Under SOLS
27 I can do this all day
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Under SOLS
Author :SaiKirito
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27 I can do this all day

a sudden chill went up his spine and hit his brain like a train after he said that.

warning! warning! warning!

abnormal brain activity detected!

host will now experience a mental trauma!

the system alarm went off.

"arrrrggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!" lyle grabbed his head and started screaming like crazy. all those bad memories which he wanted to forgot, came surging into his brain like a huge wave.

edward rushed towards lyle and hugged his tightly.

"it's alright brother, they won't be able to do anything to you! you're safe! you're perfectly safe! now calm down! shhhhhhhhh, just like that! just calm down." ed pampered him. those terrible things lyle went through, he saw them all. if it wasn't for lyle, he might have been long dead. he owed lyle his life and he would do anything for him as his brother who went through hell and back together.

it took lyle a minute to calm down. he started breathing heavily the moment he calmed down.

"calm down alright? we're no longer in that hell, we're in a place less worse than it." ed said in a soft manner. their whole team was in a total shock. what the fuck was that? they never seen lyle act like that and ed's soft manner is even more surprising.

"question, what the fuck just happened? lyle acting like someone who escaped from an asylum and you acting like a soccer mom, what the heck dude?" sam asked.

"we can have a brief talk about this later but now, we gotta get the hell out of here!" lyle said as he stabilized.


as soon as he said, he earth began shaking.

lyle slowly turned towards the forest in the distance. his expression became serious and grave.

"go! get to the drop ship now! go! go! go! go! go!" lyle said and closed the briefcase on flynn's hand and ran towards the drop ship. they all had a second delay but they followed right after.

a sea of aliens rushed towards them like a huge flood out of the forest.

*growl* *a lot of growling*

sounds of them screaming and growling could be heard coming near.

they all got in and chris took off. but three of those alien critters jumped onto the ramp before it can close.

"fuck! ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!" lyle rushed towards the three aliens and pushed them off while jumping with them.


the impact turned those aliens into mashed potatoes. lyle immediately turned towards the ship and turned on the loud speaker.

"edward jones! no matter what the fuck happens! do.not.let.anyone.leave.the.ship! this is an order from your lieutenant!" lyle shouted with the speaker on.

"chris, take em home." lyle said using the comm.

"what about you, lieutenant? you aren't thinking about a one verses god-knows-how-many right? that's upright suicide." chris said worriedly.

"don't worry, it's been a while since i went all out, let me take a break and stretch out a bit." lyle said with a smirk.

"ah you fucked up son of a bitch, you better be alive when i come back, you haven't played my tab yet and i'm not gonna stop till you're bankrupt, pigeon, flying home." chris said. and then the drop ship slowly ascended.

inside, everyone heard what lyle said. they all began cursing him. edward walked out of the group and before the ramp. the face screen on his helmet turned red.

"none of you shall pass." edward said in a sharp tone. it had a hint of killing intent.

"come the fuck on comrade! we all know he will kill himself if we let him be! don't try to stop us!" putok said and rushed to jump out.


edward stopped putok with his left hand and left hand alone. putok is by far the strongest in their team in terms of raw strength. with the gear amplifying his original strength, it's like stopping a train with one hand. even if edward wearing a gear make him strong, it can't make him stronger than putok. this is not the edward they know.

he pushed putok back. putok went back at least six feet.

"as i already said, none of you shall pass." edward said in a threatening tone.

"cyka!" putok cursed silently and rushed again.

"you made me do this." ed quietly said.


edward punched putok in the chest. putok was sent flying across the small corridor and hit the wall at the end. his gear lost it's life.

putok tried to get up again, but he couldn't. none of his limbs were moving. he can feel them but he can't move it. the gear! the total system crashed and the power shut down. even if he's strong, he can't move a few ton titanium armor all alone.

the rest of them had shivers running down their spine. they all looked at ed. he was just standing there like nothing happened. he looked like a demon.

they wanted to make a move. if they were to go at him all together, then they might have a chance.

"stop!" flynn said. they all looked at him.
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"we can't do anything right now, all we can do now is trust lt and hope for the best." flynn said as he glared at ed. the helmet may have hid it, but ed could feel that glare of hatred towards him. he just stood there like an unmovable mountain.

and with that, the ship took off.

lyle sighed in relief for a second.

he suddenly waved his right fist backwards. the fist landed on an alien's cheek or something that should've been the cheek. the alien was sent flying along with it's teeth from right side.

he didn't wait and threw another punch with his left hand at the oncoming alien. that punch plastered that son of a bitch in the ground and made a mincemeat out of it's head.

lyle grabbed the third one and threw it on the ground and stomped it with his feet.


purple goo like stuff splashed everywhere as it's head got smashed. lyle didn't wait and grabbed the next one by head and crushed it. his face screen became red. inside, his eyes became sharp and his pupils turned red.

abnormal activities detected in host!

reason: unknown!

symptoms: unknown!

effect: unknown!

treatment: unknown!

"deploy melee weapons." lyle said.

deploying melee weapons

hand swords____dual wield/single wield: select

titanium combat knife: select

razor whip: select

"select hand swords! duel wield!" lyle choose.

deploying hand swords: dual wield.

*zing* *zing*

two swords at the length of one meter each, came out of his hands. they came out from the small gap above his fists.

he lightly waved his hand at the alien coming for his face. the alien was cut in half.

"hmm, pretty sharp." lyle praised. his eyes turned sharp again.

he lunged at the sea of aliens and started his massacre.

exactly half an hour later...

lyle just stood there with his swords and his gear both soaked in purple goo. the aliens stopped attacking him for some reason. well at least it gave him a chance go breath. beneath him, the greeny field become filled with corpses of aliens.

"alright mother fuckers, who's next? i can do this all day!" lyle taunted the aliens with his swords. he wasn't lying though. he stopped counting after his four hundred and twenty fifth kill.

the aliens were clearly aching to pounce at him, but they didn't. it seemed like something was stopping them.

"come on you sons of bitches! what are you waiting for? delivery from dominos? man the fuck up!" lyle insulted them. there's clearly way too many for him to count. well it doesn't matter as long as he kills them all and his gear's power doesn't seem to go down much.

"stop your struggle terrain, you can not win." a bit deep voice said.

lyle looked towards the direction of the voice.

"you gotta be fucking kidding me..... mechs?" lyle said in annoyed tone. seven humanoid mechs walked out of the forest. they were ten to twelve meters high with a thin body. their movements aren't something a mech could do. they were walking normally with hands waving, which was not how normal mechs move. these guys were moving fluently.

"so now you all start talking english?" lyle said. those mechs just walked over the aliens, killing a lot of them and the aliens didn't even flinch or move to the side.

"you are nothing but an inferior life form, your language is not something hard to learn." the mech at the center said.

"yeah right, try getting a degree in oxford and talk." lyle lightly said.

"i am here to honor your death by seeing your last struggle, you should feel escalated that a god like me is witnessing your death, terrain." the guy or girl or alien in the center mech said.

"yeah fucking right, maybe you don't know, i'm not a believer and i never will be, i trust my hand and my gun so you whatever 'god' or 'bullshitting bitch' can join the queue, you'll get your turn." lyle laughed.

"it seems that you terrains are not well educated, no problem, i shall personally conquer this savage rock and educate you all myself, after enslaving you that is! hahahahahahaha!!!!" the alien laughed like it owned the fucking place.

"heh, laugh all you want, when the russian military gets here, it will be too late to go home for you fucks." lyle scoffed.

"kekeke, is this 'russian military' person strong?" the alien snickered while asking.


"you.... don't know what a military is?" lyle asked in surprise.

"i command you to explain it to me, terrain." the alien ordered him.

"oh yea? how about you beat me first before asking? i don't like wasting my time talking to weak." lyle pointed a sword at the alien.

"hahahahahahahahahaha! you? a terrain? challenging me? do you think i'll go low as to fight you myself? dream on, number two, killing him, painfully." the alien said.

the mech on the alien's right walked towards lyle while stomping a lot of those cannon fodders.

lyle retracted the sword on his right hand.

just as the alien was about to grab him, he dodged to the left and grabbed the alien's hand and cut it with the sword on his left hand. purple too splashed.

'blood?' lyle thought.

the alien screamed in pain.

'what the fuck? isn't this a mech?' lyle thought.

he didn't give the alien mech a chance to recover and just tripped it's leg. the mech fell down with a *thud*. lyle didn't waste a second and just jumped on it's chest and threw a punch with his right fist.


as soon as the punch landed, he redeployed his right hand sword. for some reason, he could feel his sword pierce through something soft. he was sure that's the pilot. even if it's not, the mech can't move anyway.

he pulled out his sword. purple blood splashed out from the cut.

the aliens were stunned by the scene. they did not think that lyle, an intelligent life form from terra, could kill a mech warrior of theirs without much effort. even if the mech warrior was careless, he still killed him.

lyle looked at the six remaining mechs.

"who's next?"

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