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18 Contact part 1

"Mr General of MGU! Don't go sprouting nonsense! How can you declare that we are under an alien invasion so calmly?" One of the guy on the big screen before Eric slammed the desk as he shout. After ending his conversation with Lyle, Eric immediately contacted the leaders of the countries MGU is allied with and those countries who neighbor Chernobyl as and put them on a conference video call. He trusts Lyle's judgment as much as he trusts that guy's institution.

"Mr Charles, I never said anything about an alien invasion or anything, I just said what my men said might only be a possibility and that we have to prepare necessary counter measure in case what he said might really happen." Eric said with an emotionless face and his hands folded. British.... He's never good at dealing with them at all. MGU and England have a lot of things they don't set in with and coming into an agreement is one of them.

Everyone on the screen was silent. They didn't speak. What Eric just said was equivalent to saying Earth is under attack. Not a country but Earth. The whole damn planet. That being said, no one would really believe that aliens are attacking them just because of some pretty big-small scale event such as this.

"We will consider it, it's better to be safe than sorry." President of the America said and hung up. "Russia will also consider it." Russian president said and hung up. "China will do as advised." The Chinese president accepted the proposal surprisingly and hung up. "Japan will also do as advised." The Japanese prime minister said and hung up. "India will consider." The Indian president said and hung up.

One by one, everyone said "we will consider." and hung up. The whole screen became black again.
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"Put him through." Eric said while looking at the screen. The operators were confused. The next second, the Russian president called. The operators were surprised, but nonetheless, they connected his calls.

"What do you think Eric?" he asked with a serious face. "The Americans, they definitely know something." Eric said with the same seriousness. "That's my thought as well, they didn't "agree" but will "consider"? What kind of play is this? Leaving others behind, Americans should know better than this but from the recent activities, our suspicion can only grow." The Russian president said.

"My doubt is also the same, he said America will consider preparing for the worst case scenario but why would they put up a strong air defense before the Chernobyl incident? That's why I had my men look into it and guess what they found? Americans probably knew about this long ago and they hid it from us." Eric said. "So? How will MGU react?" The Russian president asked with interest in his eyes.

"Mister president, you know how serious this is, this does not concern a single nation but the whole planet, we don't know who or what we are facing yet, we are running completely blind but we know one thing for sure, whoever we are about to go against has technological advantage but that doesn't mean we will back off without a fight, this is our land! Our turf! If they want to come at us, then let them! We will prepare a good firework show to welcome them." Eric said with resolution.


"Is that your final decision?" The president asked. "Yes, MGU will mobilize it's military and stay at DEFCON ONE code Red alert." Eric said. "Fine, Russia shall also stay on high alert and mobilize it's troops to counter any unknown's attack." The president said with resolution as well. Eric nod his head and cut off the call.

"Contact sword knight." Eric said. The operators did as they were told and contacted him. "Sword knight leader, come in." Eric said.

"This is Sword knight leader, you're loud and clear, go ahead." Lyle said as he put on his helmet. Everyone inside the drop ship did the same. "What's your status?" Eric asked.

"ETA to LZ five minutes, the men are geared up and ready to go downtown, how did things go on your side?" Lyle said. "As suspected, the Americans probably knew about this but they kept everyone in the dark." Eric said with a defeated tone.

"Hahaha, my intuition is always on point, now transfer that ten thousand bucks to my account." Lyle said. "what the-? When did I ever agree to such a bet!" Eric bellowed.

"You did now, let's forget that, we're about to enter the Chernobyl airspace, after thirty some minutes we will go radio silence so prepare everything at your end, Sword knight out." Lyle hung up. "So? What's our next move boss?" Putok asked him. After putting on their helmet, they looked like master chief team from halo. They changed their weapons to normal standard weapons their team normally use. ED with his sniper, Putok with his LMG(Light machine gun) while Reginald, Guido, Sam and Flynn had SMGs and the rest of the team had standard assault rifle.

"MGU will tight up the defense and something's will speed up and as for us, we will proceed as planned and rendezvous with the Indian team first and then proceed towards the crash site, the Russians and the Chinese will join us there and then we will begin the sweeping and see what the fuck is going on." Lyle said as he looked at his gun.

"Scan." he said. "Scanning....." his helmet began scanning the gun.

Function: 100%

Fire rate : 40/7sec

Mag : 40/40

Distance: 4,000 meters





The result showed by the system is really freaking awesome. It was as if it's a game control. Lyle couldn't stop grinning. It even showed the gun in X-ray as well as a demo on how it works. It even showed the goddamn manufacturing date! He tried aiming Flynn who was sitting opposite to him. The screen showed him the circle but it was a bit bigger than the one which appeared when he used the new gun. Not only it showed where he was aiming but also the weak spot was marked by a red circle! This is clearly a cheat. If other country soldiers saw this, they would probably die of jealousy. He lowered his gun.

"Lyle.... You need to get to the cockpit ASAP!" Chris voice rang out loud in the speaker. From the tone itself it's very urgent. Lyle stood up and walked to the pilot cabin and opened the door. "What's wrong? Why did you call me?" Lyle asked.

"Look...." Chris pointed before them. Even Claire couldn't hide her shock. It was truly shocking. To explain it in one word, it was Un-fucking-believable .

"Chris..... What the fuck in Hades ass is that.....?"