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Without even knowing anything that has happened, Connor and group flew towards America. Half way over the Atlantic Connor received a call from Flynn, "Yo LT! Where the heck are you? I thought you would be the first one to come down crashing after hearing what happened". Connor frowned, "Flynn, explain what happened". You can say that he is getting suspicious from his tone itself.

"I think it's better you see for yourself than me explaining it to you" Flynn then sent him a video via Weblink. Connor played the video and jumped from his seat. His face became so terrifying that even demons would be scared off.

His action made others suspicious as well. They never seen him lose his calm like that before and yet he lost his cool. Reginald approached him, "Lyle, what's wrong?". Before even answering him, Connor dashed to the cockpit and shouted, "TURN THIS SHIT BACK TO MGU! NOW!". Everyone of them were startled by it.

"Hey, what's going on? Why are you telling him to turn around? Did something happen or did you forget anything important?" Jane asked him as she made her way towards the cockpit. "Connor, calm down first and tell us what happened, we're almost at the American airspace" CJ, the pilot said.

Connor was burning with anger and rage as he said, "Will you turn this thing around or should I make you?". CJ and others never saw him like that, so they understood that something bad has happened. CJ nodded his head and turned the jet around.

Connor didn't say a word and just went back to his seat and started searching something. Others were confused as to what happened just now. ED never moved an inch from his seat and was just eyeing Connor at the corner of his eyes.

"Connor, tell us what the f*ck was all that about? Did you lose a screw or something? You never act like this" Reginald said as he stood near Connor's seat. Connor didn't speak a word and just forwarded the video Flynn sent him to Reginald.

Reginald's Weblink started blinking. Reginald was confused at first. But when he opened the message, he saw a video. Only after playing the video could he understand Connor's true feelings.

"Lyle, who sent you this?" Reginald asked in a soft tone. Even though his voice was soft, his face wasn't. Even the rest got intrigued by it. "Hey, just what is in that video? Why are you angry after watching it?" Jane asked. ED had his doubts but now he confirmed it. He took out his sniper rifle and started doing maintenance.

Reginald sent the video to the three of them. The three played the video. It was a video took by a youth during the attack of the mysterious insurgents who attacked MGU. The video clearly showed the defense unit being pushed back. Even though they had tanks, it was no use. The enemies cleverly outmatched them by using the cross streets.

The tanks had been jacked and the guns focused on the camera guy, so he ran away and then posted it on the Internet later. "LT, who send you this?" Reginald asked in a cold tone. Lyle stopped searching and massaged his forehead, "Flynn, he sent me this thing and after searching the net, I found that Mozambique was indeed attacked by some unknown terrorists but unfortunately the reinforcements arrived late so the defense unit had been wiped out, someone actually had the balls to launch an attack inside our borders, I'm looking forward to see those bastards" he said with a grin on his face.

"They better not be anywhere near two miles from me or else they will run out of lives" ED said with a dark face. He had already took out his sniper rifle and loaded it. "Hehehe, not bad but I don't give a f*ck where they are in this planet! I'll hunt them down for what they have done! Their countdown has began" Lyle said. Lyle's pupils became blood red. Reginald and ED noticed it while others were busy with their own searching.

Reginald put a hand on Lyle's shoulder. Lyle's eyes became normal again as if nothing happened. "Hey, don't lose it here or we all might just go down crashing" Reginald said with a concerned tone. "Mascot mother f*cker" ED said and continued to doing what he was doing. Reginald game him a glare but didn't say anything.

Others might not know about this, but Lyle Connor of MGU Eastern sector and the Lieutenant of "SSF" unit, have some hidden secrets within him which only a handful of people like his squad memebers, the "Elites" of MGU and some other individuals who are same as him.

Back in Mozambique, MGU has announced martial law for every city near the Oribium mine. Civilians were shocked when they heard about such an attack happening near their cities. Leaving the WW2 cases aside, till now, there has been no such attacks "inside" MGU because the military strength of MGU is more than enough to keep the rebels and other greedy governments at bay.

The border defense forces might sound weak but they repelled the forces of AFF and the military insurgents of the nearby countries. The attack this time had really stirred things up. The border defense units and border patrols are now watching over the borders with eyes like eagles. All MGU military bases in Mozambique has been put on high alert with wheels and wings ready to roll out anytime.

In one of the border check post, a team of twenty three soldiers (not Under SOLS) have been stationed to look after this sector point. The check post looked like a small fort blocking the road after the bridge. Inside the post, there was three Humvee with .50cals loaded with armor piercing rounds. There was a gate where the road touched the keep like structure (mostly like the current Iraq or Iran guard post or even the Indian border guard post made out of.... Earth? Something like that).

Three soldiers on the top while four were guarding the gate. One was inside the small cabin like place outside the fort near the gate. The rest were inside the building, doing stuff like maintenance or doing a routine check on the gear or checking for faults within their rides, there's nothing fun to do here cause no one really comes this way much.

The three on top were the ones suffering too much. The sun was very annoying and yet they had to do watch. Ever since that attack, no one from the military was slacking after they heard about the defense unit in the city being totally wiped out. If it wasn't for the reinforcements arriving on time, then the whole city would have been lost.

The soldiers heard that the higher ups are not pleased with this and have taken some sort of action to repay their act with due settlement.

The three on the top have the simplest yet hardest job, look out. The guy laying in the middle had a sniper while the one on the left had a heavy machine gun and the one on the right had an assault rifle and a pair of binoculars.

"Do you really think that someone would attack the borders? Doing that is equal to waging war on MGU and no one in Africa would want that" the sniper said. "Solomon, the attack this time was done inside the borders by some Veteran Mercenaries so we can't blame our boys from the defense unit for being careless because they were taken out by Veterans who had the element of surprise but that doesn't mean the others wouldn't want to attack us and this place is the best choice since there is only twenty three of us here" the one with binoculars replied.

"So....does that mean the command knows about this and yet they only sent twenty three? Do they believe in us to that extent or just that they think this isn't worth it?" the sniper asked again. "Neither, if my guess is correct, then we are bait and we are waiting for the fish to take the bait! I'm positive we will get backup if we are to face great dangers" the machine gunner answered.

They were talking some more when suddenly, "Hey, I got movements ahead! What in th-? HOLY F*CK! CALL FOR REINFORCEMENTS! NOW! ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS! WE GOT ENEMY CONTACT!" the one with binoculars shouted and threw the binoculars away and grabbed his gun.

"Hey now, what did you see? Did you see a ghost in broad daylight?" the machine gunner asked. "A....a..... ALL OF YOU F*CKTARDS GET YOUR ARMS! WE GOT AN ARMY INCOMING!" the sniper shouted.

"Hey hey! Why the fuck are you screaming? Do you see something?" a guy from the gate asked. The rest also hurried outside with their guns to see what happened. "TANZANIA ARMED FORCES INCOMING! ARM YOURSELVES! NOW!" the sniper announced.



"Mother of *******"

The whole unit started cursing and scrambling to get ready. "This is MGU border post 17, we just spotted Tanzania armed forces heading towards us! Requesting back up!" their leader said over the radio.

"Affirmative, base Rodney sending back up! Hold up for an hour, good luck" the other side said. "An hour? We won't last a minute if those guys hit us!" he said but the connection had been cut.

He immediately went outside and asked using the comm "How far are they?". "3500 meters and closing, sir!" the binoculars guy said. "Alright! We got one hour till the reinforcements arrive! We are holding this point so bring out the big guns!" he ordered. The Humvees came out with a person on the gun.

Every one of them had equipped their gear and got ready for the fight. "IN POSITIONS!" the leader shouted. All of them hurried to get in position and aimed their guns towards the enemy. "Is everyone here?" he asked over the comm. "Sir yes sir!" one of them replied.

"Sir, this is pretty bad! They are fanning out! They are trying to pin us down using the tanks!" the look out said.

"God bless us"