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Rico immediately moved behind the guy and looked at the monitor screen. "Did you find something?" Rico asked. "Sir, I was changing from normal to infrared to UV and I found this, 18 people, they are using some kind of jammer or something else to mask their heat signature and they hide using the dense forest the moment they see the drones." the guy at the seat pointed the monitor and showed him. He changed the camera vision from normal to thermal to infrared to UV. Only in UV they can see some signs of them but the other visions are completely masked.

Rico took three steps back. "We don't have anyone at this point, it's them!" He said . "Connect me to the nearest units, fast!" Rico ordered. "On it sir and..... You're up!" The operator said. "Attention all units! We identified possible signatures of 18 men at point 55, suspects can be armed so proceed with caution and surround them, we need to try capturing them alive if possible." Rico said.

"Delta team 2 5, solid copy."

"Charlie team 3 3, solid copy."

"Bravo team 5 1, solid copy."

"Whiskey niner, moving in for support."

"Falcon 3 0, moving in for support."

All available units near the area were moving towards the Mercenaries. Rico immediately informed other two bases as well as the head command. Other two bases also sent their units to the location without delay.


The Delta team were going towards the target location at high speed in their chopper. "Ugh god-f*cking-damnit, I wanted to go back to Madagascar and see my wife but instead, I'm here with you bastards going after some unknown Mercenaries ass, seriously, what the f*ck did I ever do wrong to receive this punishment? None of you sons of b*tches are pretty girls, it's like wasting my time." Roaches, a MGU migratent, said.

"Yeah, this is divine karma or some sh*t for your mouth, when you get shot in the mouth, that's the day world peace will be achieved." Kurts, one of the 12 men in this team, said as if he received enlightenment. Everyone laughed at his joke. "Ha.Ha.Ha, laugh all you want when I haul your ass back." Roaches said with a dissatisfied look and folded his hands. They looked at him sulking like a 10 year old and laughed like hell, even the pilots laughed. The chopper was full of laughter. This is one of the thousands strike team MGU has in Mozambique. They don't speak and let their reputation do. 479 confirmed kills and 0 causalities. That really is something.

The chopper slowed down and ropes were dropped. All 12 of them rappelled down and gathered together. The chopper had to go back to base for refueling or it would have stayed with them to provide air support. Since it will take time for other teams to arrive, they are on their own. "Alright folks, we are 1 click from the last possible sighting location, they used some thing to mask themselves so we can't get an aerial view on target location! Suspects were last seen moving towards south west so we might have chances of intercepting them! Remember, maintain 20 meter distance and immediately inform others if you see anyone or anything, we are outnumbered by 6, so stay sharp! Weapons hot! Only return fire! Try to capture them alive if possible! Move!" Their team leader, Major Mark, said.

To be honest, they should've been on their plane home and enjoy their vacation but they were sent here on last minute. If it was 10 minutes later, then they would've been long gone.

The twelve of them walked in the forest for more than an hour and still no sign of the Mercenaries. "Home nest this is Delta team 2 5, how copy?" Mark said. "This is Home nest, we hear you loud and clear." The base replied.

"We have been walking over an hour now and we don't even have a single lead, are you sure this is the right location?" Mark asked while continuing their journey. "Delta 2 5 there are other teams dropped on different locations as well and no one found anything, the sighting was real and so is the intruders, I'm sorry if it's hard on you, but we can't let any son of a b*tch take us light, Home nest." Comm cut off.

"Well, sounds like a certain someone we know and don't want to see now, don't we?" Aliyah said. "Yeah, wonder why commander is on comms now when he should be doing paper work sh*t." Jerik said.

"Let's break a leg boys, we still have a mission to complete." Mark said and started walking a bit faster.

"Yea, and a lot of bikinis to dig in later."

"I hear you brother."

"Agh, you men are disgusting!"

"Says the women Rambo."

"You said something?" She pointed her gun towards his head. "Ah, just enjoying how beautiful and annoying this nature is, nothing else." Kurts said and looked away.

"Ha, dodged a bullet there." Roaches laughed. Milly passed by them with a "hmph" and went forward. "I would rather take a bullet." Kurts said. "Alright less talkin and more walkin people!" Mark said. They all just nodded their head and marched into the forest without a single clue as to where the Mercs are.

Three hours later.......

"Any unit, this is Delta 2 5, respond over."


The 12 of them were sitting in a clearing on top of a small hill. Looking at this vast forest area, they felt helpless as to where to find those Mercs. It's been four hours and still no clue.

"Any unit, this is Delta 2 5, please respond over."


Mark tried to contact other units in the area but none of them responded. He have up trying to contact them. His group is tired, they were surrounded by forest and plus the air support which should be flying above their head is nowhere to be found! It's like they were abandoned.

"Home nest, this is Delta 2 5, how copy? Over." Mark asked over the comm.*buzz*. Mark frowned. This is a bit weird. There shouldn't be any problem with comms anywhere inside MGU border, but he couldn't get any response from anyone. "Home nest, this is Delta 2 5,how copy? Over." he tried once again.*buzz*. No response. There have been no communication problems in MGU for the past 12 or so years. No matter which cave they were in, be it a normal civilian or an armed military soldier, they can easily contact anyone. But right now, he's having this trouble contacting both base and other units. Something didn't seem right in his eyes and it's giving him a bad feel.

"OK I have a bad news and a very bad news, which one do you guys wanna hear first?" Mark asked as he stood up and put on his helmet. "Very bad one." Roaches said without hesitation. Everyone gave him a weird look but nonetheless, Mark said it. "We can't contact anyone, we're dark." Mark said.


Kurts spit out every drop of water he just drank. "What do you mean we can't contact anyone? We are still inside MGU aren't we? Or did we somehow magically leave MGU and wandered off into another country?" Kurts asked as he wiped his mouth.

"That's the problem, we are still inside MGU." Mark said as he packed up his stuff. "How's that a problem?" Milly asked with a weirdly confused face.

"Yea, that is a problem, if we were in another country then this could have been ignored but not when we are inside our home ground." Parker said while working on his Weblink. "Say something understandable Parker." Milly said.

"As long as we are inside MGU, we should not have any network problem or connection problem when it comes to the military because we got our servers and SATs covering us like a blanket, but we did receive a Cyber attack 12 years ago and it was not good, whole MGU went dark and we were like blinded ducks without them! Fortunately, MGUAF (AF here is referring to the "Armed Forces" not "Air Force") is very strong and defended us against the hostile forces till we get our lines back up, after that we pounded them with everything we've got! Since then not a single sector had gone dark, this is the first." Parker explained. "Okay then what is the bad news?" Milly asked.

"We have no support." Mark simply said. "What do you mean by that Major?" Roaches asked with a frown. "No Air support, no ground support and no SAT support." Mark said with a sigh. "What the-!?" Roaches stood up. They were really going blind this time. This is too serious. No one in MGU has gone this blind for the past decade or even more.

"Does that mean we are cut off from the world?" Don asked while gulping his saliva. "I'm afraid so and this is not a natural incident, someone cut us off from other units and did something to cut off the air support and connection to the base, so you all better stay alert and alive, WEAPONS HOT!" Mark said.

"Sh*t man, I'm not doing this sh*t! Being blind inside a forest with unknown enemies and no support, it's as if we are destined to die here!" Jake said with his body shivering.


Milly punched right at his nose and broke it. "Roaches! Treat this scared son of a b*tch! This guy is way more disgusting than you!" She shouted. "That's rude for both of us." Roaches said but still went forward to treat him. "You are men with d*cks, so man up! We are not the defense force! We are a strike unit! We are a MGU strike unit! We don't get scared like that! If we get scared of something, then it should first qualify for us to be scared." She said with a stern look on her face.

"She's right, we can't look bad in front of a women." Mark said with a smile as he holstered his gun over his shoulder. "Oh? We have women in our unit? How come I never saw one?" Kurts asked with an innocent face. "Looks like we can afford one MIA." Milly cracked her knuckles.