Under SOLS
16 Start of the mission
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Under SOLS
Author :SaiKirito
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16 Start of the mission

Just as Daniel finished, the locks on Lyle's GEAR were activated and sealed him inside. "Uh.... I still can't move and it's fucking dark in here!" Lyle said from inside. "Just..... Just give me a few seconds alright? That you're in is a bit complicated from the others so stop fucking crying like a three year old." Daniel said.

He soon finished the final program within thirty seconds and then activated the GEAR's functions. Inside the gear, everything lit up before Lyle and he could see outside but when saw from the outside, only the yellow face guard screen could be seen. "OK I'm seeing a bunch of lights and diagrams but I still can't move, now what?" Lyle asked.

"The process isn't fully complete, say "begin DNA ID processing for ownership" and grit your teeth." Daniel said. Lyle could feel that he was about to be in a house of pain, but he still dared to do it. "Begin DNA ID processing for ownership." Lyle said. "DNA ID processing, acknowledged." A female robotic voice said. The next second, hundreds or so needles pierced his body. "ARGGGGGGGGGGH." Lyle screamed in pain, somehow it gives him a sense of deja vu. "Commencing DNA ID processing for ownership." The robotic voice said again and began sucking his blood for three seconds. "Processing." It said again.

"ID confirmed, L3190P, First Lieutenant Lyle Connor, Southeast sector, 112th division, Nativity United States Of America, further information classified, code red, 72709." The robotic voice said. Lyle's teammates were surprised. They didn't knew that his full information was code red classified and even had the number which means only a few knew his full identity.

"Good! Now say "remove locks" and you can start moving." Daniel said while rubbing his hands. This was marvelous! All their hard work has been paid off, now they only need to do a few tests to see the full function. "Remove locks." Kyle said. *cling* *cling* *cling* *cling*. Sounds cane from inside the GEAR and Lyle's hand went loose. Lyle checked his hands and span them a few times and then jumped and tried moving all his body parts.

"So? How is it?" Daniel asked with his hands folded. "It feels amazing! I feel like a feather! It's like not even heavy and even I don't feel my body weight." Lyle said and jumped down from the stage. His jump was little forceful but not that much but that little bit of force made the ground crack.

"Woah! What the heck?" Lyle exclaimed. "Be careful there, that's a one and a half a ton armors suit costing millions to make even one! So don't you dare break it!" Eric said. "Sorry about that." Lyle waved off his hand.

"Enough of that, try taking the gun on your back." Daniel said. Lyle noticed the gun on his right shoulder back. He took his gun out. It was long, light with white and red colors. White color with red lines. The gun was only a bit longer than a standard assault rifle, not too much.

Lyle tried aiming with the gun and suddenly a circle came before his face on the screen. The circle itself was yellow at the moment.

"OK, what's next? Do say something to fire?" Lyle asked. "Turn around and aim at the practice target." Daniel said. Lyle did as he was told and aimed at the practice target at the back of the hanger. The yellow circle became red and locked on the target. He could even see the line where the bullet would go if he shot. "Fire." Daniel said.

Lyle adjusted a bit and emptied the mag. All bullets hit dead center. There was no recoil, no shaking and no bullet spraying. It was a clean hit on the center of the target with forty bullets.


Flynn whistled. It was truly amazing! He hit the target with none of the bullets missing the mark. It's as if he was deadshot's brother.

"Great! It's working perfectly!" Daniel exclaimed excitedly. This stage messed up big time during trials. But now this is totally perfect. "Now let's try the jumps with thrusters." Daniel said. "How?" Lyle asked.

"Duh, it's 2039,everything is maximum voice commanded." Daniel said. "Uh... Thrusters?" Lyle said. *bushhhhh*. Four small rectangle gaps opened on his back and started releasing stuff like foam from fire extinguisher at high pressure. The force threw him up two and a half feet in the air and he almost lost his balance when he landed. "OK thrusters seem fine, you'll get used to it sooner." Daniel said and unlocked all the other GEARs.

"Alright folks, we don't have all day so get in and we will begin the testing and then you can slowly read the command manual in the "help" option." Daniel said with a smile. "SIR YES SIR!" All gen of them said stiffly and moved in to their GEARs. Flynn also got inside his own. They began their test runs on functions just like how Lyle did and they tried testing everything on the command list.

After fifteen whole minutes, their pilots came. "Ah..... Kay, who's the master chief and his lackeys?" The male pilot asked. All twelve of them turned towards the pilot who was entering through the hanger door.

"CJ and CJ?" Flynn asked confusedly. "Huh? Who are you?" The female pilot asked. "Yo, it's me Flynn." Flynn said as he removed the face screen. "Well fuck me, Flynn? Does that mean this is the nut-job team?" Chirs Jacobs asked.

"Your pilots are gonna be the CJ siblings since the others don't really qualify to fly this baby under such short notice." Daniel said. "Sir, with all due respects, are you really sure this is flyable? Doesn't look much to me, I would rather prefer a Hercules." Chirs said.

"Sir, What my brother said is painfully true, we are qualified for flying transport aircrafts but this.... This is practically a spaceship, we don't really have a degree in this field to be honest." Claire Jacobs said. Daniel just smiled at them. "To be honest with you two, apart from you no one has the qualifications to fly this since this can't be flown by the "normal" transport aircraft pilots." Daniel said.

"Ugh.........." The two of them can't refute that comment. This pair of brother and sister are anything but "normal" in terms of piloting. Have you ever heard of a C130 going against a squadron of six F-22 coming out of it in one piece? Well these two did it. It was like slapping in the face of every pilot in the world. They didn't even have any escort! If they made a run for it and escaped, it would be a miracle but what happened was........ The passengers in the plane all survived with no death and plane becoming a scrap metal after landing but the result for the opposite party was even more terrible and embarrassing, out of six F-22s only two returned and the rest were....... Cut downed in the sky. The aviation world was totally put in disarray.

The two of them used the long and hard wings of the C130 to hit the F-22s like it was a chicken game. Even the aviation world couldn't figure out how they did it. They used the hit and run tactic at forty thousand feet up in the air and came down crashing at the end. But the breathtaking issue was, none of them died. Not the enemy forces nor the ones they were escorting. It was a total fucking miracle.

Lyle opened his helmet's face screen. "Come on dude, it will be fun." Lyle said jokingly. "FUN MY ASS! We're going to Chernobyl! There's already a lot of weird fucking reports about that place having some "unknowns" being sighted and now that whole place has gone dark! How the heck is this fun! We could be dealing with the fucking aliens for crying out loud!" Chris exploded. Only then did he remember he was in front of some higher figures. "I apologize for my rudeness General!" He immediately saluted.

"No stiffness, it's not like I don't understand where you're going by this, but this mission is important for MGU to climb up the ladder of dominance and power, I hope you can understand how important this is." Eric said. "Sir......." Chris said and frowned as he went deep into thinking.


"Count us in, we will get you guys in and out of that place." Claire said as she sighed. "Wha-? Claire!" Chris looked at her with a shocked expression.

"It's not like we can do anything after he personally asked as, he's the symbol of absolute power in MGU, do you have the gal to reject him?" She asked her brother with an annoyed face. What she said was 200% correct. They can't really do anything because it's the General personally asking them.

"Sigh........ Fine, we'll do it." Chris also agreed while scratching the back of his head. "Great! No time to waste now! Yo Jarred! Get the fuck down here and teach them how to fly this thing!" Daniel said as he looked at Jarred who was on top of the drop ship.

"Ah? Just a second, I'm almost done." Jarred said and continued doing his thing. "OK, you guys can ask him anything and everything you need to know about the ship from him while I still have some diagnostics to run on the GEARs." Daniel said and turned around.

"GEARs?" Claire asked confusedly. "It's the armored suit they are in." Eric said as he stood beside them with his hands folded. *beep*. Eric received a message through his Weblink and he excused himself.

"Alright! I'm done, let's get you familiar with this baby shall we?" Jarred came down with his flashy smile. He brought the two of them inside and taught them everything there is about the ship while Daniel did all kinds of test movements on the GEARs.

Sixty minutes later........

"Is the ammunition filled?"

"Yes sir! All good to go!"

"Initiate stage two! Bring the it out!"

*beng* *beng* *beng* *beng*

The platform on which the drop ship was on moved out of the hanger slowly and carefully. It was giving off the sound of a truck in reverse but the platform was remote controlled with no vehicle pulling it. The platform successfully came out and stopped ten feet away from the hanger.

"Initiate stage three!" Jarred said on his head mic. "Affirmative, running final check before initiating state three." Chris said while sitting in the left pilot seat.

"Energy cell."










"Radar and sonar."

"Check check."

"Weapons status."

"Online and one hundred percent functional."

"Run a full system scan."

"Initiating full system scan."

1%........ 23%....... 48...... 77%........ 96%....98%... 99%.. 100%!

"Scan complete, all systems operational."

Chris asked and Claire answered. "Initiating final sequence." Chris said.


The ship gave off a spaceship like sound. "Energy level piking up, 39%...... 50........ 70%..... It's still climbing." Claire said as she looked at the reading. The level was already in the red. "Uh... Command, we have a problem, the energy cell is picking up power rapidly and it's already in the danger zone." Chris said.

"Don't worry, it happens like that for the first time." Daniel said. He designed that energy cell so he purposefully made it like that so the cell can withhold high energy output.

*bimb* *bimb* *bimb* *DING!*

The reading touched 100% and the energy cell turned from yellow to blue. "Fuck yes!" Daniel said in excitement. It worked! It really worked and didn't blow them up to bits.
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"All system good to go, taking off." Chris said and pressed the green button near the radar screen and the slowly pushed the lever on hid right forward. The drop ship slowly and steadily took off the platform.



"Holy shit! It's working perfectly!"

Everyone of the technicians were delighted to see it fly, their hard work paid off. When the drop ship was thirty feet in the air, Chris brought the downward thrusters to neuter.

Chris then turned the ship towards Chernobyl and turned on the camouflage mode and became invisible to naked eyes. "Call sign "Pigeon", proceeding towards the mission, hyper drive activated." He turned on the hyper drive and flew towards Chernobyl at lightning speed.

"Good luck boys, and god speed."


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