Under SOLS
29 Lyle Connor, Commander of the Sword Legion.
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Under SOLS
Author :SaiKirito
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29 Lyle Connor, Commander of the Sword Legion.

two and a half hour later....


the heli rattled all the way. this wasn't like a chinook but a fucking bell uh-1 iroquois!

"why is this helo like this? isn't this supposed to carry five tons? why is this rumbling with just a ton?" lyle asked. he was panicking a bit. after all, he is inside and they are five thousand feet above the ground.

"haha haha haha... actually, this thing should've been decommissioned yesterday but that was delayed so we were about to send it away when we received the emergency mobilization order, we only had this ready at that time and we did not expect you would have an something weighing a ton." lieutenant vaid said. he was that leading soldier who talked to lyle first.

"a helo that should've been decommissioned is flying over an alien infested war zone.... i want to comment but i know that if it ain't for that, i probably wouldn't be alive so i'll turn a blind eye to this." lyle said.

"hahaha.... thanks, let me ask how much longer we have till touchdown." vaid said and stood up from his seat.

"eta ten minutes to base, prepare for landing and just in case, brace yourselves." the pilot said just as he was about to go and ask him.

"uhmm..... i think it's better if we do as he said." vaid said and held on to the railing behind him.

*heavy rattling*

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

the helicopter began shaking rigorously and the alarm went off.

lyle quickly grabbed onto the railing.

"we.... won't crash, right?" lyle asked. no one answered and everyone avoided eye contact with lyle. lyle's face went dark.

"god save the queen...."

(author: wait, why did i even add that? this guy is american! not british!)

the heli shook for more than three to five minutes.

"brace for impact!"

*bam* *screechhhhhhhhh*

the heli made an emergency landing on the runway. luckily, the crew inside were unharmed thanks to the pilots. the rescue team immediately rushed to the site and helped them all out and put out whatever little fire was caused.

an hour later.....

"hey come on lt, don't sulk like a lil kid! it was you who fucking stayed! now you wanna sulk for having a hardbass ride? fuck you!" flynn said on the weblink. currently, lyle is lying on the bed in medic area. he went through all kind of check ups to make sure he's totally fine and everything came out positive and he is ready for round two of the same shit. but yes, he will not be going through that experience again or more like he doesn't want to.

"well next time, i should kick your ass off the plane without a parachute and you'll know how i feel right fucking now! i've been inside every fucking thing i didn't want to! god i'm gonna ask a six month vacation and enjoy myself in hawaii! i'm not stepping back to battlefield again!" lyle said.

"ha! like fuck that's every gonna happen." flynn said with a laugh but two seconds later, his face fell. if lyle goes, they go.

"i hate when we are right about anything...." lyle complained.

"i don't care about you guys but i'm going back to california and meet my sister, it's been a long time since i've gone back home, she'd be worried dead by now." ed said. the whole team was there. all of them made it back thanks to lyle's "courageous" act, which will earn him an earful from eric and co when he gets back of course.

"aye, it's been a long time since we saw lil lilly, i believe she should've become a beauty by now." reginald commented.

"that's my sister so that makes her your 'sister' as well, if not i'll pump a barrel up your ass and pull it out of your mouth and shove it back inside." ed said in a threatening tone.

"of course i know that! what? do you think i'm interested in her? pfft! don't joke shit." reginald scoffed but deep down, he's scared shitless.

"reg's from alabama." sam fired a he salvo at mguns reginald. reginald gave him a glare.

"my dad's from alabama so what? my mom is british so fuck you." reginald cleverly dodged it.

"boomer." flynn teased.

"alright you kids, i'm the hospitalized one here, remember?" lyle said with a smirk.

"you can go die in a ditch for all we care." arjun said.

"agreed." +flynn.

"i double that." +edward.

"oh don't forget my vote." +reginald.

"us too." +putok, enrique, flavio, sam, guido, hiro and chen.

"you guys are cruel....." lyle whimpered.

*beep* *beep* *beep*

lyle's weblink beeped, he was getting a second call.

"alright, i'll get to you guys later." lyle hung up without even hearing their reply. he picked up the second call, it was eric.

"you good? no heart problems or anything?" eric asked in a teasing tone.
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"unfortunately yea, maybe i'll try a little next time and be seriously broken." lyle replied with a smirk.

"good to see your still in one piece brother, thanks to your stunt in chernobyl we can start the final stage for the fleet project and you became a hero of earth." eric said.

"the first one is really reassuring but the second one? not so much, what the heck is with this "hero of earth" and shit your talking about?" lyle asked in confusion as he got up.

"did you seriously think that no other country would be watching that clusterfuck of aliens? do you even know how many drones were in the sky including ours during that time? you showcased the gear's full strength to the world and now they will have to think ten times before anyone mess with us." eric said, obviously happy. with lyle showing the power of gear to the world, no one will mess with mgu for now unless they have something to counter it. the world will now fear mgu more than aliens now, they have no reason to if they don't provoke mgu.

"by the way, did you secure any test subjects?" lyle asked seriously.

"if you mean a dead alien corpse and an alien mech? yes we do and a dozen live ones as bonus." eric said with a satisfied expression. know thy enemy to know thy self. if they could figure out the alien's anatomy and how they work, then they will be a piece of cake to deal with.

"that's the best news i've heard all day." lyle relaxed. this is a good piece of news to him. those who fight in the field against an unknown enemy will always be engulfed by fear. they will not advance but retreat back. thus securing such vital pows is a really great news to a soldier like lyle and others.

"alright, i'll come see you when i get back." lyle said with a light smile and was about to hung up.

"uh uh uh! no sir! that's a negative, you're not coming back to mgu for the time being." eric said while posing "x" with his hands.

"what do you mean?" lyle asked.

"you're going back home." eric said with a smirk.

"wow, something tells me it won't happen...." lyle retorted with a colorless expression. when did he ever have break time? not that he remembered any but exactly because he can't remember any.

"i don't know what you're talking about....." eric tried to dodge it but lyle caught on.

"what is it this time....." lyle asked as he sighed. he knew he was a jinx.

"lyle, don't bother this time, you're not the only action team in mgu and "sword legion" still has a lot to spare." eric replied.

sword legion, the frontier force or the attack force of mgu which existed for centuries. it's main job is not to defend mgu but to annihilate any potential threat for mgu. they are swords and spears of mgu who stay invisible to rest of the world. not many countries know the existence of the sword legion. lyle and his team are also a part of this division, one of the best in fact.

there is a total of ten elite units and three hundred normal units in sword legion. sword knight, saber, buck swagger, blade, katana, excalibur, kilij, executioner, devil dagger and shashka. these ten are the most elite units of the sword legion as well as mgu. they can kill anyone and anything. these guys have another name known in their circle (the military elites), the mad demons.

those guys huh..... i seriously can't trust them to do a good job." lyle said.

"that's you and your personal grudge! seriously, i don't know why you leaders in the sword legion are like jackasses! you don't trust them? fine, but their performance is above abnormal like yours! so yes, you're going back home and they are going to take on this mission." eric said. the team leaders of the elites in sword legion have a bit of competition or annoyance between them, they think of each other as an annoying pest, only the elites.

"fine, you can do whatever you want, i'll back off this time, what's the missions about?" lyle said as he gave up. after all, he does miss his family a bit and wants to have some free time away from the military.

"it's good that you are backing off, but don't ever think you can get back in without me knowing." eric glared at lyle.

"yada yada baby yoda, tell me, what is it this time?" lyle asked.

"we got a lead about the mozambique incident." eric said as he crossed his hands and relaxed.

"wait for real? you really did?" lyle asked in surprise.

the surprise attack on mozambique caught them off guard and made them realize how slacking they were in security details around the country. they had to triple sweep to peel out the intruders. they lost a lot of soldiers during the attack and have been waiting for revenge.

"yes we did, saber team went to ireland and captured 'the irishman' during a small transaction of his and the mafia, well the americans butted in but our guys safely brought him to a safehouse in italy, they have extracted the information from him and now our next target is in turkey, we should get a lead there because whoever ordered the hit on mozambique is clever enough to do it with multiple contacts, we only have breadcrumbs to lead us right now, we will follow it and find out about that person and make him pay for what they did." eric said in a sharp tone. he was really angry when thinking about this.

"a death more scarier than death itself, who's being deployed? only saber? i know their leader bricks, he's one tough son of a bitch that takes everything easily and still manages to complete the task." lyle said.

"i heard about him too, he has a good resume but not as good as yours and dagger team is also being deployed along with saber." eric said with a slight smile.

"two elites in one place, that's new." lyle said.

"the mission this time is of utmost importance, we need to find that person and not let our clue escape, so we have to make sure everything is fine." eric said.

"no worries, i'll remind them to be vigilant and diligent." lyle assured.

"of course, if the great ass commander of the sword legion himself gives assurance, who am i to worry? i'm already at ease that you are not going and now you're giving assurance, what's there to be worried about anymore?" eric teased.

"alright you bastard, i'm hanging up, see you soon." lyle said with a smirk.

"see you not soon." eric laughed.

both of them hung up with a great mood, but they didn't know that this investigation will lead to one of the biggest secrets being revealed one day.

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