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8 Behind the scenes

Eric kept a calm face while looking at the screen. The world leaders are either confused or shocked, except four. Eric smiled and said, "Well my purpose on calling all is not to give you any lead or clue about the "Ghosts" or whatever, I called you because this is a warning for every country in the world! No matter who we face or what we face! We will not back down even a bit! If you want to fight us then come head on and stop being coward bitches! MGU has enough manpower and machine power to rival any superpower in the world, so I believe you would think before acting, that's all" he waved his hand and the screen turned off.

The commanders didn't know what to say at all. Only he can threaten the world leaders like that and get off the hook. Everyone present in the room would do anything for MGU and by that I mean anything. Eric then looked at the sector commanders and asked, "What happened to this month's shipment? Was there any problem?".

Roland said, "This month's Oribium to Antarctica left our harbor three days ago, it should reach the base in another five days General".

Oribium is a new mineral that was discovered five years ago and this discovery shocked the whole world. This mineral is more radioactive and stronger in all aspects than Uranium but the main point is that this newly found mineral, is very stable compared to Uranium or any other radioactive element. You can put a man inside a closed room with one kilo of Oribium for seven days and still see him alive and walking.

As it is more stable, it is also more hard to refine than Uranium or any other elements. A normal Nuclear missile containing ten kilo of enriched Uranium and a small rocket containing one kilo of Oribium packs a same level of power. Even the power of Plutonium pales in comparison with Oribium. This is truly a God given gift to man.

Eric smiled in relief, being one of the ten countries in the world that owns an Oribium mine MGU is always been targeted by powers to get the Oribium for themselves. Well too bad for those people that MGU is not a regular African country with average military to defend themselves. This is MGU! A wolf in sheep's clothing! Even though they are not as powerful as Mother Russia or developed as United states of America, they are still formidable.

Eric said, "Well then it's all good, what about the escort?". Roland nodded his head and passed him a file. Eric opened the file and started to read it while Roland explained, "As usual, we sent four destroyers to escort the ship, none of the men in those destroyers are "U SOLS" sir, these guys are from the infantry division even though they don't have much experience on the sea they can still hold their own".

Eric sighed in relief after hearing that and looked at the time on his Weblink and looked at the screen. The screen lit up and showed the face of US president and it split up into two and showed Russian president's face followed by Japanese president and lastly, president of India. This time, only the presidents were there and none of their officials were to be seen.

US president smiled and said, "Glad to see your doing fine, Eric". "Yea, acting like I have no clue is quite hard because sometimes I want laugh" the Russian president laughed. "Hontho tha*, it is quite hardu to speak like I don know anything" said the Japan president. "Shahi bola ap ne*, now let's get to business talk" president of India said.

Eric smiled, no one except the ones inside this room and the ones on the screen knows about the secret pact that all five countries have. Russia, US, India, Japan and MGU have a good relation with each other but the world doesn't know about it. These five countries are world superpowers that no one can fight.

Japan in the past had a non-military treaty signed by them but it was canceled due to them protesting that they don't want to rely on others for their own security. Japan now has it's own military power and doesn't rely on America to provide security. After the non-military treaty being lifted, Japan put in a lot of it's resources into the military and became a super power again within five years of time. This is the first time after World War Two that Japan became a military power.

The screen was divided into four parts and suddenly, another screen came up at the center. The new screen showed a guy but not his face or body, just totally black. "Good to see you again, Smith" he said. Eric smiled, "Gentlemen, it's great to see you as always and now let's get to business". Everyone's face became serious after hearing that.

The man on the center said, "We are currently looking into who was the one to put a bounty on MGU and when we do, you will be the first to know". Eric said while keep on smiling, "That's assuring to know Mr. Mist, I'm sure we will find out the main culprit pretty soon if the head of "Ghosts" were to involve directly".

The four presidents maintained their grim face, what head of the "Ghosts" was he talking about? This was the question inside their head. Eric then stand up from his seat and pointed his hand at the center of the screen and said, "Gentlemen, let me introduce you, this is the leader of the so called "Ghosts" that every intelligence organization in the world is searching for". All four presidents remained a calm expression while they were truly shocked inside. To be able to get in contact with the leader of so called "Ghosts" which their intelligence were searching for day and night means they underestimated Eric. No, they underestimated him right from the start! To be able to become the General of MGU means he's not ordinary yet they took a blind eye to that part.

"So the Ghosts are not the ones who instigated that attack? Is that what you are saying?" Russian president asked. "Ghosts and MGU has a non-aggression pact for the past two years so yes, I'm confident they are not the ones who launched an attack inside MGU border against MGU" Eric calmly replied.

The four presidents are clearly confused now. Eric maintained his smile and said, "The attack's main aim should've been related to the Oribium mine 20km away from the city and plus, that city acts as support hub to the mine so it clearly makes sense to attack that city or else why would someone go out of their way to launch an attack inside MGU? Do you think any country in the world has the guts to do that? This is clearly a private organization aiming to take over the mine". Everyone started thinking in the direction he gave them and it made sense. Who would have the guts to launch an attack on MGU inside MGU soil if it's not some private organization? Definitely no one! Every country knows the power MGU posses and if any country wage war on MGU then it will be their loss even if they win.

Mist then thought of something and said, "Eric, if you don't mind I would like to send twenty of my best men to guard that mine with your men". Eric did not expect that! He just like that gained twenty elite and dangerous Mercenaries in the world for guarding an important point in MGU!

Eric maintained a calm facade and said, "Thank you for that, but I trust my men and I trust them to be able to defend against anyone or anything coming at them! So sorry, I can't accept them". Mist didn't say anything and just sit there.

Eric's assistant received a call and he nodded his head and whispered something in Eric's ears. Eric nodded his head and said, "I'm sorry gentlemen, looks like I got things to attend to so I would like to end this meeting with you all". The presidents nodded and hung up the video call along with mist.

Eric's face became serious as he said, "Put him through". The screen lit up again and this time it showed a guy standing inside a huge underground hanger. He wore a mechanic outfit and scratched his head as he looked at the screen.

"Jarred, how is the project going?" Eric asked with seriousness. The guy on the screen smiled and said, "Don't worry, everything is going perfect but it seems we are having a problem with energy core so Daniel is working on it, I haven't seen come out of his lab for three days and nights, I wonder if he even drinks water". Eric sighed and relaxed after hearing it.

He then said, "Well when was he ever normal? After all, he is "The Mad Scientist" of MGU so I don't think we can do anything about it right?". Jarred smiled, "Well that too, but I'm worried about him dying due to overwork because he is a genius that appears once in three or even four hundred centuries, we can't afford to lose him".

Eric said worriedly, "Well even I'm worried about his health! If he goes on like this then it will clearly not look good for his health". Daniel is really a type of genius that appears once every four hundred years and his talent is invaluable! Any country would be willing to give up anything if they could have someone like him.

Eric said, "He made a new history by synthesising Oribium and now he's going to make one more by creating an energy core with Oribium and if it became successful!" he stopped there and looked at Jarred. Jarred smiled and continued his line, "We will make two more history with it!".

Both Jarred and Daniel are in the secret underground base of MGU which is located in Antarctica. It's a heavily defended base because of the secrets it holds. 6000 soldiers guard that place along with 50 mark five Gunther ground unit Mechs and 10 Aero typhoon aerial type Mechs! There's around 80 T-140 Rusher tanks and a lot of AFVs* with mounted guns. There's even a bunch of both carrier and attack helicopters. And these attack helicopters are MGU made MK-37 HINDs, they pack one hell of a punch.

Jarred smirked and asked, "Do you wanna see "Project Drake"?". Eric was surprised and asked, "Wait! Is it already completed!? I thought it would take another two months or so to finish it!".

Jarred scratched his head and said, "Nah, it will take a month to finish the fine tuning and some fabrications are underway but the out body is finished and we are waiting for Daniel to finish that energy core then she will be up and ready to rock the world!".

Eric immediately got pumped up and hit the table and said, "I immediately want to see it!". Jarred smiled and bypassed the video call to his Weblink then walked around a bit then finally arrived.

He pointed the digital screen towards a raven black jet standing inside the hanger. It looked like a mash up of SU-57 and blackbird along with B2 bomber like wings which looked like the wings of Lockheed F-22 raptor and it also has MGU flag symbol on both it's wings and rudder. It was one hell of a fighter jet and first of it's kind!

Jarred then announced like a sales guy, "Ladies and gentlemen! I present you the one and only of it's kind! Drake Talon! The first ninth gen fighter jet in the world with a full titanium body!". The jet looked remarkable! The ones present in the room had no words to comment at all! It was that beautiful and majestic!

Eric asked eagerly, "Does it really have all the options described?". Jarred smirked and said, "My friend, the Russians made a near space jet fighter, the MIG-31B, on 1975 but it was just a near space jet and no other jets could beat its record until the Russians created another breathtaking fighter in 2033, the SU-63, which can fight at the at the altitude of 50km in the sky and that's half way to space and the Russians are now hurrying the procedure to make something that is even better! But MGU has done it before them! The new Drake Talon skipped eighth gen and went directly to ninth gen! And trust me when I say this is not a near space jet because I mean it! This is a real fighter jet that can even fight in space! Heck, it can even reach space right from earth and doesn't need any help from the planes to get it to a certain altitude or anything! This is the real deal my friend".

Eric said, "That is truly impressive and I would be lying if I said that is nothing but, how do you plan on flying this thing in the space? I mean space has no air so maneuverability of the jet won't cut it right?". Jarred said, "Exactly! Which is why we installed "Pressure pumpers" at each points on the jet which will help the pilot do evasive maneuvers like an UFO! But the minus in this is, the plane won't be damage from the sudden turns and twists, but I'm not sure about the pilot though".

Eric then asked, "Why? What's wrong with getting a pilot?". Jarred shook his head and said, "You don't get it, this jet flies at the speed of Mach 4! The fastest jet in the world can only go up to Mach 3.4 and no more! Imagine a jet flying almost five thousand Kilometer per hour and then did a sudden turn? BAM! The pilot's head will come of or his body will explode just like that". Eric now faced another problem and this time it's a bit harder. Its true that flying two times the speed of sound and breaking god knows whatever barriers are there will put a heavy strain on the pilot than the jet.

Who will be able to pilot such a jet which is almost an UFO? Who got the guts to ride this monster? Who is worth enough to make history?

Eric smiled, he already have a guy ready for it! He said, "No worry's, we got a guy to break the history and his bones". Jarred laughed and said, "You don't even need to say who cuz I know who that is!".