Under SOLS
14 New tech
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Under SOLS
Author :SaiKirito
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14 New tech

The next day, morning. Connor was the first to wake up followed by Ed and Reginald. Flynn also woke up since he was always a short sleeper. The four of them freshened up and went to the training ground in their training outfit (white top and military camo pants).

They began their jog after leaving the quarters. The four of them were in sync while running. They ran in a single row and both their breathing and footing was in total sync.

While running, they greeted the soldiers who were doing their morning trainings and jogging on the field.

After running for five minutes, they reached the training grounds. Training grounds consist of range training field, physical training field, combat training field and mental training building.

In Range training field, you can go get any gun you want and shoot the target to polish your skills.

In physical training field, you can run on the field, go to the gym or the swimming pool do anything you want.

In combat training field, well it is as the name says, you train and polish your combat skills. Hand-to-hand, knives or martial arts or even go fight others in the ring.

In mental training building, it's more like a cyber cafe with games. It is to hone your hand-to-eye coordination skills and decision making skills. Games are the masters for this field.

So in short, the training grounds is really really really big. The facilities are also top notch and nothing is lacking, even soldiers. Even though it was 4:10am in the morning, there were quite a few doing their regular training.

The four of them went to the physical training field and started doing warm ups. "Oh my, never seen you be this active in the morning unless it's a mission, what's up Connor?" A guy in his 40s called out. Beside him was a girl with a ponytail and a cap on her head. She was also in training outfit and her racks were eye catching.

"Ah, it's just you staff sergeant Henry." Lyle said as he stretched his hand. "What? I shouldn't come here?" Henry asked with a smirk.

"Who said that? You can come, go and sleep here for all I care." Lyle said, in a bit annoyed tone. "You better watch your mouth when talking to a sergeant." the girl said in a threatening tone.

Reginald, Ed and Flynn gave her a glare and she gladly returned it with her own. "I don't care who you are or what division you are from, but you better watch your mouth when talking to a First lieutenant." Ed said in s threatening tone just like how she did.

"Fir- first lieutenant?" Her face changed to that of a shocked one and she looked at Lyle. "Now now, don't fight kids, looks like you are going someplace you don't want to huh?" Henry asked with a smile.

"Well you can tell that much, who's the greenhorn? Newbie from straight out of the oven?" Lyle asked. "Well you can say that, she's my daughter and she just graduated from the academy, her scores are good." Henry said, didn't seem like it was something impressive.

"Well I don't think those guys are any better though." She said while looking at Lyle and group, especially Ed. "Hahaha, silly girl, their marks can't even be compared to you, it's like comparing a tank and a pistol." Henry laughed at his own daughter's stupidity. The four boys held back their laughter.

"They are that bad?" Henry's daughter asked with a surprised look on her face. Now they were really having a hard time holding back. "Girl, you can't even guess, these guys are special forces and when someone is a U sol special forces graduate, then he or she is comparable to that of an American veteran delta force soldier and every single one in their unit is like that and Lyle here, is their leader." Henry said as he pointed Lyle. It was as if talking proudly about his own son. He was bragging about Lyle in front of his own blood daughter.

"Hmph, they don't seem that good to me, if they can join special forces then I can too!" she bragged about herself. "Heh, miss I don't care if you are old man Henry's daughter but if you are insulting our unit, you better watch it cause you might go down a rank." Flynn said with his creepy smile.

"Ugh, he gives off a creepy feeling." She went on defensive. "Old man, I don't have time to dandle with you, I already have a ton to worry about and you are not on the list so stop bothering me." Lyle said.

"Yea yea, I'll leave you to your own worries and refrain myself, try not to go over board and kick the bucket this time." Henry gave a flashy smile and walked away while dragging his daughter. "Like dad like daughter." Reginald said.

"Fuck them, let's run." Ed said and began running. The other three also followed him. Out of the four, Lyle ran wildly and he over took Ed without effort. He was running fast but he was thinking about something. Something bothering him. Others also increased their speed to catch up with him.

After running fast af for 30 straight minutes, the trio was at their end while a certain someone was just sighing while looking at the to-be-dawn sky.

"Oii, why the fuck did you run like that? Are you trying to admit us in the hospital before the mission even begins?" Flynn asked while gasping for air. "Ah? Sorry, I'm just a bit out of it......." Lyle gave a halfassed answer. He was about to walk away and do something else but Ed grabbed his shoulder.


Ed punched him right in the face. Even though he didn't pack enough power in it, it still hurt. "Feeling clear now?" Ed asked. "Aww, damn it! That freaking hurts!" Lyle said while grabbing his nose.

"Come on dude, we're going to ground zero and that's the attitude you got? You better get your gears up or you might lose more than just a screw, remember?" Ed said. Lyle smiled. "Yea yea, I remember saying that to a certain fucking idiot when he joined the team for the first time and got sent to China with us along MGUAF to rescue those HVTs when China was in chaos." Lyle said as he wiped off the bleeding nose.

They began laughing. During a peace negotiation mission in China, MGU diplomats were under heavy attack and got split from the convoy and lost contact with the main unit. Because of that incident, Chinese government was on panic. If anything were to happen to them, then the MGU Naval forces in the Indian Ocean will move to south China sea and begin deploying soldiers on the east coast. With that, China will officially be facing MGU on a straight battle inside their own land. With the Naval power of MGU and their positioning in the Indian Ocean will prove advantageous to them and the Chinese navy would have no other choice but to push back. And if that happens, MGU would use their new generation destroyers and subs to hold the northern part of South China sea and push back the Chinese navy while the MGU carriers deploy the ground force on the shores.

Even if China tried to make use of their air force, it would be in vain. MGU's anti-air missile batteries are known to rival the Russian S-1200s which are the current anti air missiles used by Russia. Things like made in China fighter jets can't even hold a paper candle before them. Let's just say they somehow manage to get past them. There was still the air force. The MGU's new generation Vox-21 fighter jets rank number 2 in world ranking because their loadout is a little bit less than the number 1, but the performance is slightly better. And MGU pilots are nothing to laugh at. They really rule the skies of Africa, it's their domain.

If such a force were to invade China, it would spark World War three but it was avoided due to these four teens. They were deployed and they did their mission without fear or doubt. They rescued the diplomats and brought them back to the building guarded by the PLA. From there, the MGU sent an aerial evac with black hawks for escorts.

The mission went smooth at the start but the enemy force somehow smelled them and attacked the building. Lyle, Ed, Reginald and Flynn along with 8 MGU soldiers who were guarding the Diplomats as well as the PLA soldiers stationed there fought back. They held their ground firmly. No matter what the enemies threw or shoot, they just held their ground and pushed the enemy out.

Soon, the reinforcements from Chinese militia which is also a part of the PLA came and the situation was brought under control.

If it wasn't for these four, then there would've been a World War 3. Those 8 MGU soldiers could protect the Diplomats to some extend, but they couldn't safely bring them to that building. And these guys did what they couldn't.

Thinking about those times made them sigh. "Well, thinking of those times aren't gonna change anything, we gotta focus on the issue at hand now." Lyle said. The four of them then continued their exercise and soon the rest of their unit joined. They did their exercises and training till it was 6am in the morning.

After their workout, they returned to their quarters and freshened up. Everyone got their gears up and ready then went to the airbase.

Hanger 5. The twelve of them stood before the hanger which had it's doors closed. They waited for five more minutes without moving or making a sound. When it's job, they are professional.

The door finally opened. And when the huge doors slid to the side slowly and showed what was inside, they had their mouths hanging. Even for them it's too much to handle. Well technically everyone apart from Lyle and Flynn that is.

"And? Why the fuck are you here, miter supreme General of Madagascar United?" Lyle asked with an expressionless tone. He was professional until moments ago but after seeing that flashy face of Eric, his professionalism went on a holiday.

"Hey now, don't look at me like I'm some sort of annoying insect that came to ruin your mood." Eric said with a smile as he walked towards them with a guy behind them. "Oh? When did you learn how to read minds?" Flynn added fuel to the fire. Their whole unit had their eyes almost popping out. The supreme General of MGU is well known and these two are causally speaking to them like they were kindergarten friends and even the supreme General was doing the same to them. So, they just stiffened themselves and decided not to talk.

"Ah, seems like my presence made your men stiff." Eric jokingly said. "Then how about I erase it from the face of earth?" Lyle said as he load his pistol.

"Oi Oi! Don't even joke about something like that cause I know you will do it." Eric backed away and hid behind the other guy. "Seems like you didn't change much Connor." The guy said.

"Right back at you, are you behind our new gear this time, Jarred?" Lyle asked with a smile. "If it was just me then we might as well send everybody else home." Jarred laughed.

"Come on, there's someone rare who showed up." Jarred led them in. Eric followed Jarred inside and so did the others.

Inside the hanger, there were technicians walking and running here and there. There was a big.... Hovercraft like plane inside. It was not as big as an aeroplane but as big as a Chinook helicopter. It was white and the more you look at it the more you would understand that it was someone kind of spacecraft meant for outer space travel and deployment.

"What the heck is this?" Lyle asked. "It's the new Space X G95 trooper carrier and first to be used for live action." Someone said from behind them. Lyle and the rest turned back and they saw Daniel in his lab coat walking towards them.

"Well that is indeed someone rare." Flynn said. "Yo science worm, finally decided to get out of Antarctica?" Lyle joked.

"Antarctica was bit boring so I came here for some good coffee, got a problem with that?" Daniel asked him with that dead fish look in his eyes. "Roger that and care to explain?" Lyle asked.

"Well as I said, this is the new Space X G95 trooper carrier which is and will be used for soldier deployment." Daniel said. "Space X program is completed?" Lyle asked him, shocked by what he just heard. Even Flynn was shocked to hear that. The rest of the unit had no idea wtf was going on do they just kept quiet and looked at each other.

"Unfortunately no, we need that fuse to complete the core for project "Flying Fortress" and about project "Drake Talon" and project "Dark Knight", they are nearing the final stage of prepping, we are just testing this since this is one of the first finished items in the "Space X" project." Daniel said while looking at the carrier.

"So you guys haven't tested it yet? The drop ship I mean." Lyle asked. "We did test runs with prototypes and did ever fine tuning we can this is the final result, we are confident in it so we are using this since you are going to Chernobyl." Daniel explained.

"So we are lab rats in the end." Lyle glared at Eric. "You don't have to worry Connor, this is meant for space so it's sealed tight, not even radiation can get in, you guys will be safe inside." Daniel assured him.

"Well yea but what about outside?" Lyle asked him. "We have it covered as well, come with me." Daniel had a smile on his face as he lead them away inside. When they went inside and saw the armors before them, their mouth was hanging, like literally, even Lyle and Flynn can't hold it.

"Cool right?" Daniel asked. "Hohoho dude! This is beyond cool! This is fucking awesome! We get to play Halo now? Now that's worth testing!" Lyle said excitedly.

In front of them was twelve armors which looked just like what master chief from halo had.


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