Unfathomable Patriarch
34 Chapter 34
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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34 Chapter 34

He placed all of the items that he wanted to sell on the floor, they included the 9 mortal high-grade weapons as well as the perfect grade one. He also had the crimson common grade items out, he didn't want to sell the beast cores, for now, he might as well ask for the going price for those later at the store himself. There were various shapes and sizes, war hammers, swords, axes, and even a bow. He wasn't sure how much he could get for them at the moment but he hoped that he could make some money, if he could then he would have a nice money and point-making option for himself instead of just murdering monsters or other cultivators, the later one he wasn't that keen on doing at all.

Zhang Dong had a big window in his hotel room, it was a really tall building and he was occupying one of the topmost floors. He could see down on the bustling streets, there were people coming and going just doing their thing. He still didn't really know what to do with himself, should he really go to Spirit Spring City, would he fit in there? After giving out a big sigh he flopped back on the king-sized bed and looked at the ceiling, that had some dragon engravings on them. The whole room looked extravagant he wouldn't be able to afford a lushes room like this in his previous life but here he could just flex his cultivation muscles and people came on running. He didn't really care about luxurious lifestyles all that much, but he wasn't against it either.
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He stared at the ceiling for quite some time before moving his lazy ass off the bed, he would also need to do something about not being motivated enough. First came the auction house, then maybe he could gather some info about his so-called downtrodden Clan that fled the city for some reason.

*I bet this place has some relaxing hot springs as well.*

He kind of started liking the warm spring feeling that this culture had to offer, but he still could go for a normal shower. He paced up his things, looked at his robe in the mirror and decided to head out it was the middle of the day so he might tour the city for a bit before the auction house opened, it was in the pleasure district apparently and it only opened at night for some reason. So he headed out, trying to not stand out but his clothing was kind of giving him away as it was kind of exquisite, he started thinking that it might be a good idea to get himself a new robe, he could probably make one himself but he would have to use that dreaded DDR game again.

While our hero was trying to not stick out like a sore thumb within the masses the caravan with the lovely lady that had the peaks that men desired arrived by the gate. They managed to get through it without much trouble and paid the normal toll of 10 low grade spirit stones. The members were relieved that nothing else happened on the way as they headed into the city to unload their gear. This caravan wasn't a single unit, they hired guards from guilds that were in the city while having some of their own more trusted people with them as well. They were also carrying letters, people and other various things that they could earn money with. They started unloading their cargo and got busy with work, their purpose was profit they just as Zhang D. came here to sell items at the auction and the market, they had some low grade treasures ranging from common to mortal grades but mostly on the lower levels.

The guards surrounded Lan Fei as they went around unpacking things, she was the leading merchant of the group so everything went through her. They didn't think anything would happen in the city but they didn't want to repeat what happened previously, the strange cultivator probably wouldn't help them if they got into trouble once again.

"This place was a lot safer when the Zhang Clan was running things, merchants weren't getting robbed in broad daylight like this."

"Shhh, Miss Fei you shouldn't be talking like that, what if they hear you."

The oldest guard said to the woman, he looked to be the oldest from the bunch and was the most trusted soldier from the bunch that this woman had. She belonged to a long line of merchants, she had been the leader of this caravan for a couple of years now and was slowly making a name for herself as this wasn't the first time she was in this city. She reluctantly nodded at the man that she knew was right, those type of people she was going against were the petty type and their reputation was more important to them than the lives of others.

"Yes, you're right, let us just unpack and transport everything to the auction house, but be careful the pleasure district is a shady place. We have to watch our backs"

She said while wrapping her form in a loose robe, she didn't like it but she knew that women tended to be singled out around places like that. She would have to be careful, she thought that it was a shame that the world was like this but this was the reality. The people were rotten and everyone had to fend for themselves, the person that helped them today was the oddball out. She thought about the man once more but then shook her head, It would be nice to have him around as a bodyguard but that was a pipe dream.

Fei got her head back into it and started going through her inventory, checking if anything got stolen or damaged. She had to inspect everything they wanted to sell before giving it to the buyers, her good name depended on good quality merchandise. This would take a while but they still had time before the auction house opened up.

So time passed and nothing major happened, she and her men started gathering all of the items that they wanted to sell and headed off to the auction house. Little did they know that after they left a familiar figure walked out, it was one of the men from the Cheng Clan he was looking in the direction that the people left while grinning. He left after a moment and went to inform some other members that the caravan people were on the move. They had done their research on these people and knew that they didn't have any strong backing, they were just regular merchants, the female's father was in the foundation establishment-level but he was just one man and didn't have many warriors behind him. The Cheng Clan had nothing to fear, they wouldn't kill them, they just wanted to show what happened to people that go against their clan. This was the early stage of their Clans rise to power, they were still under a stronger clan that could replace them with another family, so they wanted to prove themselves as well.

They were planing some fun after the Auction ended, they had their people on the inside so they would get the girly and her men into a separate area and give them a good thrashing. Their elder showed interest in the woman before, he wanted to have a good time as well. They had everything planned out, they also knew that the cultivator that came to the rescue of those people wasn't associated with them and entered the city earlier. They thought that they might have overreacted a bit when they first saw him, and it was them that offered him that hotel room as well, though they weren't brave enough to keep tabs on him as they knew that he would probably know if someone followed him around.

While this was happening, Matt was munching on some dumplings. The food was still new to him, he was sitting in some high class restaurant after he pulled out a gold coin the people in the establishment looked at him with sparkling eyes and gave him the royal treatment so he was enjoying some nice food and drinks while watching the city from a window by the table he was sitting in.

*This kind of life isn't that bad.*


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