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The aftermath of that attack was terrible. 200 civilians got caught in the crossfire and a lot were either injured or killed , 257 MGU defence force soldiers were Killed in Action while 43 survived with light injuries.

MGU didn't take this attack lightly. At the central Command Center, every single MGU commanders were present and were waiting for one person to arrive. No one talked with each other, the atmosphere was heavier than gravity itself. This is the first time after WWll when Germans tried to invade Madagascar.

They waited for an hour without making a sound or moving out of the place. There were four sector commanders, sixteen division commanders and their assistants totaling forty people inside a conference room.

The building they are in is heavily guarded. If White House or NATO meeting places were considered as the most guarded place on earth, then think again. 3000 soldiers armed with enough ammunition to break through Russian defense line, 100 modernized tanks, 30 attack helicopters, 20 gunships, 12 jet fighters, 34 anti-air missile defence trucks, 42 Heavy Hound ground type Mechs, 13 Light Aero typhoon aerial Mechs and 6 Mark 3 Gunther ground unit Mechs, it's not just a security force, it's a goddamn army more than enough to invade any country in Africa.

The hallways were packed with men armed with ARs, standing at the side like guards. The building itself is a Nuclear bunker. Even though it had 40 floors, the meeting was held underground. The meeting hall was 10 floors under the ground.

Soon a huge jumbo jet escorted by 20 SU-65s landed on the runway near the building. The soldiers lined up from the stairs to the armored limo with Humvees mounted with Gatling guns and 50 calibers.

The door on the plane opened. Ten guards in black to black uniform and helmets with SMGs on their hands came out and lined up before the soldiers with fixed gaps. These black guards are the personal guards of the General of MGU, the bests of the bests, "Beast Guards".

Finally, the one and only! "The Most Important person MGU!" and also the Most powerful person on the planet! The General of MGU. The most powerful person on the planet looked like a..... teenager?

That's right! The General of MGU, the one who rules over whole MGU and commands it's forces is an eighteen years old teenager. Even though he's a kid, that didn't cover his domineering aura. He nodded his head at the soldiers with a smile.

To a higher officer in military, soldiers are nothing more than pawns in their chess, ready to obey whatever order they were given. But that's not the way MGU works. Soldiers are family here. Even though the higher officers are respected, that doesn't mean the soldiers are under treated. Give respect and take respect.

Even if it's the General, they will respect the soldiers because the one fighting the wars are not the officials but the soldiers. They give their lives for their sakes! Even if the gods were to show up in front of him, he would still respect his soldiers than the god.

He walked to the limo and got in. The airfield was half a mile away from the main building so they had to take vehicles to go there. The escort was not like what a General would have, it's a goddamn military convoy! Five Humvees with mounted weapons on the front of the limo while the same amount at the back. The limo had the flag of MGU on it's hood. The flag was black in color with the "Excalibur" sword at the center upsidedown and the crown of Roman emperor behind it, it was majestic.

Since the airfield is only half a mile away, it took them only five minutes max to reach. The moment he got down, his face changed from the caring General to an angry Titan!

He is one of the "Elite Eight" or "The Chosen Ones". The General, The Golden Guardian, The Tech God, The Mad Scientist, The Mechanic, The Ace, The Admiral and The Assassin. These Eight are the elites of the elites that MGU puts in all it's resources to develop. How they were chosen, it's unknown but for what they are chosen is exactly as the name says and The General title is the most powerful among them all.

Apart from the General and Sector Commanders no one knows the identity of the rest of the eight, not even the division commanders.

He entered the hall and headed straight towards the elevator. His assistant pressed the conference room floor button and it started to descend. They quickly reached the conference room floor and walked out of the elevator.

Compared to the floors on the surface, this place had only about twenty men guarding the hallway, but these men are from the Delta unit! Even if an invading force managed to break through the force on the surface and come down, they will still meet their end because of these men.

They maintained a grim face when he passed by. Truth to be told, they were very exited to be able to meet the General of MGU in flesh.

The iron door opened when he was only four feet away from it as the scanners already scanned his eye, face and finger prints when he was walking.

All the commanders sitting inside stood the moment he arrived and saluted him when he got to the main seat. "Sit" that's all he said. The commanders sit down on their chairs and the atmosphere got even heavier. The General took his cap off and revealed his black hair. Out of everyone present, he is the youngest and also holds most authority. He could launch a Nuke anytime he wants if he feels like it.

The commanders could feel that he was very angry just by his look. Of course he is! Soldiers dying in battle is one thing because they fight with their lives, but civilians who trusts the Military to protect them also died, he was about to put the one responsible for this on a stake or crucifix them on the dessert.

He said in a cold tone, "Explain!". The commanders became stiff. Even though they are older than him, they still respect and obey him. Getting the title "The General" is not an easy feat.

Gord got spoke, "General, it seems that the ones who attacked the city was not with the AFF or any other rebel forces". The General just closed his eyes to listen and didn't speak nor did anyone. Gord continued, "The insurgents came in as tourists and got in contact with the weapon smugglers and got some ARs and UN peacekeeping force load out in their hands and disguised themselves as UN force and launched a surprise attack on three places inside the city and caught our men off guard".

Eric finally opened his eyes and said, "So you are saying that some terrorists entered our territory as a tourists and launched a surprise attack and killed hundreds yet we didn't even know about it till the last minute?". His words were simple, but they carried heavy weight. The commanders didn't even know how to reply for his question. They were careless to let terrorists inside and even let them get weapons on their hands. It was their mistake that caused hundreds of lives.

Eric sighed and said, "We can't do anything about it now and don't let something like this happen in the future, now what do we know about this group?". Gord said, "As I said, these guys are not affiliated with any rebel group and their main goal should have been to make our relation with the UN worse because we are the next powerful country after UN in Africa, so to make the both of us fight will be profitable for many powers but we just don't know who did this".

Eric started to dwell in thoughts as to who and why would someone wants them to goto war with the UN. Gord nodded his head and his assistant gave him an envelop. Gord passed it to Eric's assistant and he gave it to him.

"That envelope contains a badge and everyone from that terrorist group had one like that with them, we don't know what that means but we are still trying our best in searching" Gord said. Eric opened it and took out the badge and he was shocked. The commanders couldn't believe they are seeing a shocked expression on Eric's face. He is their General! General of MGU! For him to be shocked means this is not going good.

Eric then gritted his teeth and hit the desk, "We had a non-aggression pact! Yet they still disobey it!" he murmured to himself. The sector commanders heard him and were confused, what treaty was he talking about? Eric then calmed down and asked for some water. His assistant immediately got him a water bottle and he gulped down half the bottle.

He then looked at his Weblink and closed his eyes. The commanders didn't even know what happened but they know that it's not something good.

Soon, his assistant's Weblink rang and he whispered something to Eric's ear. Eric nodded his head and soon the huge screen lit up and divided into several monitors showing the powerful people on the world with their Generals and ministers. United states of America, Russia, China, India, British, France, Korea, Japan, Germany and the UN. Everyone of them had an uneasy face.

They accepted the call from MGU and showed their face not because of respect but because of fear. MGU has enough nukes to make America next Chernobyl or level Russia three feet into the ground and most of all, MGU didn't sign the Non Nuclear pact with the UN because they are not a member of the UN.

Eric said, "Now that everyone is here let's begin this meeting". The presidents maintained their grim look and didn't utter a single word. Eric smiled and said, "Now I believe that everyone here knows about the attack that happened in one of our city inside "our" border with UN outfit, we could use this as a reason to declare war on the UN". The UN president said, "But I believe that you should have known that we are not responsible for this, we are hoping for a cooperation between us, not war".

Eric smiled, "Well I agree I do know that the UN is not the source but that doesn't mean you might not be the one who hired them to attack us, am I right?" he said. The UN president was starting to sweat a bit and looked very uneasy.

Eric smiled and took out the badge, "The main culprit of this attack will be found when we directly ask the ones who attacked" he showed the symbol on the badge. They all looked confused, "What is that badge for?" president of US asked. Eric smiled and said, "Now I'm sure that all your intelligence know about the word "Ghosts" do they not?".

The mics have been turned off and they spoke within themselves. They turned on the mics again and US president said, "Yes, they are on their tail now but what does that have to do with this badge or the attack on Mozambique?".

Eric replied, "Mister president, your CIA knows them only for being capable of collecting valuable information with ease but what they got wrong is, they are not doing that for their own, they do that for their clients". All the intelligence organizations chiefs were shocked when they heard it. Till now they thought that no one apart from them knows about Ghosts or what they do, but to think the General of MGU to know some information about them is a total shock to them. This kid got hold of the thing they were looking for like dogs.

The chief of CIA asked, "By for clients, what do you mean?". Eric smiled, "You intelligence all think that "Ghosts" are some organization with a huge backing and all but in truth, they are nothing but a Mercenary organization with around one thousand personal capable of getting done anything and won't rat out their clients even if they fail". Everyone were shocked! Just a random Mercenary organization? Just a Mercenary organization is capable of breaking into any system or take out an elite team or steal anything? Eric James Smith just rocked the world of intelligence with a huge bomb.