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"I have to give it to them, bringing in the 'Hornets nest' out just like that, this team should be packed." Flynn said while looking at the drones flying around.

"Wait, didn't they display these during this time's PIME( Peace International Military Exercise)? And it was also the 'South blade' during that time.... It can't be right?" Sam said.

"I thought it would be a team of veterans after seeing that field of dead but it's just kids trying to act cool by staying with the Russians." a voice said from behind.


"Says the China doll from Beijing." Lyle said in a mocking tone and turned around. The Chinese and Indians finally came. The Indian team had thirty six while the Chinese team had thirty four. Both teams were equipped in their own nation's Biohazard Environment Suit or BE suit for short. They both were also equipped with the new advanced weaponry.

The Chinese dragged few container like boxes which was used to bring the drones.

"You're still alive? I thought you would've fallen down the ditch and died." The Chinese team leader said as he walked towards Lyle.

"Well that makes one of us." Lyle said as he walked toward the Chinese team leader.

The distance between the both of them decreased. When they were one feet away from each other they brought their fists up and..... Fist bumped each other.

"It's good to see that you're not a corpse yet, because I'll be the one to kill you, Lyle fucking Connor." The Chinese team leader said. His helmet hid it but he was smiling.

"The feeling's mutual, Meng bastard Ao." Lyle said with the same expression.

The two of them had a rivalry between them. They both were in same age and their skills in combat differ only by single points. They always compete with each other whenever they met and this time, it's also the same.

They maybe rivals, but they are foremost friends. (I think?)

"And? You guys?" Lyle looked towards the Indian team. The guy in the front of their group came forwards and gave Lyle a formal Indian army salute.

"Colonel Sri Gajendran of MARCOS(Marine Commandos), Indian army Northern division." The Indian team leader said. Lyle couldn't see his face but he could roughly make him to a 25-30 in age. Lyle extended his hand for a shake.

"Never had the honor of working together with the famous Indian army MARCOS before, hope you guys live up to the legend." Lyle shook hands with him and his tone was that of a respectful one. He had heard a lot about the MARCOS before, but never seen them in action face to face, he hopes all those rumors and urban legends about these guys are true or else their might as well fry themselves.

Looking at their team, there was not a single Under SOL in it, same as the Russians. They seem like veterans and serious, maybe there is a chance for them to get back home after all?

The Chinese however, had five of them and only five, including Meng Ao. The other four looked like they were from recon division? Or maybe spec ops? Lyle couldn't pin point their profession.

"So? Shouldn't you fill us up? Give us a sitrep." Ao said in a demanding tone. Every chance is a valuable one and if it's for teasing Lyle, it's a golden egg for Ao. He just couldn't resist.

"You mean apart from that "fact" over there? Pretty much a holiday in die hard seven." Lyle said in an annoyed tone while pointing the field of dead aliens. This bastard..... Does he wants to go off with him in the worst place possible. Invisible sparks were flying everywhere between Lyle and Ao.

"If you guys don't mind, you can continue this next time and focus on issues that are more pressing?" the rarely interactive during missions Edward said. If not for the fact they were up against aliens, he would've just let the two of them go against each other while he enjoys the show with popcorn.

"It's like this, the Russians were already fighting them when we arrived, from what we know these guys are pretty high tech when it comes to weaponry but their armor can't take seventy caliber and above but I don't know about normal rounds, if my guess is correct then they will first send cannon fodders while they stay back and fire, that's pretty much it." Lyle explained.

"Hmm..... Then how about these 'cannon fodders'? Do they bite the bullet?" Ao asked.

"Fortunately they do and the fact that we are still alive is the proof." Lyle said. Compared to Lyle and his team, the Chinese guys had fabric based suit. it maybe made in China, but it still can block bullets.

"So they are vulnerable to heavy rounds, well that's pleasing to hear." Ao scoffed.

"We don't know if they are immune to normal rounds but let's just assume they are since a .70 caliber can blow shit up." Lyle said.

"At least they aren't immortal bitches, so what's the plan?" Ao asked.

"I don't know about you guys, but we will stick with the current mission and head to the crash site." Lyle said. He looked towards the burning forest on the other side of this field of dead aliens, the crash site is located in that direction. If they were to press on then they would undoubtedly come in contact with those aliens again, and they might not be lucky next time.

"Forget it lieutenant, that's similar to throwing your life away, even if you don't care about yourself think about your men for a second, it's one way to hell that way." Maxim said. He had seen Lyle and his team in action, it would be a waste to let them die even though they aren't from Motherland.

"I agree with the Russians on this Connor, as he said, that's a one way ticket! Either you die or die trying to die." Ao said. He want Lyle to be dead but by his hands, not by some alien freaks. Meng Ao is from a classic military family and everyone from his family are military officials. His predecessors were supposed to be one of the PLA founders and his achievements in this field is tremendous so his words has some power in China. But they were not in China.

"Well thank you for the fake sympathy China doll, we have a mission, those men that went down with the plane are MGU soldiers who are willing to give their life for MGU! We can't ignore that, I can't ignore that, understand?" Lyle strongly said.

"Whatever, I said what I should but if you still wanna go fuck yourself? Yea sure, be my guest! Everyone! Let's go back! We are not gonna follow the mission anymore." Meng Ao said and ordered his men to go with him as he turned around.

"Suit yourself." Lyle turned around aand was about to leave.


Lyle received an incoming transmission from MGU and so did the other groups from their respective countries.

"This is central command, Sword Knight leader, respond."

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"This is Sword Knight leader, go on." Lyle said. Why did he suddenly receive a call now? Something's off.

"Lyle, this is Eric, your mission is done, your ride home should be at the extraction point within two minutes, fall back for extraction, now!" Eric said in an urging tone.

"Wha-? Wasn't it you who compelled me to come to this god forsaken place? And you want us to return without even retrieving the package? What about those soldier and-"


Lyle pupils shrunk. Sea...... Of aliens? They already had a hard time with a few thousand but now there's a sea of them? Fuck god.

"All units! Bolt it!" Lyle ordered and began running the way they came without a second hesitation. His group were surprised and confused for a second and then followed him. With their GEARs boosting their speed, they ran like Olympic athletes.

The other three also received the news but only a few seconds later after Lyle.



"MATHARCHOOD!" (Indian language Hindi, means "Mother fucker")

All three leaders ran towards the direction where Lyle and his men went. They ran like their life depended on it and it really did.

The extraction was one minute forty seconds away but the extraction point was at least half a mile away. They ran. Ran. Ran. They ran like a few dozen dogs were out for their ass. Running zig zag while dodging the trees and whatever the fuck was in their way.

"Two hundred meters! Ten seconds! Don't look back and don't stop to take a piss! Keep running!" Lyle said while running. Thanks to their GEARs boosting their physical ability, they ran like they don't know what fatigue is.

"There! That's the dropship! Go! Go! Go!" Flynn said. Chris didn't waste any bit of time and opened the bay door. It slowly came down and paved way for them.

"Get inside now! Chris! Get ready to launch and prepare the weapons! We're going back to help those guys!" Lyle said. Everyone quickly ran inside. After everyone went in, Lyle hit the emergency close button on the side. The door slowly came up and closed.

Lyle didn't waste another second and went straight for the cockpit.


"I know so shut up! We are flying back! Man the guns in the back, we'll do the rest." Chris said annoyingly.

Lyle didn't say another word and just walked back.

"Putok! Enrique! You two man the guns! The rest of you, get ready to provide some cover fire in case we need to." Lyle said as he walked towards the door. There was a slight jig when the ship took off.

Lyle walked to the left side and pulled the switch before him. A window-like gap opened up on the wall slightly away from where Lyle was standing. *zing*. A mini-gun came out of the box like chamber below the window. Lyle walked to the other side and did the same. Now there was two mini-guns inside the dropship pointing upwards. Lyle gave Putok and Enrique a look and both of them got into positions and manned their guns.

"Everyone into position!" Lyle shouted his order. They all scrambled near the bay door with their guns and took position.

"Lyle, we're picking up a distress call, seems like a SOS." Chris said.

"Put it through." Lyle said.

"Anyo-*buzzzzzzzzz* any MGU perso*buzzz* out here? P-*buzzz* respond!"