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Putok was the first to ask the weirdest question, "Who is this Griddman your talking about? Is he some random bigshot?" his question petrified the others. Flynn grabbed his shoulders and asked, "Are you..... Really Putok? Our brother Putok? The heavy Russian gunner Putok? Answer me!" he started shaking his violently.

Putok stopped him and said, "What the fuck! Comrade! Are you good or did you lose your mind? I need assistance here! Help!" the rest came in and stopped Flynn from going berserk.

Putok straighten his dress and asked, "Who is this "Griddman" showoff? Is he really a big deal?" the other shook their head while *sighing*. Reginald said, "You know the organization called "The Infogratz" right?" Putok nodded his head. Reginald continued, "Rumor has it that the guy with the code name "Griddman" is the head of the so called "Infogratz" and whatever they know, he knows" Putok was in awe. He had heard about the information group called "The Infogratz" and they pledge no allegiance to any country. They work on their own and gather information on their own and sell it for an unreasonable price as all the information they get can be considered as confidential.

Putok then said, "So the head of the "Infogratz" is called "Griddman" and he knows almost everything, did I miss anything?". "No, least not basic" Reginald said. Flynn then calmed down and asked, "More importantly, how do you know Griddman? Isn't he someone that only people with power and influence can meet? How about you?" he looked at Connor, who is smiling.

Connor then winked and said, "Its a trade secret" this action of his caused others to be creep out. Connor then cleared his throat and said, "First let me contact someone" he then moved away from the group while contacting someone by his Weblink. The others gave him a suspicious look but didn't pry into his privacy matter and they started to chat about what they should do and tactics and what should they when things go south.

While they were talking, Connor found a place distance from the other and was waiting for that someone to attend his call. Every time he called, he received no answer from the other side. He let out a *sigh* and thought about quitting and try some other way to find that Ghost sniper. Just as he was about to leave, his Weblink rang. Looking at the caller ID, he couldn't help but smile. He accepted the call and a grim voice said, "Who's this? How did you get this ID?".

Connor smirked and said, "Well, I think you can cancel whatever soundboard you are using and speak in your normal voice, Brad Connor".

The other side was clearly shocked by his response. Brad was obviously puzzled as to why some unknown person would call him? Why would he know his name on top of it!? Every single brain cell of his is scrambling to find the answer but no heed. He switched call without hanging the other one and said, "Did you find him?" his look was sharp and cold. In his line of work, there is a lot of chance that he could make enemies even though he doesn't know of them, so he had to be careful.

The second call is a video call and it showed a guy with glasses, who was currently scrambling his keyboard without even looking at the cam. The guy with glasses said, "No use boss, this guy has some unrealistic defense mechanism! I can't get through! This is the first time I'm facing someone as him! On top of that, his location is jumping every f*cking second I get a ping on him! Just where did fish him out? That software is just too...... Perfect! I'm sorry to say this boss, but this is my limit! I'm not a god". Brad was very surprised, to think that there is someone who can make his techie sweat till he accept defeat..... This guy must be someone with influence!

He then said, "Don't worry, I'll take care of it then! You go and do your work, I won't disturb you" the glass guy nodded and cut offed. Brad then turned off the voice scrambler and talked in his usual voice, "Now, who is this for real? Don't try to play games with me! I'm really busy and I don't want to waste time". On the other side, Connor's smirk widened as he said, "Oh...... Then do you find talking to your brother waste of time? You kinda hurt my feelings you know?".

Brad clearly did not expect that. His brother!? How the heck is that possible!? He then calmed himself by breathing and said, "Don't f*ck with me you salt assed mother f*cker, if you do? I won't be responsible for your life" his tone was terrifying! How dare a nobody talks about his precious family! He would dig a hole in the ground and put him inside and punch him till he reach China if he were to do anything to his family!

Connor then said, "Hahaha, don't worry don't worry, if you were to kill me, do you think Mom, Dad and Stella would let you off the hook? Think about it". Now Brad was reaching his patience limit. He seriously want to find this guy and beat him till he bleed his moms milk! He then said, "If you are Little, then prove it!".

Now Connor really got something to tease his bro, he has been waiting for it! "Well then, I think I'll just go and tell Stella about your 80s Porn collection which you collected as souve-" he was cut off by Brad. "OK OK OK! I believe it is you! Please don't tell her about this! It will ruin my cool big brother image which I have saved for all these years!" Brad said.

Connor burst into laughter, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! it was a right choice to lead you to asking that! Totally worth it!". Brad now understood that this guy is really his brother. Even if he didn't realize this at first, he do now because of that laughter. Brad *sighed* and asked, "Why all this? And what's up with that super godly level security? Are you some terrorist or something now? I thought you were in Michigan". Connor said, "Well........ A lot is going on my end and I have a friend who's a genius when it comes to techs, so this is like a gift from him and by the way, how's everyone over there?".

Brad's voice then turned kind and caring, "Well everyone is doing good and only you are not here, we kinda miss you and its making us feel a part losing in the chess and Stella got confessed and the guy got turned down, apparently".

Connor started laughing again and said, "Hahahaha! That's our sister for you! If she is only thought as a beauty, then those people are dead wrong! She's a beast!" both of them started laughing. Brad then changed the subject, "It's rare for you contact me, want something?".

Connor then got serious and said, "I want to meet you brother! I need you help on something! Can I meet you?". Hearing his serious voice, Brad could more or less guess something was up. He said, "No problem, I'll come to Michigan to see you".

Connor refused, "No, that's not necessary, I'll come to Boston...... I'll come home".