Under SOLS
15 Birth of the Devils
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Under SOLS
Author :SaiKirito
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15 Birth of the Devils

they were excited like kids who just saw a new toy. "we call them "gear" and right now we have made around one hundred but we did some fast progress on these twelve so yea, only these twelve are operational." daniel explained it.

"still, this sure is something! never expected that you guys would make something like this, i thought you would make a full-body type armor but this is out of my expectations." lyle said while trying to hold his grin back. "how's that for an entertainment now?" eric asked with a smirk on his face.

"huh? you're still here?" lyle looked at eric with an annoyed expression and so did flynn. "am i that hated?" eric asked with a pitiful expression.

"who's do fault do you think is it that we have to go to "the most shittiest place" on this planet to search for a goddamn fuse." flynn said with the "i'll kill you" face.

"dany, what about test runs? have you done any?" lyle asked as he inspected the gear. each gear had a number on it's chest and it went from 001 to 012. the numbers were in dark black so it was really visible. the gears didn't really look like armors, instead it looked like lifeless soldiers with that kind of appearance.

"we did a few before coming here but the data is not enough." daniel said with an unsure expression. "why? is it that you lack any equipment or something? i'm surprised to hear that from you, who always does a full on spec test." lyle asked surprised.

"we are 89% positive that you will be fine against radiation but there is still that 11% that worries me, you can't be that unlucky right?" daniel said as he looked at the two of them. lyle and flynn had the face of terror. "ah, i forgot lady luck hates you guys." turned back. he literally just said that these guys are doomed. at this moment, flynn's weblink pinged.

"apart from that we still have few other problem." flynn said while he saw something he didn't want to see in his weblink. "please tell me it's not what i want to hear." lyle said.

"russia, china and germany just issued a mobilization order for their special forces, "mission chernobyl" in three different languages." flynn said. "yep we are fucked, how did they find out?" eric asked.

"i can hack a few hundred sats but i can't hack a few thousand, even magnum op has it's limits." flynn said. "so are we gonna face spetsnaz, ksk and some made in china guys?" putok asked. "unfortunately yes." lyle said.

"and not just any made in china guys with peashooter and water balloons, these guys are from the "south blade", some of the hard ass mother fuckers who can go toe to joe with the seals and come back alive, we're gonna have a hard time facing them." flynn continued and his words were like ice cold water.

"ok that's clearly not what i would consider a good news, when are we flying?" lyle asked eric. "as long as your pilots are here, we can begin." jarred said. and excused himself to go and do some last minute adjustments on the drop ship.

"ok now that we are free till your pilots come here, let's do some small test runs with the gears shall we?" daniel asked with his hands clapped. lyle and his team nodded and disposed their current gear and stood there with only their forest camo dress on. all ten of them stood with their hands behind their back while lyle and flynn stood there casually. "alright, since you guys are ready, set in front of your gear and as for a demonstration, our great lyle connor will do it." daniel said and began programing it.

"me? ok what should i do?" lyle asked. to be honest, he was indeed pretty excited for this. "just a second and... done!" daniel looked at lyle's "01" gear. the gear released all the lock and the body as well as hands and legs opened up. the helmet stayed the same as the one which master chief had. one of the maintenance guy took the helmet off and waited. he looked at daniel and daniel nodded his head in confirmation. lyle let out a breath and turned around and walked to it.

the second he walked in, the body armor closed. "whoa!" lyle was shocked for a second because of the sudden reaction. the maintenance guy passed the helmet to lyle and he put it on.

"uh..... now what?" lyle asked. his whole body was a bit too heavy. he couldn't even move an inch. "just a second." daniel said. he was programing the thing to fit lyle. out of the one hundred, only his unit was different and took a lot of effort and special care from daniel and jarred. because of the secret and lyle has. of course their whole unit gets special gears which acts as both combat armor as well as a mech pilot suit, these twelve are one of a kind. and exactly because of that, they had to make a special squad of mechs which took a lot of painstaking time as well as work. but, it all gave fruit and a ripe one at that! they made the special mecha squad, code name "knights" and now only lyle's mech is under final completion stage. once it is finished, nothing on earth can rival the mgu in terms of military power.

these twelve new gen special mechs are mgu's super mechs. every country has a super mech which is "literally" a war god. like for the united states it's the "lt2-vampire" while "2g kingsley" for britain and "roter teufel" which means "red devil" in german, and it really deserves that name.

there was once a coup in germany. as the saying goes "old habits die hard", it was really fitting for this. when hitler marched into germany with his men, they could do nothing but give over the power to him. the same happened but it was not hitler this time but his legacy that followed. sixty thousand nazi soldiers who were brainwashed and trained by the former nazis launched an assault inside germany.

the germans weren't prepared for such a sudden coup. they mobilized everything they could at that moment, but it was still not enough to counter the sudden attack. france, britain, romania and even italy send their rapid response force to germany to led the government a hand. the bundeswehr and the local law enforcements were scattered and the coordinated attack of the new nazi federation was a masterpiece plan. by cutting of the army rendezvous points and splitting them into packs and killing them off made the new nazi federation forces push the bundeswehr back. even with their mechs and tanks, the bundeswehr couldn't push out the nnf forces. the enemy had mechs as well and they were planing this for a long time. even their mechs were of different models, it was self-made by them.

the chaos spread. the civilians were in a panic, the government was in a panic, the neighboring countries were in a panic. germany almost lost hope. but, they didn't lose. the german secret military program code named "höllenwächter" or "hell guards" was activated.

five mechs. red as blood. the red devils.

five mechs were dropped at five different points. all five of them were like berserk barbarians, crushing and mowing down everything in their path like they were not even humans. out of six point of attack, five points were wiped out under an hour and they rushed to the final point. they massacred fifty thousand under an hour like they were ants when they were alone and all five of them stood before the remaining ten thousand.

it didn't take them fifteen minutes to wipe out the remaining rebels. this incident gave them the name of "red devil" not because of their color but because of them painting the country with red with blood. every single country in europe was terrified. the germans were concealing such demons and none of them had any idea that these existed. because of this, they rushed their super mech creation.

the world then named the incident "birth of the devils".

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