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6 City Battle in Mozambique

While Connor and group were on their way to Michigan, a problem arose on the MGU border in Mozambique. The command center was bustling with officials walking here and there while talking on the ear piece.

At this moment, the steal door opened and a man in commander uniform walked in. Everyone stopped what they were doing and saluted him. The man nodded and asked, "What's the situation?".

A guy came to him and said, "Sir! It seems that the AFF (Africa's Freedom Fighters) is being aggressive towards South Africa but the main problem is they are attacking the city that's inside our border, our men are engaging with them at the moment". The man in commander suit nodded and said, "Tell the men, "secure the civilians while eliminating the hostiles, but retreat if the situation seems pressing" tell that to them".

The guy saluted, "Yes sir!" he then started to inform the ground force that's fighting the rebel forces. The commander walked towards the screen and looked at it. The live footage provided from the UAVs show smokes rising from the city.

He then said, "Call base Campo and tell them to flank the enemy force from behind while laying down suppressive fire from air". They immediately passed on the message.

Base Campo responded immediately, "Affirmative! ETA 20 minutes!". But when the message reached the ground force in the city they shouted, "20 MINUTES!? We won't even last 5 fucking minutes if this keeps on! We need air support immediately!".

The operator looked at the commander for answer. The commander looked at the screen silently. He suddenly asked, "Is there any team to the west of the city?".

The operator immediately looked into it and said, "Yes sir! There is a platoon half a mile away from the city!". Commander said, "Connect me to them immediately!".

The operator did as he was told and connected him to the platoon leader. The commander put on a ear piece and said, "This is commander Gord of the west sector, do you read?".

The platoon leader replied, "This is First Lieutenant Evans of 122nd platoon, solid copy sir!". Gord asked, "Evans, what is your status?".

Evans replied, "Patrol mission on the border's sir! 23 men, all equipped with ARs*, two Humvees with 50.cal mount and an APC with 105 millimeter on top sir!". Gord said, "Good, the city half a click to your east is under attack and our men in the city are being suppressed by enemy fire, flank them with everything you got and buy them 19 minutes of time! Reinforcements should arrive by then".

Evans said, "Yes sir!". He then ordered his men to turn around and rushed towards the city on top speed. Evans connected to the team channel and said, "Everyone! Guns up! We are ordered to go to the city and help our force break from the suppressive enemy fire and help them survive for 19 minutes!". The soldiers all nodded their head and loaded their guns.

Evans and his platoon rushed to the city on their vehicles. The city was like a battlefield, burning cars, damaged buildings, gun fire, bullets and blood. It was half Hell. Evan's team got out from the APC and both Humvee. Two guys stayed inside to look after the mounted gun while the driver drives the vehicles.

"This is Zebra platoon, ground team respond" Evans said. His ear piece ringed and then a guy said, "This is Baker unit! We are under heavy fire from enemy on Fernandez street! We got a wounded trapped on the other side! We need help immediately! Where the heck are you!?!".

"We are at the Solomon street, we will head over to you right away!" Evans said. The other guy said, "No! Don't come to us! You will get caught in it as well! Come through walnut street and flank them from behind!". Evans said, "Solid copy".

He turned towards one of his men and asked, "Which way is the Walnut street?". The guy said, "We take left and go 400 meters then take a right, that's the Walnut street".

Evans nodded his head and said, "Alright men! We move on foot! Wheels will cover us while we provide support to them! Move!". Expect the gunners and drivers, the rest started to run on foot towards the Walnut street.

They reached the turn and saw civilians running away from the battle. They guided them to a safe way then advanced forward with mounts covering from rear. They advanced while pointing the guns forward. They looked the roof and the street for hostiles.

They could hear the gun fire, but could not see them yet. They started to advance a bit faster and reached the junction. "Baker unit, where are the hostiles?" Evans asked while pressing the ear piece. *Buzz*. Evans couldn't understand why they didn't reply and thought it must be a static problem so he asked once again, "Baker unit, where are the enemy hostiles!?". *Buzz*. No reply, Evans was getting more and more suspicious. Could it be....they are wiped out? No way! That's not possible! They are soldiers of MGU! And defense force to boot! There is no way in Hell they can be wiped out by a mere rebel militia!

"Baker unit! Answer me goddamn it!" Evans shouted. His men were in total alert. Baker unit was not responding and even the gunshots stopped, this is not looking good. Evans then connected to the HQ and said, "HQ, this is Lieutenant Evans, Baker Unit is not responding to the call, this is not looking good". Evans voice was full of seriousness.

Even if this place is inside their territory and one of their unit may have been wiped out, he's not foolish enough to lead his men to their doom.

"Dickery, infrared" he said. "Copy that boss" the guy in APC said. He switched on the infrared camera on the turret. He looked at the monitor screen. His first reaction was, WHAT THE FUCK!?

"Lieutenant! Everyone! Fall back! Quickly!" he shouted. Evans asked, "What happened!? What's wrong!?".

"Lieutenant! Those fuckers are all over the place!" he shouted again. The moment he closed his mouth, a rain of bullets poured down on them.

"*************************" Evans cursed. He escaped death by a hair's length but the same can't be said to the two of his men who were lying on the ground with body full of holes, they are dead.

"Colt and Jed are down! These fuckers are pounding us!" one of the men shouted. "These guys are definitely not rebel forces! Rebels never hit this hard! And how the fuck is this a small insurgent unit!? This is a fucking platoon or maybe even a dozen!" another one shouted over the comm while hiding inside a house.

"We need the air support man! We need to get the tanks here! We need the goddamn division!" another one. Evans couldn't take it anymore and shouted, "WILL YOU ALL CALM THE FUCK DOWN AND TAKE A GODDAMN HINT! WE ARE UNDER HEAVY FIRE AND THE REINFORCEMENTS ARE FIFTEEN MINUTES AWAY! SO STOP WHINING LIKE A FREAKING KID AND GUN UP!". Evans then started to fire at the enemy through the window.

His men also gathered themselves and laid a suppressive fire on the enemy line across the main street. The APC and the mounts found a gap to roll in and started firing. *Bam* *Bam* *Bam* *Bam* *Bam*. The mounted 105mm rained hell on the enemies while the 50s pounded them.

This gave the platoon a chance to advance and push them back. Evans and his men fired from the edge of the street while the enemies fired from buildings, houses and behind Destroyed vehicles and all. The enemy force clearly outnumbered them by a big margin, but they still didn't waver. This is MGU! This is their turf! If they can't even fight and defend their own border then they can't call themselves soldiers.

Suddenly, tanks rolled in behind the enemies with MGU flag symbol on them. "Yeah baby! Now we are talking! Flush them out!" a guy shouted from Evans platoon. Evans and his men felt hope in getting out of this hell. But to their despair, the tanks didn't shoot the enemy force but went passed them and came towards them. The enemies hid behind the armored tanks and advanced.

"What the mother of FUCK!? The tanks are jacked!? Holy shit!" someone shouted. Evans hand signaled and shouted, "Fall back!". He then touched his ear piece and said, "Dick! Pound them!".

Dickery, who is the gunner of the APC said, "Roger!" he let lose the Hell. *Bam* *Bam* *Bam* *Bam* *Bam*. The 105mm pounded the tank while retreating back. The tank's armor was too thick for the rounds to pierce but he still kept fighting.

The tank at the front stopped and aimed at the APC. *BOOM!* *BAM!*. The tank's cannon hit the ACP and it exploded. "NOOOOOOO! DICK!!!!!!" someone shouted and ran towards the enemies while shooting crazily. He was head shot by a sniper and his body fell. Evans was on the verge of breakdown.

The defense unit was wiped out, enemy had their tanks and they outnumbered them, even if they try to push, five of their twenty three men platoon was KIA* and they lost their APC moreover, they are under heavy fire. There is no way out other than retreating back while keep firing the front, he's not sure even if that is possible. The end of the street is at least 50m while the enemies got tanks and snipers aiming at them. This is it, he thought. They were going to die like their brothers, he thought.


Just as he was about to give up, a loud sound was heard from the front. The firing stopped and everyone looked at the dust filled junction where they got pounded a while ago. They heard a rattling sound coming from the dust screen. "Was that a missile or something? Or is it artillery?" a guy beside Evans asked. Evans replied, "I don't know, but now's the best time to retreat! Let's move".

They were about to leave but one of the soldiers said, "Look! Its even better than a missile!". They all looked at the clearing dust screen. A huge two and a half storey hunk of metal stood there with a Gatling gun on each of its hand and a short cannon on its right shoulder. Evans mood brightened after seeing it.

"it's a Mech!" Evans shouted in excitement. They finally have a chance to stay alive and even kill all the enemy forces.

"This is Hound - 01, you guys did a good job holding till now, now just rest aside and enjoy the show" the Mech pilot said in comms. Evans replied, "This is Lieutenant Evans, we'll leave this to you".

The Mech then started to rain real Hell on the enemies who were still shocked from the earlier entry. *Dirrrrrrrrrrrrr*. The Gatling guns mercilessly mowed down everyone on the junction and inside the houses. No one could escape! The snipers and the ground units fired their guns but it more or less just left a scratch on the huge Mech.

The tanks took aim at the Mech but the Mech pilot didn't even care to look at them. The tanks were about to shoot but suddenly. *Whoosh* *Whoosh* *Whoosh* *BOOM!* *BOOM!* *BOOM!*. Missiles came out of nowhere and blown up the tanks.

Evans and his men looked up. "Ohhhhhhhh FUCK YEAHHHH!!!!!! It's the HVK-37 HIND baby! now we are talking!" Dickery crawled out of the burning APC. "DICK!" Evans shouted and everyone rushed towards him and helped him out.

"You mother fucking son of a bitch! Don't you ever die?" a guy hugged Dickery and said. "Ouch! Berd you bastard! That hurts! I just survived a hit from the tank!". Berd let him go and stood beside him while supporting him to stand.

"How the heck did you survive that explosion?" A guy beside Evans asked. Dickery smiled and said, "Well you can say thanks to MGU Armored Vehicles Manufacturing Facility for that, thanks to them not slacking I can live to see another day!" they all started laughing and helped the driver get out. They both only had minor injuries and small burns.

"Leaving that aside, looks like we got reinforcements eh?" Dickery said as he balanced himself with Berd's help. They turned to look at the mess Hound - 01 and Hinds made. These guys seriously brought down Hell on the city and leveled three blocks.

The rest of the reinforcements from Base Campo came in and wiped out the entire enemy force, a clean victory with some sacrifice.