Unfathomable Patriarch
35 Chapter 35
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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35 Chapter 35

The meat buns were devoured while he asked for more, the waitress returned with a smile with another plate while Zhang Dong munched away. Having cash on yourself was a nice feeling as in his previous life he mostly survived on cooking himself some noodles and chicken here and there. Plus the frozen dinners if he didn't feel like doing much, but this food was really good even though he didn't really know what the meat in there was. He burped into his hand while hoping that no one heard, then rubbed his belly that didn't seem to expand that much.

*Hm, where did all of that food go. Well, I guess no more Mr. skinny fat in the future.*

He paid for the food with the gold coin, but this time around he got the change back, leave it to a big restaurant to have enough cash. He smiled at the waitress before going out, resulting in blush from her in response. He wasn't quite used to his good looks and didn't really know that you could use that for benefits.

*Okay, I still have some time to burn before the auction house opens, though I need to get there a bit sooner than the others as the sellers need to present their items for inspection first.*

He headed out into the city in the form of a tourist, looking left and right while at least trying not to look weird while doing it. People were giving him strange looks here and there, girls kept turning their heads while the men squinted their eyes at him. He wasn't using his cultivation at this moment, so others didn't regard him as a lofty senior but just as some good looking guy walking about. He was a bit flattered at the response he was getting from the ladies, but he wasn't here to pick up girls that much but to tour the place instead.

He visited a bathhouse as well, paying for the more exclusive one as he kind of got into the big spender mindset. There weren't many people around here at this time, so he could enjoy the large bath on his own. Dipping his large frame into the water after washing up and looking up at the ceiling while relaxing, taking baths instead of showers might have not been such a bad thing after all. He stayed there for about 30 minutes and ended the experience with a nice full glass of milk, a big mustache left on his upper lip in the process. He smiled at some kids that pointed that out and then headed back out into the city, the day looked nice and it would probably be a nice day, he felt it. Of course, he felt it wrong as after stepping out of the bath building he heard some people screaming.

There was a dirt road right outside, it was a bit narrow so you had to watch your step as there were horse carriage vehicles going back and forth which didn't leave much space for the pedestrians. They were pulled by various creatures, there were regular looking horses here and there but you could also see things like tigers or huge wolves doing the pulling. A commotion was happening about now as you could see people running to the sides of the buildings and off the road to safety. In the distance you could see two carriages speeding side by side while getting pulled by beasts, one was a big tiger while the other looked like a big hyena. You could see people on those carriages shouting at each other while smiling and smirking, having some bottles in their hands, they were clearly drinking.

They appeared a bit away from where Matt as at, he had some time to get a good look at them. They looked like some older teens having some kind of race while drinking booze. The people bolted to the sides while trying not to get run over while others pushed their carts to the side to make way for the rowdy youths behind them. They were probably some young masters doing silkypants stuff as always, guess no place was safe from those Zhang Dong thought to himself as they even had one way back in that tribe he visited. He didn't intend to do anything about it, the people looked like they were going out of the way and he already caused a big commotion when he was entering the city he didn't need people gawking at him even more than they already were.

Though fate had different things in store for him as the most common thing happened in this situation. A child at around 4 years of age tripped, fell and started crying while the mother was trying to pull that child and some other kids to the side. Of course, she pushed the two kids to the wall and then started quickly running back to get her last child back that was rolling on the road crying her little heart out. But the woman was just a regular person, so she wasn't very fast so at the moment that she was picking up her fallen offspring the people riding the monster-drawn wheeled vehicles arrived at the spot. She couldn't do much besides grabbing the child and trying to shield her with her whole body, hoping for the best while apologizing for getting them in this predicament.

Matt's face fell as he saw everything playing out, most people turned their faces to the side as they didn't want to see the daughter and mother pair to get smashed to pieces. He almost forgot what sort of world this was, people beneath a certain degree of power were worth less than dirt to those lofty young lords and clan members. They didn't have any problem in running over a mother and child in broad daylight. It's not that the people didn't care but they couldn't do anything in the face of real power. The people on the top tended to remain there and if you didn't have the tendency for slaughter you mostly didn't get far either. He didn't like that ... he didn't like that one bit...

People looked on in horror as the saw the two beasts run towards the defenseless woman and her child, they knew who the people in the carriages were. They were some Cheng clan members, of course, some from the younger generation. They moved along the city as they owned the place now, it was pretty chaotic the previous clan that was keeping the peace wasn't like that. But they couldn't do anything about it, they gritted their teeth as they looked at the poor woman. Suddenly something happened, they could feel a huge aura sweep over the place and a strange cultivator appeared right where the woman was standing. He waved his hands in a strange way and a strange translucid shield appeared in front of him and the woman. The shield was sparkling with lightning energy and looked deadly to the touch.

The two beasts felt the suppressing defensive ability in front of them but they couldn't stop, the shield wasn't wide so they tried to dodge to the side but they still ended up hitting it. The monsters got shocked and bounced off to the side while the carriages got propelled into Zhang Dong's forcefield ability the people on them looked in horror as they slammed into the sparkling wall which was placed at an angle so the carriage flew upwards while spinning and crashed on its top end. They both landed in a similar fashion with the bests getting yanked over as well.

The Cheng clan members were scattered on the ground but there were still some of them on the inside of the carriage. No one got really hurt though, all these people were cultivators and they could take some hit and this was just a regular vehicle crash. Two youths climbed out of each carriage along with some other men, they were the main silkypants and had their guards in the carriages along with them.

"Who dares! I am Cheng Tong, I'm the third son of the Cheng Clan head, I will have your head!"

One of the youth's barked out while looking around, his hair and robe in disarray as he got thrown about in his carriage like a rag doll.

"Ye, we are from the Cheng Clan, we rule this city!"

The other youth from the other vehicle spoke up, probably also a son from the same family.
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At this moment a big vein appeared on Matt's forehead, this was the most stereotypical situation he could find himself in, saving people from some stupid snotty silver spoon-fed kid.

"Oh, you want my head?"

The two youths and their guards that were helping them up looked in the direction of the voice and could see a mad looking Zhang Dong. Energy was exuding from his body at this moment and his eyes began to glow. He took one step forward and his whole body was covered by a sheet of lightning energy. The Cheng clan people took a step back as they felt the oppressing aura, they gulped as the lightning clad cultivator took steps towards them. With each step he kept on growing, after two he was 4 meters tall and crackling with energy. Two more steps and he was 8 meters tall and after a final one, he was 10. He looked down at the bewildered Cheng Clan members that were directly below him now with a frown on his face.

"So, come on up here and take my head."


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