Under SOLS
30 Hunt or Hunting?
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Under SOLS
Author :SaiKirito
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30 Hunt or Hunting?

walking out of the terminal, lyle felt surreal. he's finally back. no guns. no explosions. no blood hungry bastards after his life. and yes of course, no aliens. just normal people and a normal routine.

lyle smiled. he wanted to scream "i am back!" but yes, it would make him look like an idiot if he did that in the airport.

he walked to the customs to check his belongings and sort out everything before leaving, the jet lag is already taking effect.

he had to fly over to wales from kalingrad and then to michigan from wales and now to boston from michigan. seriously a pain in the ass just so he could camo his arrival. after all, he's in top ten of the "shoot to kill" list in pentagon and cia.

he completed all the procedures and walked out. and there, he saw him. brad connor, his big brother.

lyle waved his right hand to get brad's attention as he swung the bag over his left shoulder.

brad saw him and smiled as he closed his weblink.

lyle walked over to him and gave him a big hug and brad hugged him back with an even tighter one.

"how's the flight? or should i say 'flights'?" brad asked in a teasing manner.

"cut me some slack here, i'm still suffering from the jet lag." lyle replied with a slight smile.

"never thought that my cute little brother is a goddamn under sol of mgu, ironic." brad said as he grabbed one of lyle's bags and walked towards the exit.

"neither did i expect my big brother to be the leader of world famous infogratz, ironic indeed." lyle countered as he followed.

"ha! ain't i awesome? say, what is your rank? if you want, i can get you a high post in my organization you know?" brad said. setting aside hid brotherhood with lyle, if he can get an mgu u sol to work for him, that's a huge profit on his part. because everyone(governmental and military) in the world knows that the u sol division of mgu, is full of nut cases and daredevils.

"i'll try to consider, but i'll not join either way." lyle answered. mgu saved his life and his pal's, no way in hell he would betray them.

"what!? you didn't even hear my offer! come on, it won't be pretty bad." brad pressed on.

"i'll help you as much as i can, but i will never leave mgu and i did consider, for one second."

"..." brad was left speechless.

"anyway, what's your rank? i'm curious now." brad asked as he opened the back of his car to put in the luggage.

"nothing big actually, just a first lieutenant of a twelve men team." lyle said as he threw the bag inside.

"wow, a lieutenant? are you kidding me? that's awesome, even though it ain't to my level but it's still awesome in it's own way." brad said as he closed the back and get inside his car as lyle followed by entering the other side.

"forget it, let's just get home." lyle said.

"buckle up." brad said with a smiley face. his car's engine roared to life and left the airport with speed.

the two of them chatted all the way from airport.

"oh yea, flash news." brad opened a small cabin space in the car by him. he took out a file and gave it to lyle, who is sitting by his side.

lyle was not initially interested, but since it was from him, it should be interesting. and so he took a peak inside and he almost spit blood.

"what the actual mother of fuck!? pentagon special task force!? stella!? are you fucking kidding me right now!?" lyle shouted.

"whoa whoa whoa! calm down! what's wrong? why are you shouting? it ain't serious, you're an u sol and she's also one, just that she's us and you're mgu, why are you shouting like your dog died?" brad asked. he almost hit the ferrari limo in the front.
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of course lyle would shout like his life is on the line. he's in the top seven of the top ten 'shoot to kill' list of pentagon and his little sister is an operator of pentagon, ironic as fuck.

"just why aren't my siblings normal..... one is a pentagon operator and the other is the leader of western region's information network, just fucking great." lyle sighed at his bad luck.

"i can say the same thing you know? one is a pentagon operator while the other is a lieutenant in one of the scariest military in the world." brad said in a teasing tone.

"yea right, like you have pentagon after your head and your little sister is one of them." lyle joked in a not-so-joking tone.


brad suddenly hit the brakes and the car behind them almost rammed their car.

"huh?" that was the response from brad. he soon moved the car away from the mainroad and parked it in the nearby parking.

right now, brad is massaging his forehead while lyle biting his nails.

"isn't it high time you start speaking?" brad asked.

"look, somethings are best unknown and maybe she doesn't know it's me so as long as we don't spill the beans, we'll be fine, i think so." lyle said.

"you think so? the fuck is that answer? she might kill you while sleeping and say it was a burglar for fucks sake!" brad said in a bit of panic mixed within his tone.

"look, i'll manage so all i need from you is don't ever mention this in front of her, you don't know my occupation and i don't know yours, simple as that! oh and yea, can you find me where 'rat' is now? i have a dealing with him and he's been out of reach lately." lyle said.

"i can do what you asked in the first part but that guy? i heard he was arrested in london but i don't really know, the information is not accurate so i can't be sure." brad said.

"is that so? i'll deal with it, thanks." lyle said and they left the parking.

"oh yeah, if you by chance find him, tell him that 'cypher' was looking for him as well." brad said.

"oh? cypher? why is she looking for that rodent? is there anything that matters?" lyle asked with confusion in his tone. he knows cypher very well. infact, not only him but his whole unit knows her. after all, she is flynn's girlfriend.

"what the-!? you know cypher? and it's a she!? wait are you for real? just what do you not know? i'm an informat and yet i don't even know the things you know and how the fuck do you know cypher is a she?" brad said while trying to hide his grin.

"she's the girlfriend of my techie, it's normal that i know her and she's good at what she does." lyle said in a prideful tone.

suddenly his eyes became sharp, danger! he forcefully turned the steering wheel to the right. brad was caught off guard and the car made a sudden right turn crashing into the roadside.

few inches before their car, a hole on the road side wall appeared.

"sniper!" lyle shouted.

both of them reacted fast and got out of the car and each of them run each direction.


a bullet passed by lyle's face by one centimeter. he almost fell but he managed to regain his balance and run towards the music shop to his left. another bullet missed his head by a hair's length as lyle jumped in through the door. he immediately crawled to the side and stayed down.

"jesus what the fuck!"

"what the fuck is going on!? who are you!"

the two guys inside said in surprise.

"get the fuck down!" lyle shouted while lying down.

*clank* *clank*

two more shots came through and hit those guys in the head.

"fuck!" lyle cursed.


lyle's weblink rang. it was brad calling him. he accepted the call.

"he's not on me, is he targeting you?" brad asked in a panicking tone.

"yea, that son of a bitch just killed two civis while shooting me." lyle replied in an angry tone.

"just who the fuck is this!" brad angrily asked.

"from the way he shoots? my guess, it's sierra seven from the death squad, pentagon." lyle said while thinking of a solution.

"what the!? the death squad? pentagon's strike team? how the fuck do they know you're back that fast!?" brad asked. he was quite surprised to know that pentagon knowing about lyle's arrival even though he went camo in his travel.

"my guess is they weren't tracking me, they were tracking you due to stella and you lead them to me and they must have confirmed my id before making a move, those fucks aren't idiots." lyle said.

"ah fuck, what are you gonna do? death squad is full of psychopaths, you won't get a chance to escape, wait there for a bit and i'll get a team to get us out of here." brad said in a worried tone.

"no need to worry, just fetch us a ride, this fucker is gonna die within the next thirty minutes, too bad the pentagon's gonna be mad, hahahaha." lyle said while laughing. he hung up his call with brad and tapped the mgu flag symbol on his weblink.

"any station or unit nearby, this is golden eagle, i'm being engaged by a sniper on ******** street, need immediate assistance! i repeat! this is golden eagle, i'm unarmed and being engaged by a sniper on ******** street! i need immediate assistance! two civis just died! beware, shooter's six is unknown." lyle said.

"this is uptake three, request received, i'm two blocks away from where you are, just hold on for a few minutes, out."

"z warrior six, eta five minutes out."

"nova four, two minutes out, over."

one by one, eight guys replied to his call for help.

"hahaha, you sierra son of a bitch! let's see who's hunting who now!"

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