Under SOLS
24 Time for showdown
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Under SOLS
Author :SaiKirito
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24 Time for showdown

at the same time.

ten miles west of belfast, dundrod, northern ireland.

"dashboard this is saber six, target is unmoved."

"saber six be patient, package is on the way, eta five minutes."

"copy that."

across the dundrod presbyterian church in dundrod, northern ireland, lieutenant brick of mgu is currently standing on the opposite side of the road in the bus stop across the church in disguise and was eating biscuits while making it seem like he was waiting for someone.

they finally got a lead on that terrorist attack in mozambique. the explosives used by those terrorists (mercenaries but they are terrorists since they are bad guys) during the attack were identified as the ones sold by an irish arms dealer. they tracked him and found out that he will be making a deal with some mafia or sort here in dundrod. mgu immediately sent a strike force to northern ireland and now they are in middle of waiting for both parties.

brick is an under sol and his team consists of six under sols excluding him and four veteran adults. they were all positioned accordingly and surrounded the church with no way out without them knowing. on the bus stop, apart from brick, another one of his teammate is also there. both were wearing jackets and a caps as well while waiting.

out of nowhere, a man wearing "eagles" t-shirt and a cap walked over and sat. he opened the newspaper in his hand and began reading it.

bricks and his teammate were on guard against this stranger. it may seem like he was just reading his newspaper but upon close observation, he was looking at the church.

there was three black land rovers in the church parking lot. suddenly, eighteen men in black suits came out of the three black rovers. the guy from the center rover snapped his finger. his men began clearing the parking lot and cleared out the whole church within a minute. after clearing everyone out, they set up a perimeter around the church and surprisingly enough, there wasn't much vehicles on the roads as well.

the men in black suit began shooing people on the streets as well. those who rejected silently did as they were told after two seconds of talk with them.

two of them walked towards the bus stop.

"you should not stand here, leave now and go home." one of them said.

"who are you to say that?" brick asked, like he was one of the locals.

"leave." the second guy pulled out a pistol from his suit and pointed it at brick. brick's team left the street and already hid themselves in the dark.

suddenly, three more rovers came towards the church on the b101 road. the two men in suit looked at them.

"saber six actual, package has arrived, wait for confirmation." dashboard (command center) said on his earpiece.

the three new rovers drove into the parking lot and stopped. the doors opened. eleven men came out, excluding the drivers. ten out of eleven had guns. their boss from the center car, he didn't have a weapon. he snapped his fingers. one of his men walked to the back of the car and brought a briefcase out.

it was 'the irishman', one of the world's leading black market arms dealer.

"you bring money?" the irishman asked.

"you bring goods?" the mafia boss asked.

the irishman took the briefcase and opened it to show them. inside the briefcase, it was a bomb. not just any bomb, but the newest and a very powerful one. the rgln 393 codenamed 'großer tod', which means 'big death' in german.

yes it was german made. pretty trustworthy. the irishman closed the briefcase.

"now, money." the irishman said.

the mafia boss snapped. two of his subordinates brought two briefcases and opened them. it was full of money. full of euros.

"forty million euros, all cash, satisfied?" the mafia boss asked. the irishman nodded and motioned his men to give the bomb. the mafia boss also did the same.

out of the corner of his eyes, the irishman found brick and the other two in the bus stop. the stranger was still reading the news paper like the world can go fuck itself but he won't give a damn.

"who are they?" the irishman asked. "some civilians, we'll clear them now." his lackey said and walked away.

"those civis, tell the mafia guys to clear them." the irishman's lackey said to another. the other guy walked towards the bus stop.

"what are you doing here! you shouldn't stand here! get lost!" the irish guy said. the mafia guys also came to their senses. he forgot what he was doing. now the first pulled out his pistol.

"get out of here now!" he said.

*pew* *pew* *pew*

all three of them, the mafia men and the irish guy, all got shot. the stranger dropped the newspaper that in his hands that had three holes.

"all units! move in!" the stranger said.

men in combat gear came out of hiding and started shooting towards the church.

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"don't stay here! get out!" the stranger rushed brick and his teammate.

"saber six actual, target confirmed, tagging the target, you have executive authority."

"dashboard what about others?" brick asked. the stranger had already ran towards the church with his pistol.


the church had already become a mini warzone.

"boss, what are the orders?" brick's men asked.

"hold, that's our order." brick said and sat down on the seat in bus stop and continued his biscuits. his teammate didn't know what to do with him. always easy with everything, even with a warzone before him.

"saber six this is dashboard, command said apart from going overboard, some collateral damage can be tolerated, good hunting."

brick smiled. he stood up. started walking. his teammate also smiled. he walked towards the church. his teammate followed him. he removed his jacket. his combat vest, rifle, ammo and even grenades, everything was visible. his teammates also removed their jacket and his equipment also became visible. he took out his skeleton-mouthed handkerchief and covered his mouth with it. his teammates also did the same.

"all units, we only need 'the irishman' so apart from the tagged person, kill everyone." brick said coldly.


oh yeah, this is gonna be lit.

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