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22 Alien forces Vs Special forces

*Peng* *Peng* *Peng* *Peng*

Lasers were flying everywhere. Lyle could not imagine how the Russians survived even ten seconds of this.

The Russians were basically pinned down by the laser fire while the cannon fodders rush forward without any care for their life. The Russians could only hide and run and shoot from time to time.

The aliens used a clever strategy to be honest. While the Russians were busy with the cannon fodders since these guys have no care for life and just rushed ahead with their Razer blade-like hand and sharp teeth, the aliens shoot from behind the cannon fodders and suppress the Russians. Cowardly, but clever.

During a battle, what is the most important is to make sure you live while the enemy dies. You live, you fight tomorrow. You die, you make sure to take at least one of the enemy with you to hell. That's the way of battlefield and it's always been that way.

Spetsnaz. Russian Special Forces. The most hard ass humans on earth next to Spartans, maybe more than the Spartans. Undergoing intensive training. Crawling out of god knows where. Being beaten to the point of losing the sensation of pain.

The new Spetsnaz program. Altering the old training methods and replacing them with new inhumane methods which makes the trainee lose their sense of pain. It was called "Cruelest treatment of soldiers" by the human rights commission, but the one's signing up knows exactly what they will go through and prepared themselves both mentally and physically. Even though the result was very impressive, the process was unbearable. Seven out of ten died during the process.

This platoon of thirty three soldiers have eight of those monsters with them. The reason why Russians survived this long was because the eight super soldiers. They took the role of being tanks and kept the small fries at bay while the rest tried their best to help them by killing anything and everything before them. Truly living up to their name of "Spetsnaz".

Lyle led his boys to where the Russians are holding point. Chris took off and went invincible without wasting a second.

It was too scary for Chris. This was like a sci-fi war scene straight out of Star Trek. His mind was screaming the same thing over and over again.


Lyle and his group reached the Russians side and what welcomed them was not warm hands but gun barrels and lead bullets. They immediately dodged to the side to escape the bullet rain.

"What the fuck! Why the fuck are you shooting us! We are on your side you fucks!" Lyle screamed.

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"Cease fire! Get back to post!" Maxim shouted. The soldiers didn't speak another word and just did as he ordered and went back to firing at the aliens.

Lyle came out of his cover and went straight to punch Maxim in the face but stopped after seeing the sea of aliens.

"Who are you!" Maxim asked while pointing his gun towards Lyle.

"Lieutenant Connor, MGUAF, we came here after your distress call and this has been a fine welcome party." Lyle said as he turned off the safety on his gun.

"Listen up! Assist the Russians in defending! Kill everything and anything you see that doesn't belong to earth! Engage!" Lyle ordered his group. They didn't respond with words but with action.

They moved into position very quick and began pouring bullets on enemy lines.

Maxim was amazed by their response speed. They came here for the first time and didn't even flinch even though they were just teens. Plus that armor of their was really eye catching.

The Russians were in their Kevlar bullet/radiation proof armors while Lyle and his group were in some kind of never-seen-before armor with unknown use. This is really surprising to Maxim.

"Major, enough admiring, fill me in." Lyle asked. It was not the time to be mesmerized. They are in middle of a goddamn war.

"Lieutenant, to be honest, even I don't know what the heck is going on! One minute we were walking to the RP(Rendezvous Point) and the next we were fighting an army of alien freaks who don't even value their lives, this is fucked." Maxim said in coarse voice from inside his helmet.

"How did you come into contact with these guys?" Lyle asked. This is the main question. They didn't encounter any aliens or animals on their way but the Russians encountered an army. It was lime the Russians are magnets specialized in attracting trouble.

"We don't know as well, we were heading towards the crash site to rendezvous with you and the Indians since the Chinese will be there as well but we encountered one of these strange stupid alien beings and it charged at as so we had no other choice but to shoot and then an army of them poured out of the forest from after this clearing with some sentinels." Maxim pointed at the forest after the plain field before the the hold up point.

They were holding up in a small river side valley at the end of the forest they are in. It provided them a trench like cover to them which guarded them from laser barrage.

"We can't keep this up for long, we will eventually run out of bullets or they will overrun us with numbers unless you contacted the army." Lyle looked at the Major.

"Motherland's forces will be here in thirty seven minutes and we have to stay alive till then, we can't fall back from this place if we do then we would lose the cover advantage and these crucks are fast runners without exhausting stamina, we will lose if we run." Maxim said in a dead serious tone.

"Fine, we shall hold here till the reinforcements arrive, the Indians and Chinese should be here any minute now, we have to find some kind of weak point at the enemy line and take those sentinels out." Lyle said as his gaze locked on the few hundred gunners at the forest line behind the field.

"Ed?" Lyle looked at Edward. Ed already set his sniper in position and picked his target.

"Boom." Ed said and pulled the trigger.


The sniper was very loud. It wasn't like a sniper but like a cannon. The bullet flew faster than normal bullets and was spinning so fast that it even left a trail of wind. The bullet went straight through the enemies on the front, blowing up a few hundred heads as it travels. And then it finally hit an enemy gunner who was hiding behind a tree.


The enemy was about to peak out, but the bullet broke the tree with it's force and blew up the gunner's head, but it didn't stop and went on.

Maxim was baffled. Even the Russian soldiers were baffled. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT! That was not a bullet but an artillery shell! It not only blew up a few hundred heads but also broke a few trees on it's way. And it traveled at least a mile. They quickly recovered their compose and rained bullets again.


"Two thousand seven hundred and twenty nine meters, nothing difficult." Ed said normally and loaded the second bullet.


Another few hundred heads, trees and a gunner. Every time Ed shoots, the enemy number would significantly decrease and an enemy gunner dies. The rest didn't sit idly either. They were doing their best to kill them. Putok was on a rampage with his LMG.

"Yes! We can win! We will live!"

"Kill them! Hahahahahaha!"

"Cyka blyat mother fuckers!"

The Russians cheered. The few thousand enemies decreased to a thousand enemies. The enemy gunners can also be counted with two hands.



Swarms of small drones came out of nowhere and rained bullets for real. The thousand enemies died in an instant.

*Pish* *Pish* *Pish* *Pish* *Pish* *Pish* *Pish*


The drones launched rockets from them to the tree lines where the alien gunners are. The rockets hit accurately and set the forest on fire as well as killing the enemy. High tech to be honest.

"What are those?" Putok asked as he walked over to Lyle. They finally survived a hard battle and now some drones come out of nowhere and helps them.

"Chinese." Flynn said as he walked over. He was panting a bit.

"This is Saber six, we are here to help."

"This is Buddy six, we are here to help as well.