was focusing his senses inside the room, it had some treasures that could block others from peeking inside but that was for people below the core formation level. He got quite good at sensing the flow of spiritual energy during his cultivation, the lightning Qi arts were one of the most difficult techniques that a cultivator could train. So it let him peek inside and he didn't like the thing he could see one bit.

Before the guard could shout out for help he got his head grasped by the large cultivator. Matt grabbed his whole jaw below the nose and lifted him upwards with one hand. The man squirmed around while grasping the larger cultivators muscular forearm, but he couldn't budge it one millimeter. Zhang Dong delivered a kick to the door that blasted it open he then threw the man inside before walking in. The Cheng clan guard hit the wall on the opposite end of the room and slid down, bloody nose and out cold.

The people inside were greeted by the appearance of the cultivator that they met in the morning. He looked quite pissed and was mostly looking in the direction of the Foundation Establishment elder that was pulling his pants down at the very moment.

"What the hell are you bastards doing!"

He shouted out, his aura filled the room lightning shooting out from his body as it made the area they were in shake. The people inside the room started going down to their knees as the oppressive aura pushed them down. Matt had enough control of his aura attack by now, that he could target the Cheng Clan bastards while leaving the woman and her guards with no pressure to fight against.

The woman felt the pressure that the elder was giving out vanish and she could move up from the bed, she recognized the person that barged in the room, it was that strange Senior that previously gave them a hand and it looked like he was here to save them again.

"S-senior show mercy, w-we didn't know"

The rapist elder said while being squished on the ground and trembling, he was getting most of the aura attack from the group.

"Didn't know what? To not r*pe people? The hell are you even talking about."

The elder assumed that this woman was probably this man's or at the least, he fancied her in some way. The idea of him just being a decent person and just coming to help without wanting anything in return didn't cross his mind. Lan Fei and her men were a bit surprised but the sudden help as well, the woman helped her men up that had taken some damage from stomping but they were mostly alright.

Matt was thinking about what he should do, he was angry after seeing the attempted r*pe, should he punish the man? But if so, how should he punish him? He didn't feel like an authority figure but he wasn't stupid, he knew that if he brought the man to the authorities of this city they would probably let him go with no punishment. They would probably not even punish him for the r*pe but for the fact that he offended someone stronger than the clan could handle. But he wasn't a ruthless cultivator, he couldn't just kill him and be done with it either.

He came to a decision that was somewhere in the middle and hoped that it was the right one, he stepped up to the old man while everyone was focused on him not saying a thing. He pulled him upwards by his robe's collar and the man was now dangling in front of him with fear in his eyes.

"N-nooooo S-senior show mercy."

The man pleaded as he thought he was a goner now, but instead of killing him Matt placed his hand against the man's body. He was aiming for the dantian, lightning Qi crackled as he released a blast and destroyed the man's source of cultivation rendering him a regular mortal in the process. He thought that this was the best thing he could do as the man would probably have a miserable life ahead of himself now. Some might say that he was too lenient, but he really didn't have that killer mentality that some other cultivators had, at least not yet.

[ Crippled the cultivation of Foundation Establishment early stage target, earned 2000 Spirit Points ]


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