Unfathomable Patriarch
33 Chapter 33
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Unfathomable Patriarch
Author :kuropon8
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33 Chapter 33

While the honorable Senior Zhang Dong was trying not to look at the woman's ample bosom, the woman in question was thinking about what she should do in this situation. The strange cultivator that appeared looked strong the aura was there as well, he didn't look all that all which indicated that he gained his amount of power at a younger age but didn't really reveal your true age as when you cultivated faster you tended to maintain your youthful appearance even in your older years. This meant that this could be someone within their 30's or some old monster, you could never really tell.

She followed the procedure of bowing at the man, and the people behind them did the same. The Senior above them didn't talk much but looked down in her direction intensely. She didn't know why he was keeping his gaze at her, was he like the other people that just left? He didn't seem like it though. She couldn't detect any hostile aura from this man, it felt kind of soothing and reassuring instead.


Matt took his eyes of the female's bust after she looked up at him from the bow in a questioning fashion. He coughed into his hand and looked to the side as he gathered his thoughts while trying to think about something else than the lovely mountain peaks before him.

"Ah... yes! I was meaning to ask you, does Moonlight City have an auction house?"

He quickly blurted out what first came to his mind, finally getting a hold of himself. The people stopped bowing then looked up at the hovering man, he had the looks of a warrior even though part of his face was covered by the robe's hood. Zhang Dong at this time was feeling a bit silly for staring at the lovely lady for that long, hiding his slightly blushing face behind his robe as he turned his face to the side.

"Yes, there is an auction house in the city, it's called the Red Tiger auction house, you can't really miss it, it's in the pleasure district of the city."

Lan Fei replied quickly while getting to the point, her gaze looking up and a somewhat calm smile on her face as she just wanted to get to the city and relax.

"Ahh... thank's for the info... "

Matt started feeling a bit awkward, he didn't really have any experience in talking to women all that much, the experience mostly stopping with small talk at work without anything meaningful besides that. He went grasped the back of his neck which was his tick when he was feeling awkward and just nodded at the people. He didn't really have much to say to these people and didn't want to make them feel uncomfortable as they were giving them those kinds of looks.

"Well then, see you around."

He took off flying towards the city while feeling kind of silly for staring at the bouncy girl, guess in this kind of situation the hero would strike up a conversation with the beauty and then they would fall in love or something. But he felt like he would be considered some kind of weirdo if he stayed around people that he had no relations with.

Lan Fei and the others looked at themselves as the Senior that appeared in a flash, vanished just as soon as he came while not doing or saying all that much. The shrugged while looking at each other and then moved their caravan towards the city, there was the problem with that upstart clan, but they thought that they wouldn't try to pull something in the city, there were other clans in there and there were laws. Plus that was probably why they tried to extort them outside, the woman gave the order out to move on while reminiscing about the cultivator in white, he sure was a handsome man a shame that he left she thought to herself while smiling.

Matt wooshed towards the city, seeing it on the horizon as he wasn't far away. He could see the various Oriental styled buildings and structures, it was surrounded by a big wall. There were four big gates coming from each side of the city and he could see a castle structure in there as well and the streets were looking busy. He remembered that there was a toll to pay before one was let into the city, so being the law-abiding citizen that he was he slowly descended from his position to what looked like a big line of carts and people that was slowly moving in and out of the city.

"Damn, that's a big line... "

He was hovering low enough to catch the attention of the people below him, they all looked up at the cultivator and wondered why he was there and staring at them. Matt didn't know that if you had a certain standing in this world you could cut in line, being powerful had its perks in this world. The people started whispering while Zhang Dong was feeling awkward once more from getting so much attention, but he was slowly getting used to the attention but it was slow progress.
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"Hey look, mommy, a man standing on a sword!"

"Is that a cultivator? Why is he just standing there, does he want something from someone?"

"Hey, doesn't he look kind of nice?"

"A powerful Senior has appeared!"

He was making a commotion that alerted the guards that also looked in the direction, seeing a large man on a sword. They brought up some jade slips that were used for communication by cultivators and alerted the people in the city about an unknown cultivator in white, who was flying on a sword and in front of the west gate to the city. It didn't take long for some cultivators in the later stages of Foundation Establishment to appear. They tried measuring the man's power level, but they couldn't get a read on him, it looked that he was stronger than them.

Matt was wondering if he should just move into the city instead, the people were making room for him as he tried to approach the line, parting like the red sea as they thought that he wanted through. He ended up by the gate soon while the people were still looking at him with curiosity. The experts from the city came out to greet him in front of the gate, greeted him by clasping their hands which Matt mirrored while hopping down from his sword.

"Greeting Senior, what brings you to Moonlight City?"

They asked while being polite, the cultivator's face twitched a bit as he looked at everyone making a big fuss. He really wasn't used to this rock-star treatment, everyone calling him senior this, senior that.

"Ah yes, I heard that you needed to pay the toll to enter the city? I just came to sell some things at the auction house."

The city cultivators looked at each other then back at the cultivator in white who didn't seem to know that people at his level didn't need to pay anything.

"You don't need to pay the toll Senior, you can just come into the city, here we will guide you inside."

He felt stupid now, and just followed the people that beckoned him inside, there were three cultivators and they all looked to be in their 50s a bit old but not too old. They explained to him that the city requires the common people to pay the entrance fee but strong people like him or from powerful families didn't have to, it was more to keep the riff-raff out. He asked them about the auction house and a place to stay, they saw that this cultivator was a bit quirky but he felt uninterested in causing a ruckus. They guided him to the best hotel in the city and informed him about some locations in it before parting ways and reporting to other people in the city.

He couldn't even tell them his name before they left, but the way the clan people that he was harassing the caravan were speaking he left that he should wait and get more information before he revealed that he was from the Zhang clan. It supposedly ruled this city as well before something happened, maybe he could get some info on that.

He found himself in a big room, it looked quite costly. The door closed behind him while a serving lady took her to leave after guiding him to one of the more costly hotel rooms.

*I have to stop doing this, can't keep others just lead me around at their pace, I'm supposed to be some battle-hardened warrior.*

He wallowed a bit in self-pity as he should learn to say no, at least he had a free room and boarding now, guess it paid off to be a top cultivator.

*Though I also could learn a thing or two from those people, might have to act like that if a scary cultivator appears with a higher cultivation level.*

He flopped on the soft bed that as a lot better than the one he had stashed in his storage ring, his next step would be to sell the things he made, he needed to know if he could earn Spirit points with crafting and if he did, how lucrative it would be.


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