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21 Onwards to hell ground

"We can't get there faster even if we run! We need wheels or at least get CJ here or else it's bye bye Russians." Ed said. They were two miles away. Running won't get them any faster. They were in dire need of a vehicle.

"CJ is being chased by some UFOs right? Why don't we just blow em up?" Putok suggested. If they can get CJ here, then they could get to the Russians in matter of seconds. Only problem is, CJ was being chased by someone during their last contact.

"Fucking great, does anybody have any stingers or javelins? Cuz we need some kind of fucking anti-air to hit whatever the fuck it is chasing them." Flynn said.






Suddenly, Flynn's back opened up and four rockets popes up pointing at the sky ready to launch. A big circle with four more inner circles appeared before Flynn's face. And those words with the robotic voice as well.

"What the......."

That was their reaction. They never expected that son of a bitch Daniel installed anti-air missiles in their fucking GEAR.

"Umm.... Boss? Am I drunk or did this thing magically pop up?" Putok asked while pointing the four rockets.

"Fucking Daniel... He never mentioned anything about air counter measures being installed..." Lyle said. He literally want to beat the crap out of Daniel right now.

"Deploy anti-air." Lyle said.






The same robotic voice, the same red words and the same four stinger missiles on the back. The same look. This thing is a fucking terminator.

"Sword Knight leader to Pigeon, come in over." Lyle called.

"This is Pigeon, a little fucking busy here, over." Chris replied.

"Just fly over our location, we should be visible on your radar, Sword Knight leader out." Lyle cut off because if he didn't then that guy would rant till he dies.

"Ed, active your anti-air and follow me, Flynn as well and you guys stay put, we'll be back." Lyle said and walked away. Ed did as he was told and he now had four rockets on his back now. The rest were puzzled for a bit and then understood his intentions. He's going to really blow those fucks sky high.

Meanwhile, Chris and Claire were trying their best to shake off the pursuers but they are more agile than them and annoying as well. They tried to communicate them but fuck shit, no response. And now Lyle wants them to do a fly over? This ain't a beach party bruh, this is fucking air chase! And they were being chased like beaten dogs. The enemy fired a few rounds each time they have a lock on, but thanks to their experience they dodged it, but this can't go on forever.

He got no choice but to do as Lyle told him. Here goes nothing. He speed up to the position of where Lyle and the rest are. The radar works perfectly now so it's not hard pin pointing them.

They flew faster. The distance to their location is only half a mile. He don't know what Connor's got in store but it better be good.

600 meters.

400 meters.

300 meters.

200 meters.

They were literally very close now. The distance reduced at a fast rate.

"Connor whatever the fuck you're gonna do, DO IT NOW!!!!!!!!!" Chris screamed.

*whoosh* *whoosh* *whoosh*


Three projectiles went passed them. It looked like stinger missiles? And then three constructive Booming sound.

The three aircrafts.... More like spaceships? Whatever the fuck it was, it ain't chasing them anymore. They were blown up sky high. It was a direct hit.

Before Chris reached here, the three of them took position in a nearby clearing and looked towards the sky. They were waiting for Chris. And when he showed up with pursuers behind his tail, they look at those spaceships and then it automatically locked on. And on their command, it launched one missile per. And then it's fireworks show.

"FUCK YEAH! FUCKING FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!" Chris cheated on like it's the end of the world.

"He really did it! But how? They didn't have any launchers with them." Claire said.

"Who gives a fuck? We're safe, let's go down." Chris said and landed the drop ship.

He immediately opened the bay door and let the whole team in. Lyle didn't waste any time and went straight for the pilot cabin.

"Go to sector 352 grid 77 immediately, no time to waste and gets the guns up, we'll probably be walking into a fire fight." Lyle said as the door opened. Chris didn't ask for any details and just nodded his head. The drop ship slowly lift off the ground and the bay door closed.

"It's good to see you guys." Guido and Hiro said.

"Too early to be happy, we're walking into a heavy fight, guns up." Lyle said. He walked towards the bay door and turned around to face them.

"Listen up! We're walking into a heavy fire fight, probably we'll die before landing or we'll die after landing, but we will not die without killing at least one of those bitches! Do you hear me! Those extraterrestrials want to fire rain of lasers on our planet? Fuck them! We'll show them what true suppression is! We will show them how hard our bullets are! We will show them that the MGU is not weak and no matter where the fuck we are on earth or any other planet we will kill everything as long as they offend us! MGU FOREVER!" Lyle shouted patriotically.






They all chanted patriotically and saluted Lyle and Lyle saluted back.

"Attention, we're here and this place is hell, you guys watch out because it's gonna get bumpy from here." Chris said over the speaker.


The ship shook like crazy, making them all lose balance. The turbulence caused by the fight was too much. Too much exploding in the air due to enemy anti air weapons. Plus, for the Russians to hold out in this for this long itself is a miracle. The field was full of fire and hordes and hordes of aliens rushing towards the Russians who were trying their utmost to hold up their place.

These aliens looked like cannon fodders whose soul purpose is to just be a meat shield for the guys with guns who were behind. These cannon fodders had razers for hands, no eyes, no nose, just a mouth with razer sharp teeth. They didn't even have cloths. They just charged towards the Russians mindlessly.

"Lt, the Indians and Chinese will join us shortly, we just need to hold up till the Russian armed forces hit here, maybe the air force will strike at full force so we better watch out." Reginald said. The Indians and the Chinese agreed to join them at where the Russians were hold up, but the thing is, they had to hold this place first before the back up get here.
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"Alright, the door is about to open, weapons free." Lyle said and cocked his gun.




"Let's show these alien fucks hell."