Unfathomable Patriarch
36 Chapter 36
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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36 Chapter 36

You could hear a pin drop as everyone was looking at the scene, the Cheng clan members were really tense as they could feel huge cultivation fluctuations from this person. He was in a giant lightning form, looking down at them like ants and they were worried that they would be crushed to death. The silkypants squad had personal guards at the Foundation Establishment level but they knew that this senior was at the Core Formation stage, plus it wasn't any regular stage, it felt like he was in the late or great circle stage. They used their jade slips to send for backup but they knew that they were in deep shit as they didn't even have anyone in the core formation stage in their clan, the patriarch was a great circle of foundation establishment.

"Honorable Senior, please appease your anger they were just kids from the junior generation they didn't mean anything bad!"

The guards of the young masters moved in trying to diffuse the situation, clasping their hands and bowing back and forth while trying to get the young brats that caused this mess to apologize. Cheng Tong wasn't that stupid, even though you might think otherwise. He knew well that he would be royally fucked if this cultivator decided to give them a beating and his parents wouldn't be able to do anything. Even if they asked a stronger clan for help they probably would decline as well. So he dropped down to his knees and started apologizing as well.

"Senior, forgive this silly Junior, I didn't realize that you were passing the street. Forgive my lapse of judgment"

Matt looked down at the kowtowing bunch getting even more mad as these people were quick to submit to a higher power while ignoring anyone below them and treating them like dirt. He made his best haughty cultivator impression and snorted loudly, his size amplifying the effect as the Cheng people trembled in their boots.

"I'm not the one you are supposed to apologize. Apologize to them!"

Zhang D. Turned to the side, his big frame having an increased weight to it as well which made his feet thump against the ground. Behind him was the child and mother duo, still trembling in the same spot not really knowing what was happening. His large finger pointed to the trembling couple that looked up at the lightning infused avatar form that the cultivator was in, which made her almost pass out on the spot.

"If I didn't step in you would have crushed this poor mother and her child, do you have no respect for life at all?"

They were making a huge scene in the large city, the Cheng clan lord was on his way as well as he got notified about the fiasco that one of his sons had created, he just wanted to give that no good son of his a beating. By the time he got there, he could see his offspring bowing his head to some woman holding her child that looked bewildered, to say the least. The problem wasn't that though, it was the 10-meter tall lightning giant standing next to that with his hands crossed over his chest in an intimidating fashion while looking at his son. He didn't know what was going on but he knew about the crash that his son had caused. He appeared in the street and tried to get Zhang Dong's attention.

"Greetings honorable Senior, I apologize for my son's behavior, please appease your anger."

Matt looked at the man that appeared, he looked to be in his 50's and was a bit on the chubby side. He gave him a glare which made the Cheng clan patriarch shiver as he felt the other cultivators overpowering presence wash over him.

"You should teach your kid how to behave in public if you are in a leadership position."

He didn't want to be making a scene but these people started to piss him off with their outdated mindset. He started shrinking as he went back to his regular appearance, the mother gave him a big bow before moving back to where her other children were and backed away. She was just glad that she was alive and that her children didn't need to live without a mother. The Cheng clan members started gathering together as the stronger elders came on over, they didn't know if they would have to fight this person or not but he seemed to have calmed down for now.

"Thank you for being so magnanimous Senior, I'll be sure to discipline my son and his friends! Also, I'm the city lord so if you have anything you want you only need to ask."

Matt looked at the man that was clasping his hands together while hunched over a bit, he looked like a sleazy merchant more than a Clan leader at the moment. He wanted to be done with the lot and just harumphed like a proper mad expert and removed himself from the vicinity while the Cheng clan members looked at him with fear. After he was gone people started whispering while the Cheng Patriarch showed an angry expression. He gave his son a thwack on the head while barking out at the people around.

"What are you lot looking at, be gone!"

He released his cultivation making the people disperse in fear. Then he told his people to gather all they could find about this unknown cultivator, he had to know if he came from some big sect or clan, or if he was some solo cultivator instead.

"You idiot, I told you to do your stupid stunts where people can't see you, why did you have to do this stupid thing in public."

He hit his son one more time, a big lump appeared on his head, he then told him to go back home and not come back until all of this blew over. This strange senior had some weird thing about protecting other people. He didn't get the info about his clan member's collecting toll outside the city as they did that stuff on their own, otherwise, he would have probably forbidden them to go through with what they were now planing. He ordered everyone to conduct themselves with care around the cultivator dressed in white and then left.

At this time Matt was in a secluded alley grasping his chest as his heart was pounding a bit, he managed to stay composed while showing off his cultivation but he still wasn't used to acting like that.

"Well, at least I didn't pussy out totally this time around... think I'm making progress, but still I don't think this will fix the problem..."
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He knew that this wouldn't really fix the problem in the city, he knew that if he wanted them to listen he would need to force them to do it. But he wasn't ready to go on a rampage in this city, so the most he could do was to intimidate the people under the guise of an irritated senior cultivator.

He gave out a sigh and then moved out of the alley, he moved towards the auction house in the pleasure district while it was getting late in the day hoping that he could get past that without any problems popping out.

"Knowing my luck I'll run into some slave princess that will want me to save her country or something."

He hurried up taking big strides and after some time arrived in the district, there were many colorful buildings in this place. There were restaurants, theaters, and casinos but also other more raunchy places this was kind of where the seedy people liked to hang out and make money. He could see some food stands and some ladies in provocative outfits standing around trying to invite customers to their establishments, one even tried to invite him in as well but after he gave her his deadpan look she backed away.

Our cultivator had no courage at all to go into one of these places at all, even though he kind of wanted to but he found himself frozen while looking at one of the establishments.

*No... I have to be strong... a gentleman doesn't need to use those sorts of places... I should go to that auction house and sell those items... then just go to bed, starting to feel tired...*

He strode off to the auction house, passing many people before arriving in front of a big building that had a big red tiger above the entrance. This must be the one that the busty cultivator lady was talking about, this made him recall those massive pillows that she had.

*Okay focus, selling first.*

He shook his head and moved up to the entrance where he got stopped by some guards, they asked him about the reason he was here. They told him where he should go if he wanted to sell after letting him come inside. He stepped up to a lady behind a counter and told her that he intended to sell some weapons and that he heard that you had to give the weapons up for inspection.

"Ah yes, sir, what kind of weapons are they?"

The woman asked while fixing her glasses a bit, she looked like the librarian type.

"Ah yes, some perfect grade common weapons and some high grade mortal weapons, plus one perfect grade mortal weapon."

The woman didn't react when he mentioned the common weapons, but she perked up after he mentioned the high grade weapons, even more after he said that he even had a perfect grade one.

"Also I have a core formation beast core, could I get it appraised? Not sure if I want to sell it."

The woman opened her eyes wide and stood up, she bowed to Matt while telling him that she needed to get a more senior clerk and appriser. After a few minutes, he was lead to a room in the back to get his items checked, the people gave him thumbs up on all the weapons their eyes sparkling a bit at the high grade and perfect grade mortal weapons that were a weapon that a Foundation Establishment cultivator could use well. Matt then brought up the tennis ball-sized core that gave off a faint eerie light and set it on the table, the appriser was an old man with a monocle that moved in close and started examining the item.

"This is indeed a core formation beast core, where did you find this?"

The man asked while looking at it.

"Find it? Oh, I just slew a core formation beast and that's what was left from it."

The appriser was a bit astonished at the cultivator's words, but if he beat the beast that he had to be quite strong.

"You should be able to get about 1 thousand low tier spirit stones for this core, or 1 middle-tier spirit stone."


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