Under SOLS
28 RTB
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Under SOLS
Author :SaiKirito
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28 RTB





"alright... you..... sons... of bitches... who's next!" lyle asked while panting heavily. he was fighting three alien mechs for the past forty seven minutes nonstop. and guess what? he defeated them. although his gear took some damage, he still managed to cut those alien mechs like doctor sausage.

these mech fighters are more like giant human fighters when fighting. no restrain a mech warrior has can be seen among them. it's like, they are not mechs but giants. lyle also thought that way for a while. but only after few killing did he find the secret. these sons of bitches use bio-mechanized mechs! they are linked with their cerebrum which makes their movements fast af. you can say they are in a mech but they are not a mech. complicated bio-engineering stuff. it's alien to begin with anyway.

lyle stood there with two hand swords. his left side took some damage due to him forcefully blocking a strike. behind him were the leftovers of dead mechs and their pilots inside. one of the pilot body was outside the mech though. when fighting them, he got really pissed and broke the pilot cabin and dragged the pilot out and bashed his head against the mech's body. the mechs body is made out of some kind of metal alloy which he don't know. he just know that it's really hard and a head will break it bashed against it.

but fortunately, the pilot had a brain death due to forceful disconnection with the mech and didn't feel the pain. his brain got fried big time.

to lyle, he just wants to kill them and be done with it and as for how they die, he doesn't care.

"why the fuck are you not attacking! come on! i don't have all day here! if the russians come then they will ask me tons of questions and i'll never have my vacation! so square the fuck up and come at me!" lyle said tauntingly. what he said was true though. if the russians catch him, then they will probably confiscate his gear and make him a lab rat in some cold laboratory in an unknown location and just end the report saying he got killed in battle. he definitely did not want that.

"you are just a lowly terrain...! how could you defeat them all.....? capture this terrain! and bring him to the ship!" the mech standing at center ordered. the two mechs beside him stepped forward and drew out their weapons. photon swords. glowing red with photonic energy, it burned even the air.

lyle got a chill looking at the swords. he was already tired. if it was any other soldier from earth, then they would no doubt be dead by now without the gear. lyle is lucky to have it and he had been thanking daniel all along in his heart. but now, even he wasn't sure if his titanium swords could hold up.

the two mechs marched towards him at same pace.

*zoooooum* *booooom!!!!!*

out of nowhere, something fell down from the sky and erupted a puff of dirt. it landed in between lyle and approaching alien mechs.

lyle brought his hands up to guard the moment it landed. he moved his hands and took a defense stance.



some kind of final boss sound came from the place where that thing landed. the dirt cleared bit by bit. lyle could see it. it was a bit smaller than those alien mechs. it had two horns. it was red metallic in color. it looked hard and strong and terrifying.

a mech.

(author: hoooooooraaaaaaah boys! here we fucking go!!!!!!!!!)

it stood there facing the aliens. the aliens dare not movie carelessly now. they are getting a really bad feeling from the mech.

lyle looked at the flag symbol at the right shoulder left shoulder of the mech. it was really familiar. and then, he suddenly remembered it and he was dumbfounded.

"no... fucking... way... bundeswehr? and that design.... holy..... fucking god! they actually sent the fucking red devil.....? the germans took this way too seriously and i owe my ass for it." lyle said while backing up. he actually saw the legendary red devil. the super mech of german. the ones who massacred sixty thousand within half an hour, not this mech but it was the same series.

the mech's head turned to the left a bit and it's eyes looked on to lyle.

"noth weist, evac, mgu." the mech pilot said. he turned his head to face the aliens.

"i take car these." he said.

(author: i know it sounds like i made a mistake, but i did not. i tried to make it sound like a real german who does not have a good english accent speaking, that's all.)

"ah.... well then mate, thank you and good luck, oh and by the way! these guys are not that tough, just go on a rampage, bye bye~." lyle said and ran away. the alien cannon fodders didn't follow him or give chase. they just stood where they were.

"verdammte mgu-bastarde." the mech pilot cursed.

(translation: damned mgu bastards.)

the red devil drew it's signature weapon, the "reaper sword", which looked like a sword with razor sharp teeth.

suddenly, twenty more alien mechs came out of nowhere. five came from the sky and fifteen came out of the forest. and these mechs looked more experienced. there was no opening in their guard.

"what are you doing! someone kill that thing!" the alien mech pilot said. all twenty mechs lunged towards the red devil.


"ahh das fängt an, schmerzhafter zu werden ..." the red devil's pilot said. the mechs eyes turned red.

(translation: ahh this is starting to get more painful....)

the red devil mech started floating a bit. it was five centimeters above ground.

and then.


the two mechs beside the commanding alien's mech got cut in half. the center mech ran away in fear. the red devil, did not want to chase because it's a pain and that coward ran fast. it was a surprise how fast that mech ran. it was almost abnormal in mech term.

the red devil just faced the on coming mechs. suddenly, even the cannon fodders started attacking.

the red devil pilot did not care a bit. he swung his sword. a bunch died. he swung again. another bunch died. he swung continuously. a ton died. an alien mech slashed out it's photon sword at the red devil.

the red devil pilot maneuvered the mech and dogged it. he immediately slashed his reaper sword from below and decapitated the alien mech. the devil's eyes become blood red.

and a slaughter began.

far away from that fight, lyle was running nonstop. he didn't know where the evac site was but he just ran. even if he missed the evac, he might as well cross the border by running.


sound of a chopper could be heard. lyle was escalated. he immediately ran into the opening nearby. he saw a chinook helicopter above the opening. it was landing.

"hey!!!!!!!!!!" lyle shouted. the heli gradually descend and finally landed near lyle. the door opened. a platoon of soldiers in hazmat suit rushed out. this region is highly radioactive for some reason, so they had to come in hazmat suit.

"lieutenant lyle connor of southern region?" the leading soldier asked.

"yes sir, is this my uber? i'm dying to get back go my bed right now." lyle said and walked towards them.

"hahaha, good one lieutenant, welcome abroad our humble big ass helicopter." the leading soldier said and walked back inside with his troop. lyle followed them. the door closed.

"alright! we can take off! rtb!" the soldier said.

"j fish, returning to base." the pilot said. he tried to take off.

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

the alarm suddenly went off.

"what happened? ambush?" the soldier asked the pilot.

"no! we're too heavy!" the pilot said while struggling to take off.

"... "

they all looked at lyle. only after he entered did the weight increase.
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"just... how much does it weigh?" the soldier asked.

"uh.... around a ton and a half?" lyle said.

"....." everyone was speechless.

"no wonder we weren't able to take off..... just what is that thing made off?" the soldier asked.

"full on titanium, specifically made for space combat." lyle explained.

"space... combat?" the soldier was surprised a bit. he thought it was for advanced warfare in earth, but he said space. and now after seeing all that, it was the right move.

"at first, i just thought it won't have much use in space, but now? i definitely want mass production now, without this we'd probably be fucked all over." lyle said.

"agreed...." the soldier said. honestly, he never thought he would live till alien warfare, but now, it seems they had to take up arms. take the fight to them. he turned around and headed towards the pilot cabin.

"punch in more torque! we are getting back!" the soldier said.

"i'm trying! if i give more torque then we can't make it to the base in kalingrad! we can't land elsewhere as well!" the pilot said. the soldier went near.

"look, that kid fought thousands of those fucks and stayed alive, he saved face for earth, for mgu, we are bringing him back." the soldier said. the pilot didn't have anything else to say.

"just hold on to something, we may have a crash landing soon." the pilot said.


the engine roared to life and the heli slowly took off the ground.


the heli shook a bit due to forcing the chopper.

"j fish, returning to base, for real this time."

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