Under SOLS
26 Something of the past that shouldn“t exis
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Under SOLS
Author :SaiKirito
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26 Something of the past that shouldn“t exis

"remember, we got company plus we are going right above where we didn't want to go! fuck i hate this! we'll try and divert these freaks from those three teams on the ground and get them on our tail, buying some time for them to escape! after that, we bolt to the location of package and retrieve it and leave as soon as possible, everyone clear? is there any doubt?" lyle asked as he reload his empty magazines.

"what's the worst case scenario?" the ever silent edward asked.

"worst case scenario? we all die." lyle said it simply but it sent chills down their spine. of course, they aren't crazy enough to go kill themselves... yet?

"then what's the best one?" reginald asked.
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"the best? let's see, we all walk out untouched with the fuse and his body, everyone happy." lyle said.

"then, what's the good case scenario?" flynn asked. his eyes were sharp. he looked at lyle as if looking at his soul.

"..." lyle didn't answer and stopped what he was doing. *cluck* *click*. he loaded the magazine into the gun and stood by the ramp door. now this caught their interest.

"come on lyle, what's the good case scenario huh?" flynn pressed on.

"say it, the way you're acting shows that you're up to no good." putok said.

"say it lyle! what's the good case scenario!" flynn shouted.

"you guys go home with the fuse and the body! happy? now shut the fuck up!" lyle said.

"then what about you? stay behind and play chess with those alien freaks over an afternoon tea?" flynn asked. he walked over to lyle's back.

"you know me the best flynn, i'll get back once i know you guys are safe." lyle said softly.

flynn gritted his teeth. he is just a useless guy. what lyle said was clear, they will get in his way if things go south. once he is in the clear, he can go all out. when he does, it will be hell. he had gone all out in the past and when be did, he massacred an army of two thousand men in a matter of seconds. no one lived yo tell the tale that day. it was only flynn who saw that side of lyle. it was like seeing a demon from the depths of hell. frightening. alarming. terrifying.

from that day onwards, flynn decided not to speak about this to anyone. only a few of the living knows about lyle's other side and only flynn saw his other side in action. reginald only saw the aftermath, not the process.

flynn gritted his teeth.



"everyone! get ready! opening the door, prepare to engage." chris's voice cut him off.

*ramp opening sound*

"stand fast! hold your post! stand firm! kill everything!" lyle ordered.

the ramp door opened and the forest view became clear. they could see aliens running but only a few scouts, not a clusterfuck of them.

"forget the scouts, aim for the main force!" lyle commanded.

"main force in sight! and holy fucking mother of titties! there's way too fucking many of them!!!!!!" chris screamed.

"shut the fuck up and fire the main guns you asshole!" lyle said over the comm.

"preparing vulcan and 'trash blowers', firing." claire said.


*pew* *pew* *continuously pewing*

vulcan's function goes without saying, awesome! but the mxpipfg code named "trash blower", it was on a whole new level. it was firing plasma. the main weapons were fitted at the front of drop ship like how an apache attack helicopter has, but this drop ship has three guns instead of one. two mxpipfg on the sides while the vulcan is fitted on the center.

if vulcan is mowing down the enemy, then the mxpipfg is leveling the ground. each round has the power of an 110mm shell. and it was firing at a rapid speed.

the main weapons of the drop ship took care of huge number of enemies while the guns on the side operated by putok and enrique took care of the flanks. they were having fun with their gatling guns. lyle and the rest took care of the remnants, though they didn't kill off everyone of them.

suddenly, lasers shot towards them out of nowhere. lyle and his group, except putok and enrique, looked towards the sky. six alien fighters were tailing them at the speed of a su-57 while shooting lasers.

"contact! bandits on tail! take them out if possible!" chris said.

ed immediately lay down on the floor and looked towards the enemy aircrafts.

"chris, fly as slow as possible while dodging enemy fire, i want them to get close, closer the better." ed said.

"wha-!? you ingrate! that's suicide! go die alone if you want to die!" chris said.

"just trust me goddamn it! there's no time!" ed urged him. they were already flying slow and now he wants this thing to go even slower, how can chris not get angry?

"ed, what are you...! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! you smart ass son of a bitch! brilliant! chris! do as he said!" lyle said excitedly.

"what the fuck!? connor you too!? just what the fuck is wrong with you people! why are you always walking towards death! just try walking the other way for a fucking change!" chris said in an almost crying tone. he was already having a hard time dodging enemy fire and now this. 'i'm too young to dieeeeee!' chris screamed internally.

lyle also lay beside ed. flynn and reginald followed. chris did his never-did-before-best piloting.

"i'll take two." ed said

"i'll take two as well." lyle said.

"then we'll take one each." flynn said.

"just what are we gonna do?" reginald asked.

"follow us." lyle said.

"deploy anti-air!" all three of them, except reginald, said in unison.

"deploy anti-air!" reginald followed as he was told.


counter air measures activated.

stinger missiles prepared for launch.

waiting for command.

status: ready (stand by)

the same game-like interface showed up before them.

"lock on."

targets locked.


aircraft model not found in database!


aircraft model not found in database!

aircraft functions: unknown!

the system alarm went off. daniel and jarred made sure to install the every bit of information about every aircraft that ever existed. even the details about the first ever aircraft made by the wright brothers exist in it's database.

"well of course, what do you expect? it's alien anyway, everybody locked on to their targets?" lyle asked.

"yes sir!" the three of them said in unison.





*shoo* *shoo* *shoo* *shoo* *shoo* *shoo*

*boom* *boom* *boom* *boom* *boom* *boom*

six stingers were fired and all of them hit their targets accurately. this is all thanks to chris and his flying skills. he was really tired from all that dodging. the main reason for those missiles to hit their targets accurately is because of chris keeping the drop ship fly slow but doing some really difficult dodging.

"chris, when we get back, remind me to buy you a beer as well as anything you want! the tabs on me! hahaha." lyle laughed. he didn't lie though, he will really buy him when they get back alive.

"you better keep your word, because me and my skills aren't cheap." chris teased. he was sweating bullets. he did it! first ever human pilot in history to stay alive under an alien attack in the air. it doesn't sound bad at all. the corner of his lips arched up into a smile. first human pilot to live and guard a group of soldiers under an alien hostile attack... hahahaha..... this is crazy. he's just a military transport aircraft pilot but now his name's going down on the "pilot hall of fame"! his name will now be added in the same place as those great pilots like "the red baron", "the kid", "pritzl", "amelia earhart" and "hiroyoshi nishizawa"! a few of the best pilots in human history. having your name among them is the greatest honor a pilot can get.

"chris, let's forget the small details and get to the target." lyle said. they can't waste too much time here or they don't know what the hell would come next.

"roger that, ninety seconds to touchdown."

chris then closed the ramp door and fired up the engine.

85 seconds later.....

"five seconds! on the double!"

"enrique and chen on guard duty, the rest on me!" lyle ordered.

enrique and chen walked out of the group and stood at the sides near the ramp door with their guns ready. the rest of them stood in a 5x2 formation, waiting for the door to open.

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep*

the alarm sounded and the door slowly opened.

they rushed out, like every time.




"all clear!"

only after hearing all clear did they ease up a bit.

"five minutes, then we fly home." lyle said.

"i don't want to stay in this shit zone either, i just wanna get back and grab a vodka." putok said with a pkm in his hands.

"russians." ed just shook his head.

"trust me, i'm with you in this." lyle said.

"found him, over there." flynn pointed towards a lone tree some distance away from the river.

all ten of them started jogging towards it. since they landed on a clear field, it wasn't hard as walking inside a rough dense forest and enrique and chen walked out of the drop ship to watch out for enemies.

all ten of them reached the tree within twenty seconds. and they found him.

a corpse with mguaf ground division uniform.

he was dead but there were signs of fighting plus three of those alien cannon fodder's corpses. the soldier's body was at the base of the tree, leaning against it while facing the river with a berreta m9 on one hand and a radio on the other. he had a satisfied expression on his face.

reginald crouched down and looked at his name.

"pvt¹. jonathan myers." reginald read. he stood up and walked back to the group. all ten of them stood side by side.

"soldiers! salute!" lyle shouted at the top of his lungs.

all ten of them saluted at the dead soldier in unison.

"at ease." lyle said. they all eased up. putok and guido walked towards the body. they took the radio and the gun and passed it to reginald while they carried the soldier's body over their right shoulders and walked towards the drop ship.

"so? a hundred and ninety steps north?" flynn asked. lyle turned towards the direction which the soldier's body was facing.

"a hundred and ninety steps means across this damned river." lyle said.

"across the river? then how the hell did he get here? swimming? that river is a hundred feet wide in the least and with these alien critters running around? i don't think so." hiro said.

"i don't either but that fucked up case is right over there." lyle pointed at the white metallic briefcase tens of feet sway from the river bank.

"chris, we got the package, get the bird stsrted." lyle said and turned around and started walked towards the drop ship.

"roger, where is it?" chris asked while turning on the engine. right now, there is no guy as happy as him in the world. enrique and chen rushed back in the moment engine fired up. putok and guido are already inside the ship and covered the dead soldier with a mgu flag. the four of them saluted at the corpse and eased after that.

"across the river, a couple hundred feet." lyle said while jogging towards the drop ship, the rest followed closely. they all got into the ship very quickly and the ship took off.

"i tagged it using crt, you should see it on the radar and keep the door open." lyle said as he stood by the door.

"copy, i see it." chris said flew the ship towards the briefcase.

it didn't take them more than ten seconds before touching down again.

the team alignment didn't chance. the ten of them walked to the briefcase. flynn picked up the case and input the pass code to open it.

"all this for you, better not disappoint us." flynn said as he opened the case.

there it was. the root case of all these. the fuse. it looked more like a bike's spark plug.

"son of a-! this!? how the fuck did that son of a fucking bitch eric get this!? this is like buying off that kohinoor diamond from the damn britis! how the heck did he even persuade them!?" flynn exclaimed in surprise. to him, this is very surprising. getting "this" fuse is no easy feet.

"do you know what this is?" putok asked.

"know? this is the g7-x8-r3 aport fuse which is used for only one purpose and that was abandoned during the cold war and the "red sheet" has been put across the whole damn place." flynn said. under that helmet, his expression was a bit complicated.

the term "red sheet" means "that place doesn't exist anymore and it had been erased from existence" which means, nothing related to it exist.

"kray sverta, the world's end."

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