Unfathomable Patriarch
38 Chapter 38
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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38 Chapter 38

While Matt was up alone in his VIP room, trying to math away while scanning the jade slip the auction was about to start. The seats were quickly getting filled out but not like there wasn't enough space for everyone. There were not super rare treasures coming in, so it would just be a normal day like the rest for the people inside.

Zhang Dong stopped calculating his potential gains and perked up. He looked down at the people sitting down, they all were in robes and were all wearing those oriental style robes. Though their appearance didn't fit the culture as there were various types of people around if you compared them to earthlings. Black, white they all kind of mixed together a bit guess this world was very racially mixed. He didn't know if all countries were like this, or if this empire was a rarity. The people also had various hair and eye colors, with colors like purple and even green here and there. Giving everyone a more fantasy-like appearance.

He also noticed someone familiar and jiggly sitting in one of the chairs of the auction house. It was the woman that he saved just before arriving in this city. He remembered that they did indeed have a caravan so they probably were coming to this city to trade and auction their items. He coughed into his hand and moved back into his room a bit, not really wanting to stare too much as he already did.

*I got to get used to women too... why do they have to be so ... bouncy.*

He gulped while leaning back in his chair and taking another sip from his wine, his focus then turned to the stage where another lovely lady appeared. She had an hourglass figure and you could see her long legs sticking out from her blue dress.
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"I am your humble servant Fan Ru, I welcome you all to the Red Tiger auction house fellow Daoists. The rules are the same as always, the highest bidder wins."

She clasped her hands and gave out a little bow and also a wink to the audience, probably making some of the men's hears flutter in response. After she clasped her hands the curtain on the stage got raised and you could see a pedestal with an item on it, it looked to be some types of pills that were in a small bottle.

"The first item is a bottle with 10 Qi Replenishing pills, suited for cultivators of the Qi Condensation stage. Let me remind you that every item in the auction house can only be traded with the use of spirit stones."

The bidding started as some people started raising their hands, the bottle didn't go for much as it was just for the Qi condensation stage cultivators. He could see people raising their hands in the air and shouting out the prices out loudly, this was the first time he had been at an auction house so it was a new fascinating experience.

"Going once, going twice, going thrice! Sold. Fellow Daoist in the blue robe, please behind the stage with the agreed amount of spirit stones to receive your item, or you can wait till the auction is over to do so as well."

The lady said while the item was removed another one was placed in its stead. It took some time for the bidders to examine the item, the lady also described what it did and tired giving a short explanation to up its sell value, the auction house did earn a small percentage from selling the items, so it was in their best interest to have them sold. The items were sold in sequence, from the lowest grade to the highest grade. You could even see some people coming in later as they weren't interested in the cheap stuff. Finally, the time to sell his crimson perfect grade common items came and they were laid out on the pedestal.

"These are all common perfect grade weapons, they have all been strengthened by beast cores and are suited for cultivators of the fire attribute."

Matt perked up at the explanation as he knew that the cores added some attributes but he wasn't quite sure what they changed in the weapons and now he knew. He kind of randomly added cores while crafting to see if something worked or not, he'd have to examine the things he made more throughout the next time around or just write down the effects by trial and error. He also brought out a dagger that he previously created, but his appraisal skill only told him that it was a high grade dagger. There was something about the appraisal skill being an evolving type, so after checking that he kind of hit his head, he could spend his points to upgrade the skill. Maybe if he increased it enough he could see more stats on the items. He would remember to check this out the next time he crafted something as he didn't want to do it around here just yet.

The Spear, two-handed Hammer, Greatsword, Axe and a Jian Sword that he made didn't sell for much he got about 20 spirit stones for the five, so 4 a pop but they were kind of easy to make and the resources were just regular metals and Qi condensation cores... but he would have to make big amounts of those while spending the exact time creating mortal weapons instead.

After those items were sold to someone they started bringing out items fitting for Foundation Establishment cultivators, the items he made were all high grade so they would probably only come out at the end. So more time passed while Zhang Dong looked out from his booth at the auction house, he didn't want to buy anything as he didn't know what was useful or not. The items ranged from beast cores, weapons to just regular looking plants but they were called mystical herbs. Finally, after an hour had passed one of his high grade weapons appeared out in the open, the cultivators looked at it with greedy eyes as high grade weapons were quite popular among the foundation establishment Daoists. He rubbed his chin and looked down as the people started raising their hands and the bidding wars started. The first weapon was a nice sharp looking spear.

"80 Spirit Stones! ... 100 Spirit Stones ... 140 Spirit stones ... 145...!"

"Sold for 145 Spirit stones to the Daoist in the green robe."

The weapons appeared one after another and all the bidding kind of ranges from 120 - 150 spirit stones, the least popular weapon was the bow, maybe because it didn't come with any arrows and it sold for 120 spirit stones. He still counted it up, 9 weapons the gains 120 - 150, so that would put it at 1080 - 1350 Spirit stones. So he lost 1000 points for the resources and sold it for 120 - 150 spirit stones, he would gain 200 - 500 points for the items, which was good or not? He did gain spirit points for just playing a game it was worth it, but he should make weapons that were more popular. Afterward, the perfect graded weapon appeared, it was a silvery looking spear, he made it with the monster rabbits core and thought a spear would fit the core as the rabbit used a horn to penetrate people.

"This is a fine perfect grade spear, it has enhanced penetrating power and works well with earth Qi."

The bidding started but it was much higher as they started out at 250 spirit stones right from the start, which was already a 100 more than for what he sold his best high grade weapon. The rowdy Daoists shouted out numbers after numbers and the price ended at 550 spirit stones. Which would net him quite a bit for just one item, considering the manufacturing cost. He would have to check the core prices to see how much he would lose if he bought a core from the cash store.

Some other items came out, but nothing above the foundation establishment level. He just waited around looking at the stuff that got sold, wondering if he should invest in some recovery items after he gets his spirit stones. He would gain something around 9 or 8 thousand points if he converted everything to spirit stones, which wasn't that bad as a start.

"Not bad, I will have to check out what I need for crafting and see if I can buy it around town, maybe I can earn more like that."

Though the process of making the weapons then going to the auction house himself was a bit tedious, if he compared it to flying around the forest and trying to find monsters to hunt it might be a bit better. But he could also use the monster parts for crafting as well, so hunting as also handy. For the time being, he decided to head out and get his stones, then head back to his hotel and rest for the night. The people were leaving as well and he couldn't see the woman from earlier around, they all must have gone to pick up their money as well.


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