Wuxiaworld > Under the Deep Vast Sea > 18 Chapter 18: Sharing a bed?!

18 Chapter 18: Sharing a bed?!

The sight in front of me was her room.

My eyes strayed away from the outline of her room and look at her picture, smiling against the shore as she gave a bright smile.

The night of the accident, it wasn't only my child who left this world, but also her.

Not trying to dwell further more into the murky experience of that night, I left the room and shut the door, not wanting to be reminded of that painful tragedy.


"I just want a simple feast tomorrow. No more extravagances, no more luxurious boats and yachts as well as novelty food, just a simple gathering of our family and relatives, that's all I wish for"

Grandpa Cong's words reassure me, finally staying away from the prying eyes of the socialite people that were invited in Grandpa's birthday years before, that caused me to have a slight panic disorder.

"You seem like your burdens have finally lifted" The teasing voice of Mr. Enrad, Nolan's father brought me back.

"Oh....I'm just....unused to people" Saying a lame excuse.

"Well, we all had that feeling. Being surrounded and socialized with madams that have those....wonderful characters is just tiring" Mother Heline said with a sigh.

I realized that the words she just uttered from back then was true. She is the madame of the Cohen family and being surrounded with fake people who can turn their back to you the moment you fell out of their society, it is hard.

My eyes must showed my true feelings for the entire people in the dining room laughed at me. I turn around and bit my lips in embarrassment only to see a slight smirk on Nolan's face. Blushing all the way to my neck, I eat my food like a hen silently pecking the grains in front of her.

"Well then, the two of you are husband and wife so we figured out that the two of you might want to share rooms for.....privacy purposes" Iris said with a smirk on her face. Facing her devilish smirk with my horrified ones, I silently mouthed my disagreements about this so called tactic of her's.

"That's right! I have been waiting for a small version of my dear Eiri! I think this is the right time for that-"

"Grandpa!" I silently protest with my eyes as Grandpa Cong laughs along with the family members and staff of the villa.

"Don't worry my dear, if he ever hurt you, I'll beat him to death an-"

"Here we go again" Iris said with a roll on her eyes.

"-d struck him with my iron fist until he reclaim his sanity!"

"I think she's tired now-" Nolan started to talk when he's interrupted by Grandpa Cong again.

"Oh? Impatient aren't we? That's good my boy! You really have the Cohen's blood on you!" With a hearty laugh, he left the dining room and all I could wish for is the ground to bury me six feet under.

After that craziness that happened, we settled into the room that my mother in law and sister in law cleverly planned. As I opened the door, the dark blue curtains greeted me as the large duvet maroon bed laid there in the grand room. The decoration was minimal and I guess that this is the perfect room that best suited Nolan's taste.

"I'm gonna shower first"

His words startle and at the same time, made the beat of my heart wildly pumped due to nervousness. I meekly nod to express my words, still afraid to let out a sound due to shame. After he went to the bathroom, I can finally breathe for a while, so I opened my phone and scroll around my account as I sat on the comfy bed.

The sound of the shower made my mind blank as a scene emerged into my head. Nolan's bare upper body, his muscles sculpted perfectly as the droplets of water fell down his narrow wait down to his pelvis.

At those images created by my mid, I halted it midway and cover myself with the warm blankets.

'Stupid woman! How shameless of you to think of that!'

"Eiri?" His slightly hoarse voice made me clench my hands in order to keep a hold of my self.

It looks like I'm the one who will have to keep her sanity awake in front of this devilishly sinful man.