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5 Going back home

"OK then, I'll wait here and tell everyone that your coming! Stella's gone to California with dad, so only me and mom are home for now, I'll tell them you're coming home! That should bring them back" Brad said. Connor asked confusedly, "Why? What's with them? Going all the way up to California, did something happen?".

Brad said, "Nah, just some expo or sort, don't worry over it brother, even if something happened, sis would let us know". Connor then said, "OK bro, I'll call you back when I get to the airport, don't forget to pick me up or else I'll go Chuck Norris on your ass" he said with a smirk on his face. Brad smiled on the other side, "Alright alright, since you are my lil bro, I'll send some time to come pick you up". "OK then, see you later! Bye bro" Connor hung up the call and looked at the group.

The others also turned around at the same time to see of he's done with the call. Connor smiled and walked towards them.

"Any news?" Reginald asked. "I gotta go to Boston if I need the information" Connor replied. The others looked at each other in confusion, but they still nodded their head as they trust him to do the right thing.

"What's our next course of action?" Flynn asked. Connor immediately said, "First, me, Reginald and Ed will goto Boston and get all the info we can! Second, Guido, Putok and Sam will goto France! Flynn and the others stay here and see if you can find anything" they all nodded their head. Guido asked, "But.... Why France? To look for information?".

Connor put his hand on his shoulder and said with a soft voice, "Guido, we know you are one of the best soldier and our best pal! But he is still your family, go meet him one last time and send him off" the others smiled.

Guido didn't know what to say, he was getting emotional. He saluted him and said, "Sir yes Sir!". Connor took his hand off and said, "Men! Move out!" the other stand attention and saluted him as they said, "SIR YES SIR!" then they left the shed and went to put the gear back in the armory as there is no use of them for now.

Connor walked towards the direction where the Strike Force resides. Their residential quarter was not bad looking, it was like an four stories apartment. He walked walked in through the front door and took the stairs to go to the third floor.

He got to the third floor and knocked on the second door from the stairs. He kept knocking three more times, no one opened the door. Connor finally gave up knocking and said, "I know you are inside! If you don't open in 10 seconds, I'll blow this door without a second thought!".

Sound of someone rushing to the door came from the other side. *click*. A man who seemed to be like in his 40s with his shirt buttons undone, opened the door and said, "Oh it's just you! Sorry I was busy with something...." A women looked like she was two years younger than the man came out, half naked. "Who is it?" the women asked and the man replied, "It's just Connor, I thought someone else was here".

Connor said with a weird look, "Hooooo..... Were you waiting for someone else? Even though you got a beautiful lady like Miss Jane, you still want someone else? How low can you be such a low life!? Or were you planning to try threesome!?". The man had a grave look on his face. He was screaming inside, 'WHY THE F*CK ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME CONNOR! YOU ARE ADDING GASOLINE TO A FOREST FIRE!" he slowly turned to look at the women behind him and saw that she was releasing an imposing aura that of a demon ready to eat him alive.

"Ah- no, this is a misunderstanding! He is doing this on purpose! Don't believe him! I truly like him and I'm not cheating on you! It's the tru-" a punch landed on his face when he was explaining. "I know that he was messing with you, I just felt like punching you" Jane said.

"Haha Miss Jane, you are quite ruthless! But I like it!" Connor said with a laugh. Jane smiled and asked, "Well thanks for the sweet talk and its about time you said why you're here right? Why don't you come in? We'll talk over a drink". "I'm all in for it! And what about him?" Connor said and looked at the man laying on the floor. "Hmm? Just dragging him inside is fine" she said simply but Connor didn't know whether cry or laugh at her words.

And so, he dragged his inside the and put in on the sofa with the help of Jane. She then started to make some coffee and asked as she was making it, "What brings you here today? Since you are in your formal uniform, any mission you need help with? I don't think you just came here to "drop by and say hi", what is it?". Connor smiled and said, "Your sharp as ever miss Jane! You really deserve the name "The Recon Rose Jane"! Being the best recon team in our division, who else can I go for help if not you?" Connor started to sugarcoat things.

Jane smiled seductively and said, "Don't you think you are adding too much sugar? Get right to business now or drink this and come back when you want to say it" she placed the coffee on the table and looked at him as she took a sip from her cup. Connor smiled and said, "Guess I licked your boot too much huh?" Jane just smiled at his remark and took another sip.

Connor took a sip from his cup and said, "I'll get right down to business, I want your team to accompany us to Boston". Jane put her cup on the table and closed her eyes, thinking. She opened her eyes after sometime and asked, "I know how you guys roll and I trust your judgment, but care to tell me why Boston? Please tell me you guys aren't going there with guns flashing! I know you guys are nuts but this is under the category of "Insanity"! If you are doing something like that, strike me out of the equation!" she let out a big breath.

Connor's lips twitched as he said, "Do you think that we are that eager to die?". Jane shook her head, "It's not that, you guys sometimes tend to be reckless! Even though you guys are "U SOLS" it doesn't mean you won't die if a bullet hit you in the head" she said.

Connor smiled, "Come on Miss Jane, we maybe impulsive sometimes, but that doesn't mean we are always crazy!" he said. Jane said, "Then what category does that mission when you guys took a whole Russian convoy down!? There were at least 75 escorts and 25 original guards on it! If this doesn't count crazy, I don't know what does".

Connor was loss for words. It is true that he once led his team to take out a Russian convoy of one hundred soldiers and came back in one piece and with no injury on his side but total annihilation on the other side.

"Even if they are Russian, that doesn't mean they are Russian military alright? They were a separatist militia force and the Russian government asked the UN to stop them!" Connor said. Jane opened one of her eyes and asked, "Then why was the "S" squad of MGUAF doing the job of UN for them? Explain!".

Connor let out a sigh and said, "Well we were patrolling the area and those guys were the ones that intruded our territory! We had the order of "Eliminate hostiles wandering into the borders of MGU" and what will you do if you have that order and see dozens of vehicles running into our border with armed personals inside!? We did exactly that! At first we thought it was AFF, but after we finished killing them off did we notice that they were Russians, things were pretty messed at first but it went smoothly later and we were commended for our action of killing the intruders and rebels".

Jane put her hands up in the air and said, "OK fine! I give up! I can't stand toe to toe with you! Now tell me why you want to goto Boston?". Connor drank all the coffee in one go and said, "My parents live there and there's a certain someone who I want to ask some information, so I'm going there with two others from my team and only the three of us will not be enough in times of danger, so that's why I need your help!".

Jane raised her eyebrows in surprise and said, "Wait you're from Boston?" Connor nodded his head. "Wow that's a surprise! My parents are there as well!". Now Connor raised his eyebrows, "Now that's a news! You from Boston as well? That's amazing!" He said.

Jane smiled and said, "No worries Connor, we'll accompany you guys! When are we leaving?". Connor became serious and said, "Immediately!". Jane also nodded her head and send him off, so she can make preparations.

Connor didn't delay and went straight to their quarters and started packing up his thing for the trip home. When he came out of the room, he saw Reginald and Ed were standing near the door with bags in their hands and were wearing normal clothes. "You guys ready to go?" Connor asked. Both of them nodded.

The trio said their byes to their team and went towards the Airbase. When they arrived at the Airbase, they saw that Jane and her team of three were waiting for them in normal attire.

Jane walked forward towards them and asked, "I thought we were going to the airport? And why did CJ called me and said that he was going to give us a lift? Care to explain?" The others also looked at Connor and gave him a weird look.

Connor rubbed his nose and said, "Well I was planning to use the airways, but since we need to goto Michigan and then Boston to avoid suspicion from my brother who will be visiting me at the airport, CJ said he will help me in this aspect, so why not accept his offer I thought".

Jane shook her head and asked, "Then does coming out of a military jet in a public airport not raise suspicion?" the others nodded their head. Connor let out a sigh and said, "Now did I say we are using a military transport to fly over there? I don't remember".

The others were confused and Reginald asked, "Then what are we using?". Connor smiled and said, "Private jet of commander Dylan" the others dropped their jaws when they heard him! Did he just say that he got permission to use the division vice commander's private jet? They didn't know what to say.

Ed said, "I'm gonna restrain myself from commenting!" The others nodded their head.

Connor shrugged his shoulders. Only he know how hard it was to convince Dylan, but in the end he did so that's all that matters now!

CJ arrived 20 minutes later and greeted them after which they all boarded the jet and took off to Michigan.