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20 Contact part 3 - final par

"Pigeon, this is Sword Knight zero four, come in." Reginald called, but he got no response for the past twelve minutes.

"Got anything?" Ed asked.

"Negative, I still can't get in touch with Pigeon." Reginald said. "Haaaah.... Where did that idiot fly off to? Isn't the communication range around like what? Two kilometers? Are they still out of range? He should've been back by now, it's not like I told him to go back to MGU, right?" Lyle said while walking. It's been quite some time now and there have been no contact with the CJ siblings. It's like they are gone.

"Flynn, are you getting anything? Any jammer?" Lyle asked him. "Nyet brother, it's clean as fuck except some kind of radio interference, like the weather's bad or something." Flynn said as he slapped his helmet lightly. He found this strange. Of course they are inside the dark zone which is supposed to be cutting off all the communications with the outside world, but this is the newest tech for Christ sake! Radio interference? Fuck that! Even if they used high end jammers, this tin can GEAR should work fine as fuck.

"Grrrrr, AHHHHH FUCK THIS!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHY I DON'T TRUST THAT SON OF A BITCH DANIEL WHEN IT COMES TO TECHS!" Flynn cursed. "Oii, what happened? Diarrhea?" Putok asked with a confused tone. This guy goes off often and when he does, he doesn't stop for fifteen minutes.


"That fucker Daniel said that he installed some shitty software which can go toe to toe with Magnum OP, now that thing is not even worth a fucking cent." Flynn said and turned on his Weblink. He didn't fully trust Daniel when he said he made something similar to MGOP. And turned out that he's a dick. This thing can't even do 50% of what MGOP can. It does has some pretty looking functions, but they are junk here. On outside world it might be awesome, but here this thing is comparable to a world war two radio.

He immediately used his Weblink to install MGOP in his GEAR.

"Magnum OP, fire up." Flynn said. A series of program began running. Words above words, all going upwards appeared on his helmet's screen. It was going so fast that it could not be read by anyone, but not for Flynn. It was his creation. He knows exactly what it asks and what he should do. It finally stopped after a few seconds.




"Yes." Flynn said without an ounce of hesitation. His GEAR shut downed. All lights and power left the suit.

Few seconds later. The suit fired up again. The light returned. His GEAR turned on and the system software began it's tests.

After all the process, Flynn's GEAR came back to normal with a new addition to it. "Magnum OP, find the frequency interfering with our communication network." Flynn said. "Running testes.... Acquiring data.... Processing..... Processing complete, unknown frequency found..... Matching with known frequencies..... Match not found. Match not found. Match not found." The system started screaming.

"Hehehe, this is why I don't trust that Daniel when it comes to my department, I did what he couldn't! Gahahahahaha!" Flynn began laughing like mad scientist.

"Stop laughing, what did you find?" Kyle asked. They are nearly at the rendezvous point.

"I found out why our communication network is stuffed out and not working properly! It's an unknown frequency! Magnum OP matched it with every known network frequency on earth and this is not one of them." Flynn said. Kyle and others were completely shocked and surprised. Lyle said aliens invading as a joke, but it turned out to be fucking real!

Lyle could now feel a headache coming his way. Aliens..... Would they have to fight them? They wouldn't go as far as to face an alien army alone right? Surely it can't get that bad.

"Can you trace the frequency to it's origin?" Lyle asked.

"Piece of cake, can you give me something hard?" Flynn said with a smirk but his helmet hid it.

"I'll give you something harder later, for now do this, we're almost at the rendezvous point." Lyle said as he marched forward with his men.

"Two minuets and I'll have their location." Flynn said and began doing his thing on his Weblink. This frequency may not belong to any country on earth, but that doesn't mean he can't hack it. He's the God of hacking after all.

The symbols shown on his screen were very interesting. It's as if he found some ancient civilization or something. And to his surprise, even Magnum OP was having trouble deciphering this. For the first time, the tech god felt like he was running out of options.

"Halt, we're here." Lyle raised his fist and said. They reached the rendezvous point but the Indian team was nowhere to be found.

Lyle and others looked around. No one. Literally no one. The plan was that they had to join the Indian team before proceeding towards the crash site. The Indian team was supposed to be here waiting for them. Only that, they were nowhere to be found.

Lyle tried using the GEAR to scan the surrounding, but nothing showed up. It seems like they are late. But that's where Lyle's doubt lay. In military and especially in special forces, the word late doesn't exist. Either they died or fallen back or in middle of a fight. There is no gunshot, so the third option is out. They got no news about where did the CJ siblings go and their communications has been blocked by an unknown force plus the team they are supposed to rendezvous was nowhere to be found.

Like Lyle said. The worst shittiest place on this planet.

"LT, I got it, the source of this interference, shall I shut it down?" Flynn suddenly asked. He actually broke in! He seriously broke into an alien network! This is the first time in human history that something like this happened. But of course, they don't know that.

"Any backlash?" Lyle asked. If they were to shut it down, then there should be something to pay for it. Like if their entire communication could go down with it since this frequency is also tangled with theirs.

"Nope, if I shut it down then the whole black zone will break, we can actually get back on the grid." Flynn said. This is unbelievable. Lyle couldn't believe his ears right now. They can finally get their comms up and running! This means they can contact backup if shit hit's downtown! This is great news!

"Do it." Lyle said without a second delay. They were all happy and smiley. If they can get their communications up, then fuck aliens, even god will have lead bullets making them bleed.

"Initiating Magnum hyper drive shockwave, turn off your GEARs and electronics, cuz this is stronger than EMP." Flynn said.

"GEAR off."

"GEAR off."

"GEAR off."

One by one they all turned off. And the last one also turned off. They are now sitting ducks with their arsehole wide open for anyone to fuck.

"Shockwave countdown, begin." Flynn said.














Flynn's GEAR let out an ear piercing sound and it gradually increased.







The screen showed the message.

"Everyone, turn on your GEARs." Flynn said.

"GEAR on."

"GEAR on."

"GEAR on."

One by one they turned on and their GEARs came back to life.

"Try it." Flynn said. Lyle nodded.

"Pigeon, this is Sword Knight leader, come in, over." Lyle said using the comm.

*buzzzzzzzzz* *cling*

"Hello? Sword Knight Leader? Conner? You son of a bitch! Where the fuck did you guys disappear to!? I couldn't get you on comms after coming back and I thought you guys went farther in so we flew in deep and we got into deep shit!" Chris's rambled. It works! The communications work! Hurray! Lyle never thought he would be so happy to hear that son of a sick bitch voice again.

"Great! The comms are back online! We are back on the grid!" Lyle exclaimed happily. This is the first best thing that ever happened after coming to this shit hole.

"Fuck yeah!"

"Now we can call in reinforcements if things go south!"

"Heck we can call MGU!"

They were all happy. They were sitting ducks and now they became fearless eagles.

"Too early to be fucking happy! We have a problem! In fact we have three fast problems up our ass!" Chris said on the comm.
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"Why? What happened? Downtown funky?" Lyle asked. It's a code commonly used for asking if there is any trouble on the ground.

"Downtown? Forget downtown, this shit is uptown!" Chris said. Like downtown funky, this means the problem is in the air, not on the ground.

"Alright, wait a sec, I'm gonna use the general channel." Lyle said and switched to general channel.

"To everyone on this channel, this is the Leader of Special Strike Unit of Madagascar United, all comm lines are free and back online! I repeat, all comm lines are free and back online! We are no longer in the dark, we are back on the grid! I repeat, we are back on the grid! Over." Lyle said using the general channel.

"Shit what you said is true? We are back online?" Chris immediately asked without a delay.

"Affirmative." Lyle said.

"Oh fuck yeah! Now let's see who's the biggest bitch in the air!" Chris said. His situation was still unclear. From the sound of it, they were being chased by someone. The ship still has some weapons and it's fast, they should be alright. Nothing to worry about.


"Eto mayor Maksim Belov, kto-nibud' chitayet menya? My podvergayemsya sil'nomu napadeniyu vraga! Nam nuzhna nemedlennaya pomoshch'! YA povtoryayu! Eto mayor Maksim Belov iz rossiyskogo spetsnaza! My podvergayemsya sil'nomu napadeniyu vraga, i nam trebuyetsya nemedlennaya pomoshch'! V nastoyashcheye vremya!" Someone said in Russian. It sounded very urgent as well.

"Putok? Did you get it?" Lyle look at Putok.

"This is Major Maksim Belov, does any one read me? We are under heavy enemy attack! We require immediate assist! I repeat! This is Major Maksim Aleksandr of the Russian special forces! We are under heavy enemy attack and we require immediate assistance! Now! Is what it said." Putok said.

"Ask them where they are, now!" Lyle urged. If the Russians are using the word "heavy" then it is not good, the enemy might be too strong. They cannot go in alone, they need to call in back up.

"Eto Sardzhent Volkov Putok iz podrazdeleniya spetsial'nogo udara Madagaskar Yunayted! Mayor Maksim Belov, ty gde? Nad." Putok said. (If you want translation, use Google translate, I use it)

"Sardzhent, slava bogu, chto otvetil! My nakhodimsya pod sil'nym vrazheskim ognem zdes', v sektore 352 setki 77! Nam nuzhna nemedlennaya pomoshch'! My ne mozhem derzhat'sya namnogo dol'she! Vragi inoplanetyane! Povtoryayu! Vragi inoplanetyane! A teper' idi syuda kak mozhno skoreye i vnesi kazhdyy svoy aktiv! Eto adskaya dyra zdes'!" The major replied and with an even more urged tone.

"They are in sector 352 grid 77, it seems like they are under heavy fire and require immediate help and he told me to bring in every thing we got because it's a hell hole over there and he also said "extraterrestrials", it seems your guess was right, freaking aliens." Putok said. Well, shit hits the fan.

"Alright, contact him again and tell him that the comms are up and tell him to call in the Russian army, we will hurry there as soon as possible." Lyle said and entered the location that Major said on his Weblink.

2 miles northwest.

"Great, we will not make it in time so tell them to fall back and hold on as long as they can." Lyle said. He looked at Reginald. "Contact the Indians and the Chinese and tell them to rendezvous with the Russians, we'll meet them there." Lyle ordered.

"Yes sir." Reginald said and get on with his order.

"Mayor, eto snova Sardzhent Putok, svyaz' nalazhena i rabotayet! Pozvonite v rossiyskiye voyska i skazhite im, chtoby oni otpravili vozdushnuyu podderzhku, my v dvukh milyakh k yugo-zapadu ot vashey pozitsii, my doberemsya tuda kak mozhno skoreye! A poka otstupite i podozhdite nemnogo, da prebudet s vami Bog." Putok said using the comm.

"Podtverzhdeno, pozhaluysta, potoropis', potomu chto my ne mozhem proderzhat'sya namnogo dol'she, Maksim." The Major said and cut off. There was gunfire sound on the background. And it sounded very heavy. It seems like they were really pinned down so bad.

"Sword Knights! Move out!"