Under SOLS
31 Offer from Pentagon
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Under SOLS
Author :SaiKirito
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31 Offer from Pentagon

\"now then, can i ask a question?\" lyle asked.

\"sure sir, i wonder what you're gonna ask?\" a guy beside him replied with a helpless grin. he has a glock m13 in his hand.

*pew* *pew* *pew* *pew* *bang* *bang* *bang* *bang* *boom* *boom* *people screaming for help*

\"there is us, the mgu soldiers and then there is pentagon operator, who's after my head, so what the fuck is the russian mafia doing here!!!!!!!!\" lyle shouted.

news channels....

\"hello, this is your host, michael david for cnn news.\"

\"and this is holly, so david, just now we received an emergency news from our reporter that the xxxxxxxxx street in boston is currently a war zone , is that true?\" the female host asked.

\"yes holly, today around 3:15 pm, what seemed to be a small gun fight escalated into some sort of gang war, after the russian mafia intervenes, it developed into a full scale war between the mafia, law enforcements and the gangsters.\" the male host said.

\"we have a team on the scene, let's see what they have to say for us, johnathan, you're on.\" the female host said with a smile.

\"uh..... hello, this is johnathan live at the scene for cnn news.\" the reporter said while breathing heavily, he is inside a building that looked like a coffee shop. behind him, bullets were flying everywhere, smokes, fires and damaged structures as well as explosions.

\"johnathan how is it looking over there?\" holly asked.

\"uh..... not good holly, not good! the police have set up a four block perimeter and have been stopping people from entering by now, even the police and some civilians inside the zone are struggling to get out! multiple swat teams have been deployed but no vale, twenty civilians died, lot of injured and twenty seven of the law enforcement officers are dead! we are losing this fight! we need some serious help over here! we need the marines! the mafia doesn't seem to be running low on ammo and neither does the gangsters are giving up but the police are running low on bullets and personal! we need help! the moment we go outside, we'll either be shot dead or blown up! this has escla-!\" before the reporter could finish, a rocket flew by.

*shooing* *boom!*

\"oh my god! did you get it? an rpg flew by right outside the front door! this is starting to get really serious now! this is the fourth rpg that went by an-.... get that camera out of here! we need a medic! is there any doctor here!?\" a policeman dragged his friend who was shot and pushed the camera away before the reporter could finish.

\"we'll get back to you jonathan, the government just issued the national guards to be deployed, we pray you guys will stay safe until the national guards arrive, now to the next news....\"

back in music store.

\"mother fucking gangsters and mafia! why don't you take this shit to dc or new york or some other place! why during my fucking vacation! ugh! i hate america... the moment i step here, i get mixed into this shit!\" lyle cursed. he was really annoyed to be saying this. his long waited vacation is at hand and get it's being wrecked by some mobs.

*out from the hell and down to the underground!*

lyle's wl (short for weblink) started ringing. it was an unknown number. lyle got no clue as to who would call him right now. it's definitely not his brother since the ringtone is different. well, everything needs to be exploded at some point. he accepted the call.

\"hello? whoever this is, please call me later cause i'm very busy at the moment.\" lyle said and was about to hang up.

\"hang up and i'll put a few dozen bullets in your head and you'll have no problem breathing anymore.\" the caller said.

lyle's anger flared up. he knew who this is. an annoying one, really annoying one. lyle even consider him as a pest.

\"sierra fucking seven, what's with the calling? you want me to peak a bit?\" lyle said while gritting his teeth.

\"i sure would love that, but i got something else to handle and i need your help, it involves a lot of innocent lives.\" sierra seven said. his aim didn't change. he wanted lyle's head.

\"yea? not sure if i should buy that! when was the last time you spoke the truth?\" lyle asked. he cocked his gun.

\"easter i guess? i think it was during easter, now you wanna listen to the offer i got or not? it's from the higher ups.\" seven said.

lyle stayed quiet and considered it for a bit. he then decided.

\"i'm listening.\" lyle replied.

\"you got two objectives, do that and you'll be cleared off from the blacklist and your sister will stay in the dark about you, what's your call?\" seven asked.

\"objectives?\" lyle asked. his look became that of a predator. he's ready for a hunt.

\"objective one, ensure the safety of the civis and enforcements held up in a diner twenty four yards north east.\" seven said.

\"second?\" lyle asked as he peaked out a bit. he's now sure that hitman won't hit him anymore, so he peaked out due to his confidence and his guts. as he expected, seven didn't shoot. but he shot elsewhere.

seven moved his aim to the diner and shot on the footpath before the diner's door.

lyle marked the place in his mind and went back to hiding.

\"objective two, eliminate all the hostiles including the gangsters, no cam will have you in it so go crazy, is the order and in exchange, you're name gets cleared from the blacklist.\" seven said.

\"why don't you just send in the national guards? wouldn't that make it easier?\" lyle asked.

\"national guards are twelve minutes away and the zone is too hot, we can only rely on you for now.\" seven replied.

\"i like the offer, tell them to remove my name, i'll clean up this mess within the next twelve minutes.\" lyle said and cut off communication with seven.

\"sir, what are the orders?\" the guy beside lyle asked. he loaded his gun with a new magazine and cocked it.

\"new plan, you guard the civis and enforcements held up in the diner over there, do not let them know your identity, i'll go hunting.\" lyle said.

\"but sir, do you think we should trust them? what if they go back on their word?\" the guy asked.

\"simple, they won't or else they will have to go to war with mgu and i'm sure as heck they don't want that, not right now, so are you with me?\" lyle said with a smile.

\"yes sir!\" the guy said with a smile. he then took out a balaclava and put it on. and grabbed the hat nearby and put it on. as a final touch up, he put on a pair of sunglasses. he looked really suspicious with that getup, but at least it hid his identity.

\"all units, change of plans, get to the diner and protect the civis and enforcements held up inside, do not let them know of your identity.\" lyle said using the comms.

\"we go on my mark, ready?\" lyle asked as he changed his position a bit. the war was still ongoing with bullets flying everywhere.

\"sir yes sir!\" everyone replied.



\"3, go!\"

lyle and the guy beside him jumped through the broken window, so did the others. one of them jumped down the second floor and everyone began bolting towards the diner.

*pew* *pew* *pew* *datatatatatatata*

a lot of stray bullets went past them and they did their best to dodge all of them.

\"go! go! go! go! go! don't stop! don't stop! keep moving!\" lyle shouted. they bolted without stopping.



they slammed through the door and closed it behind them.

\"sir! he's hit!\" one of the guys who came with lyle shouted.

\"wait! who heck the heck are you people! are you with the gangsters!?\" one of the civilians asked. the cops and swat team were already pointing guns at lyle and his team.

\"we are reinforcements, now listen up! swat team, you guys listen to my men and form a defensive line along the windows and try to keep the strays away, you see any one with a gun running around, just shoot, do not hesitate, it's a warzone now and if you hesitate, you die.\" lyle said straight towards the face of the swat team and then turned towards the cops.

\"your job is second and third line of defense, half of you form a second line of defense with those tables and the rest of you get inside and help the injured and protect then if shit goes down, all you need to do is hold up and wait for another ten minutes before the national storm this block, that's all, move!\" lyle said and turned around. he snatched a smg from a swat member on his way as he walked towards the door while the guys who came with him took position along the broken windows.

\"wait, but who are you guys? and you? who the heck are you to order us? you don't look a day older than fresh meat out of school! who do you think you are?\" one of the cops asked. they were already trying to calm down the panicked civilians while this guy just came in with a bunch of people and started throwing orders at them, they were totally confused as to how to react to this situation. they don't even look like enforcements or the army or the special branches. plus, their leader is a teen! how can they react to such a situation?

\"who i am is not important right now, what's important is you do what i said and hold till the army gets here, the rest? i'll deal with it.\" lyle said and walked out with a smg in hand. the swat team looked at each other and moved to place themselves along with lyle's team.

\"what are you doing?\" a cop asked.

\"do you have a better idea? if you do i'm all ears.\" the swat team leader answered and then turned back to point his gun towards the street. the cops looked at each other and started arranging tables to form a defensive line and the rest of them moved the people and the injured inside the kitchen.


lyle hid behind a car which was full of holes. he removed the magazine and looked at the bullets and loaded back again.

he dialed the the last number he received the call from.


\"what is it now?\" seven asked. he was still snipping lyle from his position.

\"how many do you count?\" lyle asked as he readied himself to go.

\"i count around eighty, maybe hundred both, i'm not sure because there's still a lot hiding from my view.\" seven replied.

\"copy, cover my six while i go blow.\" lyle said.

\"copy.\" seven replied.

\"alright, here goes nothing!\" lyle jumped out from his cover and started shooting at the mafia members across the street. they were shooting at the gangsters sixty meters away from them. unluckily for them, they met lyle.

*pew* *pew* *pew* *pew* *pew* *pew* *pew*

lyle fired a few rounds and every single bullet hit them. not a single shot missed.

\"five down, ninety five more to go.\" lyle said.

*pew* *pew*

he shot two more rounds at the guys who were still alive.

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