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3 Hunt for the Ghost Sniper.

"Whoa whoa whoa! What in the actual f*cking HELL!? Did he just say the lieutenant, who lead that FSF team to death, is actually his big brother!? F*cking hell!" Reginald, one of the gaming guy said. Connor just kept thinking without saying anything. This thing just changed from admiration to personal affair, he had to think it through or things will get more messy.

He don't want to fight the Ghosts nor does he want to stay quiet and let them go for killing one his brothers family member. He's having a hard time choosing between it. Guido wiped his tears and said, "Its fine Lieutenant, I don't want for MGU to go to war with others because of me". He said it that way, but they knew he wants revenge for his brother, they were with this idiot for more than three years.

Connor, who is their Lieutenant, said, "Don't worry Guido, I won't do anything stupid, you know me well". Guido replied, "That's why I'm saying that!".

"Oi! Don't you trust me? Am I that impulsive!?" Connor rebutted. The others said in unison, "Do you think!?". Connor received a huge blow!

Connor finally accepted his defeat and said, "Fine, Guido, I won't do anything stupid! There! I said it! Are you all happy now?". They all gave him a weird look. He said he won't do anything, he definitely will!

Reginald said lazily, "I'll go get my gear ready...". The rest also followed him up, including Guido. This idiot Connor will definitely not stay quiet about this matter and they will be moving out soon because of that idiot. Connor also got up, he need to get things set for them to go.

After leaving their quarters, they split up. Connor left for their division HQ in their sector, while the rest will go to the armory to get their toys.

It took him an hour to get there. He got lift from one of his associates and got to the HQ. He walked in as it is not the first time for him to come here. He walked straight to the reception and asked to the lady there, "Hey there Miss Sally! Your beautiful as ever! Is commander Roland in? I wanna talk with him a bit". The lady smiled at him and said, "You sure know how to sweet talk to a women huh, what is it this time Connor? He's in a meeting with someone and should be free within couple minutes, could you wait till then?" She said. Connor smiled and said, "Well I have all the time in the world, I don't mind waiting and by the way, who's this gust of his?" he asked her.

She said, "Don't know, some guy from out of country, maybe foreign military? I don't really get the idea of him, but I sure can say he looked handsome! No offence though, you look pretty too". He cried in his heart and forced a smiled outside when he heard that, "You break my heart, Miss Sally, I even thought about asking you out on a date". She giggled and said, "My my, aren't you going high? I don't dislike that type of boys" she winked at him.

They passed time by chatting and a lot of passer by, greeted them. Just as they were talking about the new gaming console that was released by Nintendo, a guy in full formal military attire and an Noble aura, came out of the elevator. Behind him were two soldiers without guns, but wore bullet proof armour and a helmet that fully covered their head and had a pistol on their waist, they looked like highly disciplined soldiers.

The man looked like he was in his mid 20s or 30s, his face ad the look of disappointment. He didn't even bat an eye at them and just walked out. "What's his deal? He looked like he ate the wrong pizza with hydrogen peroxide as side dish" Connor said.

"Who knows? I wonder what happened inside? If they had a quarrel with each other and he ended up hitting our commander, he won't leave the country alive or dead" she said it normally, but it would scare the sh*t out of others if they were to hear what she said.

Connor didn't feel anything as he know what she meant to say is, "You don't F*ck with us in our f*cking territory! This is our hood mother f*ckers! Don't get swayed away by our hospitality cause we're thugs" or something similar to that. She then contacted the commander's office and said the details. He told her to send him up and she said, "I will immediately do that sir". She then cut the call and looked at him and said, "He's waiting for you and said that he actually want to see you, looks like you guys will be deployed" her voice sounded concerned. Connor said, "Don't worry miss Sally, you know we look after each other's arse, we should be fine with it" he winked at her and left to meet the commander.

He went ahead and took the elevator and pressed 12th floor. He waited for the elevator to reach the 12th floor while listing to music. The elevator didn't stop anywhere so he reached the top very soon.

He got out of the elevator and turned left. He went straight to the end of the hallway and knocked on the door in front of him. He straightened his military officer suit and did the same for his cap and he changed his look from playful youth to a serious military soldier.

"Come in, its open" a voice came from inside. He opened the door and walked in. Inside the room, a guy in an officer outfit is sitting on a chair, before him is a desk half filled with papers, a computer and some stuff. He's sitting on the chair with his head hung back and his hand on his head, he looked really exhausted.

He walked forward and saluted him as he said, "Lieutenant Connor of S squad Reporting, Sir!". The commander lazily looked at him and said, "At ease lieutenant, and don't shout! I'm having a headache due to some douchebags, so please don't shout". Connor replied, "Yes sir".

The commander pointed the chair before him and said, "Have a seat". Connor walked up to it and seated on it and removed his cap. "So who was Mister Donut? I saw him over the lobby, he really made Miss Sally fall for him! I seriously don't like that high spec aura he's giving off, commander Dylan" Connor said.

Dylan laughed when he heard him, "Hahaha, that makes two of us then! He's from the British council, He was like all high end royal ass and talks like he owns the f*cking building! He's lucky to be able to walk out alive, if I turned on that microphone, then he will be welcomed by a rain of bullets when he walked out of here" he pointed the mic beside him. He then looked at Connor and asked, "So what brings you here Connor? Do you need anything?".

Connor said seriously, "Sir, what I'm going to ask might be difficult or even impossible to approve, so I want some advice also". Dylan smiled and said, "Anything you need". Connor maintained his serious demeanor and dropped a bomb, "I'm going after the "Ghosts", Sir, I need your approval and help in this matter".

Dylan froze, just like that. He didn't speak or blink or breath or even do a single action to prove that he's still alive. Connor thought that he did something wrong so he tried shaking him up, "Sir? Sir? Sir are you okay?". After shaking for five minutes, Dylan came back to reality and started to drill his ears with his finger.

"Sorry Connor, I think something must have gone inside my ear! hahaha! I heard like, you want to go after the Ghosts! LoL! I really can't stop laughing!" Dylan started laughing. Connor now knows that even with the help of MGU, it won't be easy to catch that "Ghost sniper" from his reaction. He said, "Sir, what you heard is correct, I'm going after the Ghosts with my squad! And its already been decided".

Dylan hit the desk and shouted, "Have you lost your f*cking mind!? Do you even know what you are talking about!? Your talking about going against the Ghosts! The Ghosts! They are not normal people to be messed with! Are you tired of living Connor? Are you thinking that you did a lot for MGU and now wanting to die with your men and want to go down with a gig!? What the f*ck is wrong with that smart head of yours!?" he raged at him.

Connor did not expect that! He thought it won't be easy to handle, but he never would have expected it to be insane! Are those guys that strong? Even MGU can't stand against them? That's actual bullsh*t! Connor became serious and said, "Sir, I don't want to get all the Ghosts, but that sniper mentioned to have taken out the FSF team, that's all". Dylan calmed down as he thought for a bit and said, "why do you want to get him? Do you know them or something? Or is there anything else?". Connor didn't hide it and said, "Gabriel Adams is the brother of Guido Adams, my brother". Dylan now know the reason behind his sudden interest in the Ghosts! Even though they are strong and skilled, they can't be compared to MGU in any aspects!

Dylan thought for a while and asked, "Ghosts are really hard to track and that specific sniper is most likely not in France anymore, what are you going to do?" he wanted to know if he can really do this or not. Even though he's not in their team, MGU has a saying, "If you hurt one of us, we hurt ten of you! If you kill one of us, then we will slaughter a hundred of you! If you disturb or do something to this family of ours, no place on earth can save you!" and that saying is perfect for this situation.

Connor said, "I have contacts that van help me get to the Ghosts". Dylan nodded his head and said, "I'll approve this but remember, MGU doesn't want trouble with Ghosts! So go only after that sniper and not the whole organization". Connor stood up and saluted him after he put on his cap.

Dylan gave him one last advice, "Just don't be reckless and die, to us adults, you youngsters are far more precious than anything! So come back safe". Connor replied, "Yes Sir!" he then turned and left the Office room and the HQ.

He hurried back to base and got himself geared up. He saw that everyone was in the shed and looked ready to get going. He put his helmet on and said, "Men! ARE YOU READY!?" he shouted. Everyone got in a single file and shouted back in respond, "SIR YES SIR!". They had a serious look on their face. These guys are elites if the elites! Best of the bests! No matter who they face, they go around them or go though them!

Connor said, "At ease" he all calmed down and the serious atmosphere changed into a normal one. Reginald cane forth and asked, "How did it go on HQ? Looking at you, everything went alright I guess?". Connor smiled and said, "Shut up, he shouted at me for asking permission".

They all came forward and asked with concern, "Did anything happen? Why would he shout?". Connor said, "No, a douchebag came in earlier before me and it was because of him he got pissed off". They then calmed down after hearing the reason.

Flynn then said, "Ghosts are not someone we can find over a coffee, I wouldn't rely too much on my skills alone either, we need an outsource to get information" they all nodded their head and only Connor smiled. Looking at his smiled they know he got something. "What is it? Spit it out!" Putok said.

"You guys should be proud that I'm your Leader, cause I got just the contact that will help us get that Ghost sniper!" he winked at them. They all got excited and asked, "Who is it!?". He then said something that shocked them to core and made their jaws drop.