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Chernobyl. Fifteen hundred hours (3'o clock). Thirty kilometers away from Pripyat river.

"What the.... Didn't he just say that everyone died....?" Putok asked with disbelief written all over his face.

"This is MGU Special Strike Unit First Lieutenant Lyle Connor, southern region eastern sector, to who am I speaking to?" Lyle replied. Even Lyle was having a hard time believing it. Eric just said everyone died and there were no survivors, but, speak of the devil, they contacted them.

"Grea*buzzzzzzz* one would co*buzzzz* but you guys di*buzzzz* utenant." The survivor said on the comm. There was some kind of radio interference so the voice wasn't clear and Lyle was having a hard time making sense out of what he said.

"Flynn, can you get me a solid connection?" Lyle looked at Flynn. Only he can solve problems such as this.

"It's a bit tricky, remember that EMP I fired out earlier? It must have fired their comms inside, so it's difficult to get a solid connection around this area." Flynn shook his head as he explained.

"Just answer me in one word, can you make him sound clear? Yes or no?" Lyle asked.

"Yes? Probably?" Flynn replied unsure.

"Do it." Lyle said.


Flynn gave up explaining and started working on his magic.

"Listen, I don't ha*buzzzzzz*me, everyo*buzzzz*ed, these al*buzz* critters aren't *buzzzzzzzzzzz* head on, t*buzzzzzz* steps north of *buzzzzzzz* retrieve the pak*buzzzzzz* it's yours now *buzzzz* MGU forever!"


The connection terminated. Lyle looked at Flynn who was typing on his Weblink.

"What happened?" Lyle asked.

"Connection got terminated or more precisely, he terminated it." Flynn said without looking Lyle.

"And? What about making him sound clear?" Lyle asked again.

"Got it! Well I can't fix his comm but I can clear the voice after recording it, here, let me play it." Flynn said and tapped the play option.

"Anyone on this channel!? *inhale* Any MGU personal hearing me? Please respond!"

"Great! *inhale* I thought no one would come for us *inhale*, but you guys did *inhale*, thank you Lieutenant."

"Listen *inhale*, I don't have much time on me *inhale*, everyone else died, these alien critters *inhale* aren't strong if you fight them *inhale* with full force head on, the package is one ninety steps *inhale* north of my position, retrieve the package and *inhale* deliver it in our stead, it's your *inhale* mission now Lieutenant, MGU forever!"
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From the tone itself, you can understand that he was on his last straw. Even when he was about to die, he prioritized his mission. He is a true soldier.

Lyle was holding his anger in. No matter what, he should not lose his cool. Anyone can lose it but not him. He is their leader and leaders should not be rash.

Little did he knew, his whole team was fumbling with rage. If let loose then there would be a massacre.

"Command come in." Lyle called.

"Copy Sword Knight, what's your status?" Eric asked. He haven't moved one bit. His eyes were fixed on the big screen.

"Command, we have the location of the package, we're going to retrieve it whether you like it or not." Lyle said. Eric was shocked that he couldn't come up with a reply. Package? Does that mean there are survivors? That's not possible! He clearly saw them being killed. Their SAT above Chernobyl was feeding them live footage and how could he have missed such an important thing?

"Great! Are there survivors? How many?" Eric asked excitedly.

"Sorry command, the last survivor just let out his last breath." Lyle sad in a helpless tone. He tightened his fist. This is unacceptable! During war or during missions, it's normal to lose life, but this wasn't supposed to be a war. First it was Mozambique and now it's Chernobyl. It's all the same, they can't do anything. They are powerless with power.

"..... " Eric didn't reply nor did Lyle expect him to.

"Lyle.... Fucking... Connor... You have a new mission! Kill these mother fuckers! You have executive authority, code "Gold", send them back to hell." Eric said coldly. He was already at his wit's end. He couldn't do anything during Mozambique incident and now he couldn't save those men who had no reason to give their lives. This time, MGU will not stay defensive, it's time for offense. Aliens? Space? So what? At the end of the day, they aren't immortals or gods or fucks. Even if it's gods, he will put a bullet in their head for messing with them.

Eric cut the connection with Lyle and contacted their Antarctican base.

"Yo, sup?" Jarred's face popped up on the screen.

"Jarred, this is urgent, when will the "Fleet" be operational?" Eric asked with a face of seriousness.

"Uh... Is everything okay? Cuz you look way too damn serious." Jarred asked doubtfully.

"Oh I'm very fucking serious right now! Just tell me the damn date!" Eric shouted.

"Alright alright, chill out will ya? If we're talking about the whole damn Fleet them it will take around one fifty to one sixty days, but the fortress will be up and running in seven days as long as we get that fuse." Jarred explained.

"That's.... Too long..." Eric slumped on the chair and massaged his forehead. This is a real headache now.

"Eric, what happened?" Jarred asked seriously.

Eric filled him up with everything that just happened. After a minute, even Jarred was having a headache.

"Fucking outer space freaks..... All we lack now is pixies dropping from the sky or dragons going on rampage."Jarred said annoyed.

"Where is that idiot Connor now?" Jarred asked.

"Chernobyl, retrieving the package and killing aliens." Eric replied.

"What do you think his chances are?" Jarred asked with concern.

"Knowing him? Probably seventy percent if he went all out and duke it out with them." Eric said as he did the calculations.

"Bullets don't last forever, remember? " Jarred said.

"Bullets don't mean anything to him, remember?" Eric said.

To a soldier, a gun is his best friend and bullet is the fuel. But Lyle is different, everyone thinks his strength is in ranged combat, but his real power lies in close quarter. As long as he gets close, it's a sure kill. But getting close is the trick. To Lyle, getting close is the easiest part. As long as he is close, you better wish whatever god you worship to magically protect you because your gonna die anyway.